Monday, January 27, 2014

A total eclipse of the heart

Loved all your emails!!!! AWW I love you all too much. Okay so the library people are being slightly difficult and time may be in short supply so I am going to just dive in here and give you a little 411. 

Things are really good here. I'm sorry I realize my last email was entirely dramatic and I don't want you to think I'm singing the blues over here. I was just trying to paint a picture of how things are going over here... I'm sorry. I'm dramatic and entirely too emotional-some things never change. BUT I LOVE being a missionary. I love it so much. I'm happy, healthy and wealthy. (It's all about money because Hong Kong's New Year starts this week... more about that in a second)

On Friday I went on exchanges--this time with Sister Choi. She is basically exactly a year behind me in the mission. It truly is incredible and nauseating how fast time goes. I wish it wasn't so. Anyways- love Sister Choi and we went to Tuen Mun. Right at the beginning of the day we were out finding, and we met this Chinese mainlander man. He is a doctor here and doesn't speak Cantonese, and I don't speak Mandarin (in fact that's all I can say in Mandarin-- that and "Jesus Christ") anyways we taught him right then and there in English. He went from not believing in God to at the end praying for his daughter and saying he'd like to meet our friends--that speak Mandarin. How cute and tender is that? Also teaching the gospel in English was hard. It was definitely the Spirit in the lesson because I had to keep translating everything in my head... I'm a mess! 

After that lesson we ran over to their investigator Brother Cheung's house to teach him about Tithing and Fasting. He is the most cute and tender man. He is in all actuality a hobbit. A Chinese hobbit. Is Wade drooling on his computer/iTouch right now? Aww he is the greatest. Not to mention his house is an Oasis and I took several not-stalkerish slightly photos after we were leaving... But he is so humble and accepts everything that is being taught. Such a great lesson.

Some other highlights-

-After another finding session on Saturday we were getting ready to go to the church and this crazy lady comes up to Sister Aldana and I and starts singing "total eclipse of the heart"... haven't heard that jam in a while. 
-The sweet Au Family had us over for a delicious traditional New Years feast yesterday.. pictures attached. EVERYTHING WAS SOOOO GOOD. I'm still full.
-We are working with some great investigators. One of them is named Vanessa. She is a dream come true. She shows up a good 15 minutes early for everything (THIS IS NOT NORMAL IN CHINESE CULTURE) and I just want to give her a hug every time we see her. I sent a picture of her a month or so ago. I'll take another to refresh your memory. -We have lots of great people we're working with. Isis is still doing great! And so is Erica. 
-We had to turn over Lau "Jack Smiley" Hingdaih's wife, Sister Lau to the Mandarin sisters. I was selfishly sad but they will still becoming to our ward so I just get to love her and tell her "hey yes God is there and there is a reason you didn't die." She loves sharing that story. Love her. She's great. 
-I found out that Sister Morgan has seen "The Walton's". Our companions hate it because all we do is talk about our favorite episodes and every night we reenact the night scenes before we go to bed. "Oh John-Boy"....
-New year's is coming.. starting this friday. Saddle up everyone because it's the year of the Horse. Everyone asks if I'm excited.. I say yes but I'm lying. Everyone will be unavailable.. so for missionaries it's kind of the worst. We'll be finding lots and we will be enjoying deep clean this Saturday. From sun up to sun down we will clean our home until it "shines like the top of the Chrysler building." (ten points to whoever gets that reference.)

I have so much more I want to tell but I have to hurry. I'm really sorry. Things are so good. Thank you for your prayers, I know they are working!!!! I love being a missionary here. It really has changed my life. I"m beginning to understand how much the little things matter and how much God wants to bless us... if we will only turn ourselves to him and say a prayer. I love President Monson's talk from Relief Society session of conference. I share it at least 4 times a week and get misty eyed every time! God's love is always there, and it never changes.

I love you all. I pray for you everyday and I hope my prayers are being answered that God is sending my love all the way to you in the 84062! Thanks for all your prayers and love. YOU'RE THE BEST.

