Thursday, January 2, 2014

Holiday Miracles

Dearest Family-

Oh it has been such a good week. I mean I know I didn't throw a Christmas Eve party like you all did, but I am happy and exhausted. How are you all? SO FUN to talk to you on Christmas. I loved it. It's so weird to just pick up the cell phone that I use every day (bright red NOKIA...represent) and just call you all in the 801. AWW I am so happy you all had such a happy Christmas. This Christmas was by far my favorite ever. I am so blessed. Blessed to have you all, and blessed to be a missionary. When I think back on my short little life the two biggest blessings the Lord has given me is my family, and my mission experience. I don't deserve either of these things but I am going to spend the rest of my life showing Heavenly Father how grateful I am, and how much I love him. So thank you all for everything. 

So-- Yes, Christmas Eve was such a miracle-- I won't bore you with repeating the story but I know that Heavenly Father is merciful and hears and answers every prayer. On Christmas the miracles didn't stop. We had our big Stake party at HSK Chapel and it was a wild success. We were in charge of getting the missionary room set up so that those who were coming to the chapel for the first time could be introduced to us missionaries and learn more about the church. We set up the room and then we had all the missionaries on rotations for about 4 hours. Giving tours of the chapel, bringing people to the church from the light rail stations, and FINDING. Yeah yeah. 

I had called a Less active a few days before that said she would come. When I called to confirm her she said, "Can I bring my husband and baby?" I was like "Are you kidding me? OF COURSE." (I said it more professional than that but that's what I said in my head.) We picked her up from the station and helped the 3 of them find the church and they went to one of the programs that was being shown. We went out finding in the jungle of HSK and then ran to go find them. I asked if we could teach them a lesson and she said yes! So we skipped dinner with everyone else and taught them a lesson on the Restoration. Her husband was SO GOOD and asked all sorts of great questions. As we bore testimony of God and Jesus Christ he looked at me right in the eyes and sincerely asked, "Will God really answer my prayer?" I felt a wave of gratitude and emotion come over me as I testified on Christmas Day that God lives and loves his family and WILL answer his prayer. I love the Cheuk Family! I can't wait to hopefully see them again this week. That was the greatest Christmas gift I could have ever asked for. Teach the Restoration and testify of God and Jesus on Christmas Day. How am I so lucky?

Then Thursday. The ward trip to Yuen Long.. aka the Boonies of Hong Kong. Some parts look like a third world country. Actually i'm positive that some parts qualify for a third world country. But we went to this campground site with the ward. We took a chartered bus out there and Mandy came and brought her daughter, Jenny. Jenny's friend who is basically like a daughter, May and then her sister Mahn and her two little daughters. BOOYA. The day was SO COLD at first. I seriously thought I was in the tundra.. minus the fact that there was no snow. But it was freezing right to the bones. But we roasted everything you can think of. Fish balls, Thai-seasoned chicken, beef, hot dogs, bread with butter on it, vegetables.. and then we also went on a hike to a slab of cement. Hiking in Hong Kong should be featured on some sort of reality show.. It's a joke. Some of the ward members thought it would be too hard to go back so they straight up walked to a bus stop and took a bus back to the camp site.. I was dying. It wasn't even a bad hike!

Then we did little groups where we learned about exercise and how to get rid of fat on our arms (remind me to teach you all about it next time I see you) that if you don't have a water filter you can just stick a tissue in a bottle and drink it (yeah I'm never doing that) and how to make peanut butter mochi with soup. After words we played games. Wild success I daresay.

Other highlights include--
-Isis the little dream that she is accepted a baptismal date for March! Love her too much.
-Mandy came to church again yesterday (IN A SKIRT) and I just love her to pieces. We're eating with her and her daughter at the Bishop's house on Tuesday night. She is so prepared, it's unreal. 
-We got chocolate cheesecake from a member yesterday. 
-Mak Mak finally agreed to have ward members meet her Mom!!!!! YES. She will get baptized so soon. I still can't believe I haven't gotten a picture with her yet. I"m an idiot. Look for that coming soon. 
-Two minutes before sacrament meeting starts Sister Aldana and I got asked to speak in Church. Remember how nervous I was about this in Macau? Well Heavenly Father is too kind because this time with no time to prepare I wasn't even nervous. If that isn't a miracle, I don't know what is.

AWW HONG KONG IS TOO GOOD!!!!! I love it here. I love being a missionary. I love wearing the Black name tag and sharing all about Jesus Christ. (ALSO- BIG NEWS We just got approved to have the double tags again English and Chinese, and we're all thrilled. Look for them coming to a picture with me in them near you.) I know that this church is true. I know it. I'm learning to live the gospel of Jesus Christ every single day. My life is being changed. I love you all so much. 

Happy New Year and 2014. How does time go THIS fast?

Love you all!!!!!!!
Love, Paak Jimuih

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