Monday, March 17, 2014

Miracles Everyday


Is it too early to say a little Happy St. Patrick's Day? Today we are going to hike the tallest mountain in HK to celebrate. If only I had green frosted cookies for breakfast! But I do have a shamrock sticker on my forehead so it's like I'm right at home!
So I mean: Hello you cutie cutesters. Wow what a week it has been here. Every single day we have seen miracles. God is just too kind. I don't understand it. Thank you so much for all you do for me all the time. I mean lets be family for eternity. Because anything less just wouldn't be long enough. 
I don't know where to begin or how to share it all so a bulleted list is in order. You're mad? I fear it won't be in chronological order so... forgive me. It all just feels like one big long fast day.. but in a good way. 
-Last Pday we got to make real life from scratch delicious with milk chocolate chip cookies with Sister Hawks in her apartment in the temple. I haven't had cookies like that since the MTC. I was drooling and loving every second of it.
-After my stomach was full of delicious cookies we went finding and found 2 new investigators. (side but relative note remember when I accidentally went to that Muslim school and was offered a copy of the Koran? Well that man saw us again and was slightly chasing us telling us to come eat dinner at his home. So naturally I followed my first instinct which was to grab Sister Aldana and run away..) but after that little mishap we ran into our next new investigator, so I mean I wasn't even mad. ha. God really does work in mysterious ways.
-This past week I was asked if I was 3 different races. Namely, African American (what? shout out to Kayloni) Korean, and middle Eastern. So, not any of which was Caucasian. Should I be flattered or offended. I'm unsure at this point. Thoughts?
-Sister Cheuk, the LA who we taught her husband on Christmas, is coming back and we're going to teach her husband and get them an eternal family! She's changing, been coming to church and has a goal to go to the temple. We had a wonderful lesson with her last week about the temple and I just wish you could see the change in her. She told us that her husband is shy by nature but that when we taught him that one time she's never seen him warm up to strangers so quickly and that she thinks he has potential to receive the baptism. Yes! Families really are forever
-In other LA news-- remember Choi Jimiuih that I have been telling you about. The one that has recently been coming back to church after 20+ years? After saying she has no faith and to never call her again? Well we visited her again last week and she left me speechless when she said that she has stopped drinking tea and coffee, and would like to pay fast offerings. I nearly fell off my stool. She has been a miracle to watch. Heavenly Father has changed her. I am humbled that God has allowed me to witness such a miracle.
-So, I spoke in Stake Conference. I was dreading the weekend to come like the boys dread mowing the lawn in the summertime. I was panicking, to say the least. But I'm happy to report that I neither passed out nor threw up and got through it all right. I was nervous that I would mess up on a tone or something and say an expletive on the stand, (it's actually too easy to do.. thanks Cantonese) but there were no surprising gasps from the audience so all was well. I was just so nervous. President and Sister Hawks were there, and so was Elder Funk and his wife from the Seventy. Now you're thinking no big deal because except for President Hawks, they don't speak Chinese. WRONG. Translators were there. Ha. Before the meeting started President Hawks shook my hand and in Chinese said "Such a pleasure you're speaking today Sister Palmer. Can't wait to hear you speak for 30 minutes!" ha- as if! 
-I frequently wear tights with Sunday crocs. What? I'm gross. Good thing i'm in the "country" of Hong Kong. I'm disgusted with myself but not enough to stop... they're just so comfortable.
-There are some places in our area where we can knock doors and there is this family that has rejected us at least 3 times now to share a message. We gave there little daughter a Book of Mormon a few weeks ago. We went back to check on them yesterday and the little girl, named Iris, sleeps with it under her pillow. Isn't that the most precious thing? Well after lots of prayers and testifying, we finally scheduled the Yim family for this Tuesday night! Miracles in Butterfly I tell you. Pray for this cute family. They're going to get it. "It" being the gospel and an eternal family.
-Another new investigator that has a really neat story is our new investigator named Tammy. Her last name is Taahm. So Her name in British Pinyam is Tammy Tam. (I've made up several poems about her name) We found her while she was taking pictures of flowers in a park and then asked if she would want us to take a picture of her with the flowers. She agreed and then we quickly asked for her phone number. Well we called her up and she may very well be just the most prepared thing ever. We taught her the Restoration and half way through this lady walks up as we're almost done with squinty eyes and asks what we're doing. Tammy tells her that we're learning about Jesus. This other lady named Miss Wong says "like the Bible?" She sits down and we teach her too. I can't even express what a huge miracle it was. God loves these Chinese children.

Alright so I mean enough about me! I have so many stories but here are some of the highlights. I love you all so much I love being here in Hong Kong. Preaching the gospel in Chinese and inviting others to Come unto Christ. I know all of our prayers are answered and that God loves us so very much, that's why He sent His Beloved Son, Jesus Christ. He lives, and we are never alone. I'm grateful that everyday my faith is tried, tested, and grows. I love the Book of Mormon and that I can pray every day to be led by the Holy Ghost.

Love you all so much! Have a wonderful week.
Love, Ashley

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