Thank you for everything. LOVE YOU SO MUCH!
Love, Paak Jimuih

Saturday, January 25, 2014

God is involved in the details of our lives

Family!!! It feels like forever has happened since we last chatted. You know.. So much to report! Miracles, awkward moments and a whole lot of Chinese love.

So I would do a daily report but my time is short today and my memory isn't that good. I get to go to the temple in a little bit and I am so excited! Temple, Temple Temple. BOOYA. I love the temple. I also love you all so much and I am grateful that we all have eternity to look forward to.

Some highlights from the Orient:
Let me start with the story that I am dying to share. So last time we talked, Mandy was a miracle straight up dream. She still is. I'm not trying to diminish that. Last Tuesday rolled around and she was up for commandments. We taught her tithing and it did NOT go well. Not well where she doesn't want to see us anymore. She was mad. She wasn't listening and no matter how we tried she refused it and it was so bad. My heart fell at least a thousand flights. That night I slipped into a slight depression. The kind that hurts and leaves me feeling like i'm worth no more than 25 cents... HK cents. This had happened 8 months or so before back in Ma On Shan with Wong Jimuih. I was mad. Mad at myself and I am ashamed to admit a little sad that I felt like God hadn't helped me this time around. It was like seeing the same thing happen all over again. Someone so good and then fall so hard.. and I was left trying to pick up the broken pieces while blaming myself. I told Sister Aldana and she listened while I talked it out. But I still felt numb and hurt, and like a failure.

We had interviews with President Hawks the next day and he of course said all the right things. He told me not to shove an 18 month mission into my last few months... Inspired man. He also told me a lot of things that i needed to hear. AS we left the church that day and I stood on the light rail platform to go back home and finish my morning studies, I still felt sad inside. If anyone needed a miracle at one time, it was me. I checked the phone and read a text that left me crying like Niagra Falls during it's peak season. Sister Olsen had texted me because guess who was looking for us? Wong Jimuih. Yes A-Ying Wong from my days in Ma On Shan. I showed the text to Sister Aldana as we both cried on the train platform. Heavenly Father hadn't forgotten me and especially not Wong Jimuih. Wong Jimuih who I thought had closed herself to the gospel who had moved away from Ma ON Shan was looking for me. She didn't hate me! I called her and she sounded so happy!!!!! Like her old self, but happier. She told me she loved and missed me. (Hong Kong people never ever say LOVE) She asked me if I remembered that she was my Hong Kong mom? And if i could see her that night. Unfortunately I couldn't because it takes too long to get there and I had meetings that night. But she wants to see me ASAP and she is meeting with the missionaries in Sheung Shui now. It's a miracle. I'm crying as I type it now. I never stopped praying for her. Everyday I did. Sometimes I felt guilty because I felt like I loved her more than some of my other investigators, but God heard and answered my prayers. He loves me more than I deserve. I really would have come all the way to Hong Kong just for her. I'm sure Wong Jimuih will be baptized soon. I love her and my merciful Heavenly Father!

So I mean while I don't know what will happen with Mandy-- I know God has a plan for her and it will all be a-ok! God's got this. I"m on his team and I just have to be worthy of the Spirit and share the gospel. 

Let me pathetically pull out a kleenex (I'm pathetic) and tell you the other news:
-Things are good. Last week we had a sisters party in Kowloon Tong! It was so fun. We even had cake because I was able to find real frosting here! (pictures attached)
-We have been going on all sorts of exchanges because we have to go with all the sisters in our zone before the transfer ends. (In HK we have 9 week transfers) and I have gotten to go with Sister Wright (my younger group from the MTC and Sister Aguilar (who I used to live with) Both so much fun!
-President Hawks has invited us to give baptismal dates out on the street. We carry around a picture of baptism and ask people if they know what it is. (most people don't) Then we ask them if they have ever committed sin before and if they would like to be freed from those feelings of guilt. We did it a couple of days ago and we are already seeing miracles! It's bold and helps me focus on my purpose as a missionary. 
-It's amazing to see how God works in our lives and leads this missionary work. Last week we were out finding and met this great couple but couldn't stay long because we had another teaching appointment. We tried to get their phone number but they wouldn't give it. They said if they needed to hear this message God would provide a way for us to meet them again. They weren't budging. yesterday we finish finding and are about to go to a teaching appointment and we look over and who just sat down nearby? That same couple! We're going to teach them on Saturday. MIRACLE.
-Lastly, remember our investigator Erica? She is meeting with us again. After 3 months of not answering our calls. She's back and I love her.

