Saturday, January 25, 2014

God is involved in the details of our lives

Family!!! It feels like forever has happened since we last chatted. You know.. So much to report! Miracles, awkward moments and a whole lot of Chinese love.

So I would do a daily report but my time is short today and my memory isn't that good. I get to go to the temple in a little bit and I am so excited! Temple, Temple Temple. BOOYA. I love the temple. I also love you all so much and I am grateful that we all have eternity to look forward to.

Some highlights from the Orient:
Let me start with the story that I am dying to share. So last time we talked, Mandy was a miracle straight up dream. She still is. I'm not trying to diminish that. Last Tuesday rolled around and she was up for commandments. We taught her tithing and it did NOT go well. Not well where she doesn't want to see us anymore. She was mad. She wasn't listening and no matter how we tried she refused it and it was so bad. My heart fell at least a thousand flights. That night I slipped into a slight depression. The kind that hurts and leaves me feeling like i'm worth no more than 25 cents... HK cents. This had happened 8 months or so before back in Ma On Shan with Wong Jimuih. I was mad. Mad at myself and I am ashamed to admit a little sad that I felt like God hadn't helped me this time around. It was like seeing the same thing happen all over again. Someone so good and then fall so hard.. and I was left trying to pick up the broken pieces while blaming myself. I told Sister Aldana and she listened while I talked it out. But I still felt numb and hurt, and like a failure.

We had interviews with President Hawks the next day and he of course said all the right things. He told me not to shove an 18 month mission into my last few months... Inspired man. He also told me a lot of things that i needed to hear. AS we left the church that day and I stood on the light rail platform to go back home and finish my morning studies, I still felt sad inside. If anyone needed a miracle at one time, it was me. I checked the phone and read a text that left me crying like Niagra Falls during it's peak season. Sister Olsen had texted me because guess who was looking for us? Wong Jimuih. Yes A-Ying Wong from my days in Ma On Shan. I showed the text to Sister Aldana as we both cried on the train platform. Heavenly Father hadn't forgotten me and especially not Wong Jimuih. Wong Jimuih who I thought had closed herself to the gospel who had moved away from Ma ON Shan was looking for me. She didn't hate me! I called her and she sounded so happy!!!!! Like her old self, but happier. She told me she loved and missed me. (Hong Kong people never ever say LOVE) She asked me if I remembered that she was my Hong Kong mom? And if i could see her that night. Unfortunately I couldn't because it takes too long to get there and I had meetings that night. But she wants to see me ASAP and she is meeting with the missionaries in Sheung Shui now. It's a miracle. I'm crying as I type it now. I never stopped praying for her. Everyday I did. Sometimes I felt guilty because I felt like I loved her more than some of my other investigators, but God heard and answered my prayers. He loves me more than I deserve. I really would have come all the way to Hong Kong just for her. I'm sure Wong Jimuih will be baptized soon. I love her and my merciful Heavenly Father!

So I mean while I don't know what will happen with Mandy-- I know God has a plan for her and it will all be a-ok! God's got this. I"m on his team and I just have to be worthy of the Spirit and share the gospel. 

Let me pathetically pull out a kleenex (I'm pathetic) and tell you the other news:
-Things are good. Last week we had a sisters party in Kowloon Tong! It was so fun. We even had cake because I was able to find real frosting here! (pictures attached)
-We have been going on all sorts of exchanges because we have to go with all the sisters in our zone before the transfer ends. (In HK we have 9 week transfers) and I have gotten to go with Sister Wright (my younger group from the MTC and Sister Aguilar (who I used to live with) Both so much fun!
-President Hawks has invited us to give baptismal dates out on the street. We carry around a picture of baptism and ask people if they know what it is. (most people don't) Then we ask them if they have ever committed sin before and if they would like to be freed from those feelings of guilt. We did it a couple of days ago and we are already seeing miracles! It's bold and helps me focus on my purpose as a missionary. 
-It's amazing to see how God works in our lives and leads this missionary work. Last week we were out finding and met this great couple but couldn't stay long because we had another teaching appointment. We tried to get their phone number but they wouldn't give it. They said if they needed to hear this message God would provide a way for us to meet them again. They weren't budging. yesterday we finish finding and are about to go to a teaching appointment and we look over and who just sat down nearby? That same couple! We're going to teach them on Saturday. MIRACLE.
-Lastly, remember our investigator Erica? She is meeting with us again. After 3 months of not answering our calls. She's back and I love her.

Okay family. This email doesn't begin to explain all the good things happening her. I'm sorry. My writing this week is just not up to par. I need you to ship Wade here to do my writing for me. Dak mh dak?

I love you all so much!!!! This church is true. I love being a missionary. I know God lives and answers our prayers. He has given us our agency and He hopes that we will give up our personal will and simply follow him. I know Jesus is the Christ. 

I love you all so much!!!!!! Have a great weekend! xoxoxo
Paak Jimuih

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