Thursday, January 16, 2014

She got an Answer

Family- This may or may not be one of the greatest weeks ever for missionary work here in the China Hong Kong mission-- for me at least. I'm not kidding. I don't deserve to be this happy. I don't know if I'm going to throw up or pass out first out of pure joy and excitement. As Maria Von Trapp says it so perfectly, I'm going to start at the very beginning because that is the very best place to start.

Last Monday was spent over in the Mong Kok shopping and just spending the chihn. (money) I need requested items in the ASAP by the way. Have any needed Chinese items? Just hit me at my inbox. K thanks. But really do. This isn't a joke. Anyways after preparation day we did finding and did some calls. Then Sister Morgan and I began by mere happenstance discussing our mutuals love of Musicals and now it has turned into an apartment trend. Among plots shared during meal times or exercise times has been Wicked, Aida (twice, the first time we forgot plot and didn't do it justice), Throughly Modern Millie, Once on this Island... Yeah it's too much. 

Tuesday, we had district meeting and then after inspiration was received we hit the streets for some testimony time aka finding time. Then we raced back to the church and taught Mandy the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Such a good lesson. She really is too sweet and too good to be true. After the lesson, we were cleaning up and Mandy got a phone call. I couldn't hear the person on the other line very well but it didn't sound good and it sounded like whoever the man was that she was talking to was anti-ing her right then and there..saying we're a cult.. you name it. I'm freaking out. I mean so I started praying really hard. She left while still talking to the confused soul on the other line and I"m just like "NOOOO" this has happened TOO MANY times. So I prayed. And then I called our mission correlator Brother Chan. (who also happens to be on Colgate toothpaste commercials here in China.. did I ever tell you that?) Anyways, I spend the next half hour on the phone with him and he tells me exactly what to say no matter what her reaction. He called me a good 3 times more that night while we're trying to teach Isis and meet other people.. ha. He is too good to be true. We called her that night (under Brother Chan's close direction) and she seemed a-okay. So prayers were answered, but I was still a little uneasy, the anti is really crazy here and so I left it in the hands of the Lord, because he is more powerful than any crazy website or uninformed person.

Wednesday- We taught a new investigator who we just met while traveling home almost a month ago, a cute mom named Shirley. She had such good questions and I just loved her to pieces. She's from Mainland but her mother tongue is Cantonese so we can keep teaching her. She is too good to be true. There really are prepared people in China, sometimes I just need to slap myself and have some more faith. Sister Aldana said something really interesting to me this week. She talked about how her MTC teacher said that we need to share this message like it's the cure for cancer. That might sound entirely cheesy to the outside world but it really is. And if we had the cure for cancer and we saw people sick we would be running all over the place to tell them about it. We wouldn't give up. Sometimes I think I give up to easy in finding. So I have a new resolve to bear a more powerful testimony and not give up on anyone. Because every single person needs this gospel. Especially the people of Hong Kong.

Thursday-Exchange time. Sister Cheung came to Butterfly with me and we had the most sun-shiny delightful time. Our appointments got moved to later day so we we're like yeah we'll go out and find some more prepared souls. We found ourselves at Ching Shan Tsuen. It's a place where you can knock doors. We're knocking on the doors and then there's this man that starts talking to us. He says he's not available (China's favorite phrase) and we're testifying to him how this message can bless him and his family. Well he stops responding and so we leave a little flyer in the door crack. Then we walk around and realize that the door we had just knocked on was NOT a door to a home. It was a door to an outhouse. So the man really wasn't available. HA. After that we scurried away from there, a bit to bashful to show our faces to the man who we had disturbed and we met two really prepared men, one a young father who we are going to see this week and another this cute grandpa man who we taught a little restoration to on his porch of sorts. GREAT DAY.

Aww man, this always happens. I'm running out of time.
So Friday and Saturday were both so good. So busy. I was still really worried about Mandy because she wasn't going to be able to see us until Sunday and I was just a little anxiety filled about that. BUT, we did teach 2 families this week!!!! Both part member families who's spouses have a lot of potential. We took a picture with the Lau Family (attached) and they are just too precious for words. We had taught them a while ago but they hadn't been available. In fact as we sat down to teach Lau Tai.. (Mrs. Lau) starts out by announcing, "well I almost died." And she wasn't joking. So needless to say because of this surgery she is much more receptive to share the message. *rejoicing*

SUNDAY. Game day and great day. Mandy came in a skirt and was just as happy as ever. She asked us about tithing during relief society and investigator class and in my head I"m thinking "oh great here we go...." So church is over, in fact it got out 20 minutes early (Mom don't be jealous) and I'm talking to Mandy. In the past I"ve treated investigators like they're precious pieces of glass, which they are, but I think i've been to apprehensive to ask them the questions... the ones that need to be asked. So then i ask her about how she is doing and about the phone call that she got the last time she saw us. She then told me "Paak JImuih. My friend called me. He told me this church was a cult and he had read all sorts of horrible stuff on the internet. But it didn't feel right when he was saying that. So when I went home, I prayed. I had this huge wonderful feeling come over me. A feeling of peace. I know the church is true. This is the true Church!" An inexpressible peace came over me. God had heard both of our prayers. He had answered Mandy's and mine. She knows the church is true. She loves it. She loves scriptures and I responded to her, "Mandy, you have a beautiful testimony!" Then she said, "I have a testimony?" and then exclaimed, "I have a testimony!" She is a miracle. A literal walking miracle. I am honored to teach her, to know her, and to be the Lord's instrument here in Hong Kong. 

This church is true. I know it. The Book of Mormon is God's word. He answers our prayers when we will sincerely ask him and put our trust in him. I am learning to trust God and not my own understanding. I love this work and I love my Heavenly Father and his Son Jesus Christ. 

I love you all. Keep praying for Mandy and all the other investigators here in Butterfly. God is hearing our prayers and changing hearts here!

Love you all. 
Love, Paak Jimuih

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