Okay family. This email doesn't begin to explain all the good things happening her. I'm sorry. My writing this week is just not up to par. I need you to ship Wade here to do my writing for me. Dak mh dak?

I love you all so much!!!! This church is true. I love being a missionary. I know God lives and answers our prayers. He has given us our agency and He hopes that we will give up our personal will and simply follow him. I know Jesus is the Christ. 

I love you all so much!!!!!! Have a great weekend! xoxoxo
Paak Jimuih

Thursday, January 16, 2014

She got an Answer

Family- This may or may not be one of the greatest weeks ever for missionary work here in the China Hong Kong mission-- for me at least. I'm not kidding. I don't deserve to be this happy. I don't know if I'm going to throw up or pass out first out of pure joy and excitement. As Maria Von Trapp says it so perfectly, I'm going to start at the very beginning because that is the very best place to start.

Last Monday was spent over in the Mong Kok shopping and just spending the chihn. (money) I need requested items in the ASAP by the way. Have any needed Chinese items? Just hit me at my inbox. K thanks. But really do. This isn't a joke. Anyways after preparation day we did finding and did some calls. Then Sister Morgan and I began by mere happenstance discussing our mutuals love of Musicals and now it has turned into an apartment trend. Among plots shared during meal times or exercise times has been Wicked, Aida (twice, the first time we forgot plot and didn't do it justice), Throughly Modern Millie, Once on this Island... Yeah it's too much. 

Tuesday, we had district meeting and then after inspiration was received we hit the streets for some testimony time aka finding time. Then we raced back to the church and taught Mandy the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Such a good lesson. She really is too sweet and too good to be true. After the lesson, we were cleaning up and Mandy got a phone call. I couldn't hear the person on the other line very well but it didn't sound good and it sounded like whoever the man was that she was talking to was anti-ing her right then and there..saying we're a cult.. you name it. I'm freaking out. I mean so I started praying really hard. She left while still talking to the confused soul on the other line and I"m just like "NOOOO" this has happened TOO MANY times. So I prayed. And then I called our mission correlator Brother Chan. (who also happens to be on Colgate toothpaste commercials here in China.. did I ever tell you that?) Anyways, I spend the next half hour on the phone with him and he tells me exactly what to say no matter what her reaction. He called me a good 3 times more that night while we're trying to teach Isis and meet other people.. ha. He is too good to be true. We called her that night (under Brother Chan's close direction) and she seemed a-okay. So prayers were answered, but I was still a little uneasy, the anti is really crazy here and so I left it in the hands of the Lord, because he is more powerful than any crazy website or uninformed person.

Wednesday- We taught a new investigator who we just met while traveling home almost a month ago, a cute mom named Shirley. She had such good questions and I just loved her to pieces. She's from Mainland but her mother tongue is Cantonese so we can keep teaching her. She is too good to be true. There really are prepared people in China, sometimes I just need to slap myself and have some more faith. Sister Aldana said something really interesting to me this week. She talked about how her MTC teacher said that we need to share this message like it's the cure for cancer. That might sound entirely cheesy to the outside world but it really is. And if we had the cure for cancer and we saw people sick we would be running all over the place to tell them about it. We wouldn't give up. Sometimes I think I give up to easy in finding. So I have a new resolve to bear a more powerful testimony and not give up on anyone. Because every single person needs this gospel. Especially the people of Hong Kong.

