Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Year of the Horse

FAMILY- Hello I love you all and your emails so much. Honestly. Thank you for taking the time to care about me even though I'm thousands of miles away in a little place called Hong Kong, China. You all sound like you are doing so good. Sometimes if I ever think to myself, "I miss my family on 1050 East" I slap myself mentally and think NO my family is so blessed and so happy. I know Heavenly Father is taking such good care of you all and blessing us. He is too good and I just need to be better. You know? You know.

So this week was like a flash and a half blink of my eye. Last Monday was spent with a little shopping and basking in all the Chinese New Year decor. The malls were packed with anxious Chinese people just making their last 50 purchases before the new year. We went shopping at the grocery store TASTE which is basically target meets costco China edition. In what may well be the best impulse buy made last week I bought Turkish Delights. Thanks for the inspiration CS Lewis and Edmund. We also received our brand new and approved by church headquarters split name tags. We gave three cheers of hip hip hooray (x3)

Tuesday we had studies, district meeting and then we went down to Kowloon Tong for a Priesthood Meeting with members of the Area Seventy and all the Priesthood for New Territories and Tolo Harbour stakes. I got to see some people (Priesthood Brethren to be exact) from Tai Wai and Ma On Shan and all were grateful that I am a missionary so all that were exchanged were some firm friendly handshakes. I just love these people so much.. I wanted to hug them! Inappropriate? But all can breathe out easily because I restrained myself. The meeting itself was great. I was given the microphone to be a spontaneous spokesperson for all the missionaries present and I am embarrassed now that I think about it. Let's leave that subject and move on.

Wednesday we did some nice finding and did some door bell ditching.. Chinese style. Sister Aldana had what was a stroke of pure genius and said let's by fruit and doorbell ditch it to some of the Less-Actives that hate the church. So we bought some oranges the size of two baby's heads put together and wrote little notes that said Happy Chinese New Year Love the Missionaries.. and then put them there and ran. We're going to call them soon to see if our little act of service is going to change their thought. Later we saw Vanessa and she is just doing so good. Reading, praying and just progressing so well. We made Brownies with her for an object lesson and everything that just comes out of her mouth I want to film because she was born to be a member of this church.

Thursday we had district find on the bridges and everyone was busy with New Year but a lady did give me a red pocket.. and I tried to refuse it but I may or may not have received $20. First time making money during finding. Don't worry.. that little bill is going to be sent to the missionary fund next Sunday. But I'll keep the red pocket as a memento. We visited a less-active who called me a while ago and said no matter how much I cared about her she didnt care about me, but we bought another 2 baby head sized orange and she let us in and turns out it was inspired that we went because she is having a really hard time. I love her regardless. She's going to come back soon. Then had correlation that night at Chan Hingdaih's house with his cute family. We made some plans and then Chan Hingdaih made us delicious food all by himself because his wife broke her ankle. I love that man. He called us last night trying to pretend to be a random American but unfortunately for him we guessed it was him right off the bat. He's too much.

Friday was weekly planning and we saw Vanessa again and she had lunch with us. We taught her and then went finding. Our area has some of the places that look like a 3rd world country and we can knock doors. On our way home we were walking down the steep cement hill, I was singing Climb Every Mountain and then we were a gasp from a nearby window and we saw one of our Less-Actives that we are working with. We knew she lived in a house like that we just didn't know where. So we stopped in for a short visit in her beautiful home. Next time I'm getting pictures. You would just die. Her kitchen is the size of something big. I can't think of anything relative in America to compare it to. Use your imagination?

Saturday was DEEP CLEAN and boy did we deep clean. After a little run and pose next to this nice pink horse statue, we began. Everything was sanitized in a 1;10 bleach solution which left my hands red and raw but our apartment clean as freshly laundered temple towels. We cleaned for over 12 hours but it is clean. Entertainment was found in story time. Sister Choi and Sister Aldana shared the complete story of Lord of the Rings for 3 hours. I also shared the story of Anne of Green Gables. Too good.

Yesterday we only had Sacrament meeting. As we were greeting everyone Vanessa, Tang Jimuih, Mak-mak and LEUNG HINGDAIH all came. Leung Hingdaih has NEVER COME TO CHURCH. he's the one we've been teaching for the past couple of months but we've only been able to teach him about three times. His wife and grown three daughters are all members but as I looked down the road and saw him pushing his wife to church tears welled up in my eyes. It was a New Year miracle! The Holy Ghost is softening his heart and i can't WAIT to hear the story of how he ended up there. Such a good day.

In closing I want to share my testimony. I know this church is true. It's amazing--even though almost all our investigators and less-actives are in Mainland for New year, The Lord has still entrusted us with so much to do. I read a talk recently that has got me thinking. If I was to receive a letter from myself in the pre mortal life, what would it say and how would I change. As I think about that, it gives me a greater resolve to work harder, past tired, and be better. To be selfless and know that GOD IS THERE. He hears all of our prayers. I know that the Atonement of Jesus Christ is real. I can't wait to share with you all the many things I have learned about the Atonement here in Hong Kong. I love repentance. This gospel is perfect.

I love you all so much. Have a wonderful week. Thank you for all your prayers, nice words, kind thoughts and unending thoughtfulness. Love you!!!!!!!!

Love, Paak Jimuih

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