Monday, March 24, 2014

Overtime... Or as I like to call it, BONUS TIME!!!

Paak Gatihng, Palmer Family!

Hello you all cutie cutesters. It's me. Dad it's your birthday this week. Are you feeling younger or what? You're looking so great and fit as a fine tuned fiddle. I hope you have the best day ever and next year I, Paak Sin Yee, Ashley Rose Palmer promise this is me, I promise that I will give you a piggy-back ride around the front yard as my gift for you. (remember how you did that for me not so long ago?... I know you want me to return the favor so I'm going to do it!) I promise this is me and I will do it. I promise. What is your heart's desire? Let me know ASAP so I can grant it.

Also- let me also take a second to congratulate my main Spanish speaking girl Heath on her engagement to Dev! We actually have something in common and something different. We were both proposed to last week, but you said yes (and I am so happy for you,) and I said no, and I assure you that you are so happy for me. :) ha!  All in the Tai Hing apartment in China HK are so excited for you. AND it's your birthday this week! Will Dev or will he not be singing to you to celebrate? Happy Birthday to you as well!

I hope you are all well. I'm sorry Wade's sick but I hope he's taking some meds and will be on the mend soon. The weather in HK is so nice and is on the brink of humidity starting again. Which I kind of like, actually. Being sweaty all the time... it reminds me of last summer, which has so many happy memories. Everyone rolls their eyes when I say I love the humidity, but it's true!

This past week-- here we go!
-Last weeks hike, due to some minor problems we did not hike the tallest peak in Hong Kong last week. We did however, hike up in Tin Shui Wai and were able to have a clear view of Mainland and I even got to "plank" all the chuyns, see attached picture. Really fun though. My mission has changed me for good in so many ways. I love the outdoors way more than I did before I hit the HK soil so I mean see you on a mountain near you-- Also Mom, I went running for a half hour this morning and I think that half MARATHON is going to kill me. I'm just warning you. Sorry in advance.
-We saw so many miracles this past week. We finally saw Isis and had a nice (as missionaries like to call it) do or die lesson. (side note, sometimes i hate mission lingo but other times I find myself using it dim syun..) Anyways, the lesson was so good. SO SO GOOD. We taught her on the Ferry Pier and she got it. Things clicked and most importantly we invited her, and the Spirit convinced her. See you at church on Sunday Isis. yeah yeah hou yeah!
-We had so many miracles. Sister Aldana and I have really been praying specifically and working hard. I feel like we're just running around all day every day. I love it that way. When I sit down for too long (morning studies, love them but sometimes they and weekly planning are a bit long) and then I remember what date it is and it makes my head hurt a little bit and my heart feel torn. So then I run faster. We had so many times this week, where we had planned to go somewhere and then maybe we didn't find someone super prepared where we went BUT while we were traveling, we saw a Less-active that wouldn't schedule on the phone or answer the door but then scheduled them in person, or an investigator who wouldn't answer the phone and then taught them right then and there. God is involved in this work and I am humbled to be his insturment. It's amazing that this week I will have been a missionary for 18 months.. and I'm going to make my bonus time count. I won the mission lottery! :)
-The cute Yim family! We visited and taught them about prayer this week. Miracle. Love them. Their daughter is still sleeping with the Book of Mormon and they were supposed to come to church yesterday but got sick.. so we'll hopefully be seeing them again next week. I love little Iris!
-Cheuk Jimuih is still doing good! And her husband is coming to church this Sunday! We'll me teaching them this week. ETERNAL FAMILY here they come. It makes my eyes water.
-spoke in church yesterday. Same topic basically but I shared different stories and i'm pretty sure 3/4's of the ward were thinking "not her again"... it's fine.
-it would seem we were mandarin magnets this week. We taught all sorts of lessons in finding, but they were to a lot of people who's main language is mandarin. HA too bad all i know how to say is "thank you" and "Jesus Christ" But we'll be turning them over to the Mandarin missionaries.

Not only did I leave my planner at home, but it would seem I left my brain there too! I know i have so many more stories to share but I can't remember.. a missionary without a planner is basically a lost soul. Why did I just type that. It's not even funny. ANYWAYS- I love you all. I'm happy. I love China, and I love this work. I know I'm here for so many reasons and I love that I get to be God's servant for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Thank you for all your love, prayers, kind thoughts and for being here with me, every step of the way. LOVE YOU ALL, I'm praying for you everyday.

Love, Paak Jimuih

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