Thursday-Exchange time. Sister Cheung came to Butterfly with me and we had the most sun-shiny delightful time. Our appointments got moved to later day so we we're like yeah we'll go out and find some more prepared souls. We found ourselves at Ching Shan Tsuen. It's a place where you can knock doors. We're knocking on the doors and then there's this man that starts talking to us. He says he's not available (China's favorite phrase) and we're testifying to him how this message can bless him and his family. Well he stops responding and so we leave a little flyer in the door crack. Then we walk around and realize that the door we had just knocked on was NOT a door to a home. It was a door to an outhouse. So the man really wasn't available. HA. After that we scurried away from there, a bit to bashful to show our faces to the man who we had disturbed and we met two really prepared men, one a young father who we are going to see this week and another this cute grandpa man who we taught a little restoration to on his porch of sorts. GREAT DAY.

Aww man, this always happens. I'm running out of time.
So Friday and Saturday were both so good. So busy. I was still really worried about Mandy because she wasn't going to be able to see us until Sunday and I was just a little anxiety filled about that. BUT, we did teach 2 families this week!!!! Both part member families who's spouses have a lot of potential. We took a picture with the Lau Family (attached) and they are just too precious for words. We had taught them a while ago but they hadn't been available. In fact as we sat down to teach Lau Tai.. (Mrs. Lau) starts out by announcing, "well I almost died." And she wasn't joking. So needless to say because of this surgery she is much more receptive to share the message. *rejoicing*

SUNDAY. Game day and great day. Mandy came in a skirt and was just as happy as ever. She asked us about tithing during relief society and investigator class and in my head I"m thinking "oh great here we go...." So church is over, in fact it got out 20 minutes early (Mom don't be jealous) and I'm talking to Mandy. In the past I"ve treated investigators like they're precious pieces of glass, which they are, but I think i've been to apprehensive to ask them the questions... the ones that need to be asked. So then i ask her about how she is doing and about the phone call that she got the last time she saw us. She then told me "Paak JImuih. My friend called me. He told me this church was a cult and he had read all sorts of horrible stuff on the internet. But it didn't feel right when he was saying that. So when I went home, I prayed. I had this huge wonderful feeling come over me. A feeling of peace. I know the church is true. This is the true Church!" An inexpressible peace came over me. God had heard both of our prayers. He had answered Mandy's and mine. She knows the church is true. She loves it. She loves scriptures and I responded to her, "Mandy, you have a beautiful testimony!" Then she said, "I have a testimony?" and then exclaimed, "I have a testimony!" She is a miracle. A literal walking miracle. I am honored to teach her, to know her, and to be the Lord's instrument here in Hong Kong. 

This church is true. I know it. The Book of Mormon is God's word. He answers our prayers when we will sincerely ask him and put our trust in him. I am learning to trust God and not my own understanding. I love this work and I love my Heavenly Father and his Son Jesus Christ. 

I love you all. Keep praying for Mandy and all the other investigators here in Butterfly. God is hearing our prayers and changing hearts here!

Love you all. 
Love, Paak Jimuih

Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy (American) New Year!!

Family!!!!!! HAPPY 2014. (on a side but true note, I have been dating all my stuff for 2012... I'm a mess. My brain is a world of confused & can't fathom how the year 2014 is our modern day reality.) I want to thank everyone for all the Christmas cards I've received!!! I love all the notes and feel so loved. Thanks to each and every one of you for thinking of me while I'm on the other side of the world. You know who you are & give yourself a nice tight little hug from me. 
So, Greetings it's me!!!! Oh my soul how are you all. I hope so good. 
Dad- loved your email and I'm so glad you aren't stressed for this new year. Here in China school is all I hear about. They got off work for Christmas but now life is sanfu and they all have tests for the next two weeks. So if kids are complaining about a homework assignment or quiz tell them to remember the kids in China and to cheer up. 
Mom- I love the Book of Mormon idea. I'm towards the end of Alma in my reading right now but I'll hop on the train with you all... someday ;) Ga Yauh on the Palmer Family Yearbook. You are so awesome to do all that. Seriously I am so impressed with all you do. I love that you went to the temple, we get to go in about 2 weeks and I am so excited! Also your scripture study plan looks awesome! Can't wait to hear all your insights. Also- how is that teacher doing that you gave the Book of Mormon to? I'm praying for him! 
Mckay- Elder Trainer Palmer I mean. You would you little rockstar! So proud of you. You're so young and so strong. I love that you hid from your little new trainee.. I can't really picture it, but I mean I like it. Is your new companion from Hong Kong? He looks familiar? I don't know. Maybe I'm delusional. You're such an example to me.
Spencer- hope you're icing that hip flexer. Yikes that sounds painful. What is the healing time for that? Also, you're too young to be falling asleep before New Years!!! That's funny though and I'm not that surprised! Are you excited to go back to school. Who are you asking to the sweethearts dance?
Wade- I'll have you know you're like the mascot of our apartment in Tuen Mun. I tell all the sisters I live with about you and give a "Wade moment" occassionally. Their personal favorite is your costume from Halloween 2012. You're the best Mrs. Weasely there ever was.
Rachel-You're as cute as ever! I'm so glad you got to go swimming for Christmas break. Mom's the best mom ever. Are you excited to go back to school? What are you learning about right now? I loved 5th grade and I'm sure you are too.

