Monday, March 31, 2014

Out for a Stroll in the Black Rain


Greetings. As usual, I loved loved loved all your emails! Wow Spencer and Wade are the next track stars, McKay is finding & baptizing all of Hawaii, Dad is out serving the ward on his birthday, Mom & Rachel are looking as cute as can be going to the YW meeting, and I'm sitting here in my bright blue raincoat talking/emailing to you all in China Hong Kong. What a happy family are we, am I right? Oh things are so very good here. So good. I love Butterfly. A lot. I love the Chinese people, and I am so thankful to be here as a missionary. Where does time go? I don't even know. In my personal study this morning I was just so overwhelmed with gratitude. I get to be a full-servant and messenger of the Lord Jesus Christ. Alright, enough of my nostalgic mush. Do you think maybe I should talk about my week? Here we go.

Last Monday some of the other sisters came and visited us. Afterwards, we met and taught this very prepared girl named A-Guan, who doesn't live in our area so I mean turnovers are in order but she is a dream! 

Then Tuesday came and after District Meeting, and then went out finding. For how small our area is (let us remember smallest in the world second only to Temple Square) we rarely run into the Elders. Which is surprising. Last week we had both chosen the same little group of chuyns so we're walking around and everyone was getting, perhaps annoyed?, because we kept overlapping. We then walk over to this big pirate ship playground right next to it, and I say to Sister Aldana "I'd really like to teach a lesson in one of these boats." well God is a God of miracles and we did. This lady named Patty and we taught her the restoration. She is already Christian, but she said, "I don't want to read the Book of Mormon because I'll probably find out it's true." HA. She's great. We called her this past week and she says she wants to read more and isn't ready to meet with us again, just yet, but she's got the greatest teacher in the world, the Spirit and the Book of Mormon. Later that night we taught Yeuk Sen and just said, "get yourself to church already"-- your baptismal date is coming up. It was good.

I'm running low on time. I'm really sorry. My writing/email quality has gone really downhill. you're mad? Okay I'm sorry. Forgive me.
Other newsworthy items--
-remember Tammy Tam? She is a dream and a tim slam! Turns out she is friends with the member we got for her to be her fellowshipper, and she accepted her baptismal date. I love her alot. She ate church up yesterday and it was perfect because all the meetings were so good.
-visited the Wu Family again to discuss their family mission plan. (picture attached) I love them. They are coming to America later this year, or next year, I can't remember but they said they want to come visit us. I love this family! The gospel really does bless families. 
-I went on exchanges to Tin Shui Wai  last week and it was so great. I was with Sister Wilcox who I lived with before in Macau and we just reminisced and laughed the whole day!
-We taught Cheung Jimuih again yesterday and by yesterday I mean Saturday. Our fellowshipper fell through and our correlator found out about it, and so he volunteered himself at a moment's notice. It was a really good lesson. I just kept wanting to burst out laughing. We're teaching our 60+ year old investigator and our correlator, a 40 year old dad and they are just hitting it off like pals right off the old block. During the lesson I kept thinking to myself, "I love everything about this."
-Also China is honestly crazy. Someday I can't wait to adequately explain things to you. But in Mainland the national language is Mandarin, right? Right. So unless they're from Guang Dong they speak Mandarin, not Cantonese. Well a member brought her neighbor to church yesterday and she had the thickest (and what I thought) was a Mandarin accent. Well as we're rapping up the lesson we told her "Hey we have Mandarin missionary friends we want to introduce you to you" and she starts panicking and saying "I don't know Mandarin!" Yikes so apparently she only knows her homeland dialect and some Cantonese. So new investigator where we can't understand each other? Wish this was the first time this has happened. I love China.
-last night we're getting done finding and it starts POURING rain. It was horizontal and umbrella's were no use. By the time we made it home we were soaked right to the skin and then we found out it was black rain. It was crazy! The roads were like rivers and i almost lost one of my crocs a few times. Life as a missionary is the best.  

Family! The work is going so good here. We're busy and I wish I had more time to share all the many miracles with you. Thank you for all your prayers. We're running hard right now in Butterfly. We're expecting miracles and experiencing the love God has for these people every day. I hope you know how much I love each one of you! This is God's work and I love my time here. The church is true.

Love you all!
Paak Jimuih

In the middle picture Ashley is eating turkish delights. She says they taste like swedish fish.

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