Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy P-day (Presidents not Preparation)

FAMILY!!!!! HELLO GREETINGS. I'm warning you this is going to be short again because I only have 45 minutes of email time. Hopefully we can get this library situation all figured out before next week. Anyways! How are you? Your Valentine's Day seemed so fun. I thought of you all and how grateful I am for each one of you. Nikelle is home!!!! Will you ask her to email me? I need her new email address. AWW so exciting. I miss her. Wade is an Eagle Scout, Spencer went to Simplot, and you all don't have school tomorrow. Recipe for success? I think so. 

So this past week. At a very memorable District meeting, (Mckay you little district leader, take note) the Elders in our district did a sorting hat Harry Potter meets China style, and Sister Aldana were sorted and told that we are staying in Butterfly for another move. We're excited! I really appreciate Sister Aldana because she lets me live in denial that this is my last move and one day I will leave this Hong Kong paradise. But I am so happy that I don't have to move. I love Butterfly and even though sometimes I feel like I'm running around stressed but not trying to show it, I love it here. I'm happy and I am very blessed. 

We got to teach two part member families this week. One was Jennifer's.. I think I told you her story? She's the best. I need to have her email me the pictures. We taught her husband (non-member) and he LOVES the idea of eternal families. He is very logical and right now isn't sure if he believes in God, but he is going to get there! I love them so much. Pray for them. The temple is in their future! 
The other part member family is the Leung Family. I've told you about them before-- oh my they are the cutest little couple ever. (picture attached... ps I was wearing so many layers that day hence I am ashamed to admit I looked like I gained 200-300 pounds.. but I was mostly warm so who cares) Anyway! Yes we taught Leung Hingdaih about Jesus Christ and it was the best lesson. I felt the Spirit so strong as we talked about Jesus and bore simple testimony.

Other miracles include-
-a man that we contacted in finding last week called us and scheduled himself!!!! After email last week he called and then we met him and turned him over to the Elders. He is this little dad and his son is in foster care. It's amazing, he wants to be baptized and we gave him a date right there in the lesson. The Lord knows who's ready and He just puts us in the path of these people so we can invite them to come unto Him. I love it!
-Getting to teach investigators the Gospel of Jesus Christ is always a miracle. Am I right? Yeah. We had some great lessons this week. I've been in 3rd Nephi in my personal study and it's all about Jesus you know? Aw! I am so blessed to know he is my Savior and to know that because He lives I am never alone.
-do to the freezing cold temperatures I'm blessed to say my bones are still in tact.
-Yesterday we did splits with some ward missionaries and then we ended up not having time to eat Lunch or dinner. Should I have just fasted rather than blatantly starve? Probably. 
-Okay listen. There is this less-active named Choi Lai Wah Jimuih. We were working with her when I first got here and found her. Then one time, a month or so ago, she called and said I don't care about you or about God. I was so sad!!!! Well she called us this past week. Remember fruit doorbell ditching? Yeah well it paid off! She called and scheduled us twice this past week. Yesterday she fed us. She fed us so much sick food. I usually like Chinese food but she fed us red bean mochi and this sick brown thick jello stuff that they call lihn gou--it's a new year's classic. I usually like it but after not eating.. it was just too much. Ha it's laughable to think about now but I was suffering last night. Anyways, in one of our lessons she said, "I've let down God a lot, but he never gives up on me." Isn't that amazing? OH Choi Lai Wah. I love her. She's got a lot of forgiving to do, but she is so good. I love her. She's going to get her little self (maybe weighs 95 pounds soaking wet and holding a lihn gou cake) to church this coming week.

Oh family I am so sorry this is so short, I almost have to go. But I am doing so good! Pray that we can find some new prepared investigators! We're out looking, but I'm remembering that this is God's time and he's going to fill it with what He wants me to do. I love my Savior Jesus Christ. He is changing my character and nature and I am eternally grateful. (anyone read Elder Scott's talk from Feb. Ensign? good read!) I love you all. This church is true! 

Have a wonderful week. Thank you for everything and I love you so much!!!!!!

Love, Paak Jimuih

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