Monday, January 27, 2014

A total eclipse of the heart

Loved all your emails!!!! AWW I love you all too much. Okay so the library people are being slightly difficult and time may be in short supply so I am going to just dive in here and give you a little 411. 

Things are really good here. I'm sorry I realize my last email was entirely dramatic and I don't want you to think I'm singing the blues over here. I was just trying to paint a picture of how things are going over here... I'm sorry. I'm dramatic and entirely too emotional-some things never change. BUT I LOVE being a missionary. I love it so much. I'm happy, healthy and wealthy. (It's all about money because Hong Kong's New Year starts this week... more about that in a second)

On Friday I went on exchanges--this time with Sister Choi. She is basically exactly a year behind me in the mission. It truly is incredible and nauseating how fast time goes. I wish it wasn't so. Anyways- love Sister Choi and we went to Tuen Mun. Right at the beginning of the day we were out finding, and we met this Chinese mainlander man. He is a doctor here and doesn't speak Cantonese, and I don't speak Mandarin (in fact that's all I can say in Mandarin-- that and "Jesus Christ") anyways we taught him right then and there in English. He went from not believing in God to at the end praying for his daughter and saying he'd like to meet our friends--that speak Mandarin. How cute and tender is that? Also teaching the gospel in English was hard. It was definitely the Spirit in the lesson because I had to keep translating everything in my head... I'm a mess! 

After that lesson we ran over to their investigator Brother Cheung's house to teach him about Tithing and Fasting. He is the most cute and tender man. He is in all actuality a hobbit. A Chinese hobbit. Is Wade drooling on his computer/iTouch right now? Aww he is the greatest. Not to mention his house is an Oasis and I took several not-stalkerish slightly photos after we were leaving... But he is so humble and accepts everything that is being taught. Such a great lesson.

Some other highlights-

-After another finding session on Saturday we were getting ready to go to the church and this crazy lady comes up to Sister Aldana and I and starts singing "total eclipse of the heart"... haven't heard that jam in a while. 
-The sweet Au Family had us over for a delicious traditional New Years feast yesterday.. pictures attached. EVERYTHING WAS SOOOO GOOD. I'm still full.
-We are working with some great investigators. One of them is named Vanessa. She is a dream come true. She shows up a good 15 minutes early for everything (THIS IS NOT NORMAL IN CHINESE CULTURE) and I just want to give her a hug every time we see her. I sent a picture of her a month or so ago. I'll take another to refresh your memory. -We have lots of great people we're working with. Isis is still doing great! And so is Erica. 
-We had to turn over Lau "Jack Smiley" Hingdaih's wife, Sister Lau to the Mandarin sisters. I was selfishly sad but they will still becoming to our ward so I just get to love her and tell her "hey yes God is there and there is a reason you didn't die." She loves sharing that story. Love her. She's great. 
-I found out that Sister Morgan has seen "The Walton's". Our companions hate it because all we do is talk about our favorite episodes and every night we reenact the night scenes before we go to bed. "Oh John-Boy"....
-New year's is coming.. starting this friday. Saddle up everyone because it's the year of the Horse. Everyone asks if I'm excited.. I say yes but I'm lying. Everyone will be unavailable.. so for missionaries it's kind of the worst. We'll be finding lots and we will be enjoying deep clean this Saturday. From sun up to sun down we will clean our home until it "shines like the top of the Chrysler building." (ten points to whoever gets that reference.)

I have so much more I want to tell but I have to hurry. I'm really sorry. Things are so good. Thank you for your prayers, I know they are working!!!! I love being a missionary here. It really has changed my life. I"m beginning to understand how much the little things matter and how much God wants to bless us... if we will only turn ourselves to him and say a prayer. I love President Monson's talk from Relief Society session of conference. I share it at least 4 times a week and get misty eyed every time! God's love is always there, and it never changes.

I love you all. I pray for you everyday and I hope my prayers are being answered that God is sending my love all the way to you in the 84062! Thanks for all your prayers and love. YOU'RE THE BEST.

Thank you for everything. LOVE YOU SO MUCH!
Love, Paak Jimuih

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  1. Love your positive spirit, sister Choi loves you as well. Thank you for the picture.