Alright so here's where I take some time and tell you all about China. Are you excited? I don't have a ton of time so Here's what I like to call  a daily highlight:

Monday- after our Pday we went LA finding. And what do you know, we found someone and they let us in! She's 16 and her name is Linda. She got baptized when she was 8 but literally doesn't remember a thing. Her mom is a former that never got baptized. We shared a mormon message "Your True Identity" by Elder Uchtdorf and shared about the nature of God, the Book of Mormon and prayer. It was such a good lesson with them both. We rescheduled them and I love them already. The mom thinks she's Buddhist but she just doesn't remember God right now, so we're working on that.

Tuesday- We taught little dream of a Mom Mandy. She is progressing so well and is excited to be baptized in February. She's a dream and said her only concern about baptism is if she has to go visit her Mom if she's in the hospital. I may or not have been grabbing my chair to keep me from jumping up in excitement. We also had two dinner appointments that day and I felt like I had to be rolled home by Sister Aldana I was so full.

Wednesday- Exchanges! I went on Exchanges with Sister Morgan. (you all would love her she's like a mix of Heather and Aubrie.. so naturally you all can't wait to meet her) and Sister Aldana stayed in our area with Sister Morgan's companion the dream of a sister, Sister Choi. We had a great day! I loved it. They have this investigator who is like unto a hobbit-- named Jeung Hingdaih. You all would love him. If not in this life I'm introducing to you all to him in heaven or the millenium.. which ever comes first. He lives in the cutest little house on the side of a mountain. He's supposed to be getting baptized soon and is just the most prepared soul with the cutest sweaters. We also taught Vanessa, (picture attached) who actually lives in our area (!!!) about the Book of Mormon, great lesson and fun exchange.

Thursday- Mission Leadership Council at Kowloon Tong. If I've said it once, I've said it at least 1,000 times, I love President and Sister Hawks!!! The meeting was so good, they are so inspired. My favorite thing that President Hawks shared was when we were discussing finding. He shared that even if we feel inspired to go somewhere and then what we feel like nothing happens, that just isn't the case. He said that "someone will be touched by the Spirit, either them or you." I think that goes with all things, particularly callings in the church. Sometimes what we think is inspired at first may yield little visible results. But maybe that lesson we taught was for the Spirit to bare witness to us personally about what was shared. We are the ones who choose to be changed.

Friday- Zone Meeting. Sister Aldana and I did a training about involving Christ more in our missionary work. Really visualizing he is there, you know? I love love love Elder McConkie's talk from Conference. This talk is so true and we based some of remarks from it. Whom the Lord calls he qualifies.

Saturday- Lessons, language pass off's and finding. Thanks to Hong Kong's British influence, I may or may not be speaking English in a British Accent when I'm not speaking the Cantonese. In fact, when I did numbers with my District leader yesterday we went ahead and were just both using accents and I didn't even realize until I got off the phone... It's fine. We went LA finding and one of the LA's yelled at us through the door that she couldn't talk because she was in the shower. UHHH what?

Sunday- Best Sunday in such a long time! Mandy is 3 for 3 weeks with a dress on, a new investigator named Queen (pronounced Quinn) just showed up and so did a lady named Yuki. We also had 3 LA's come and it was just the best. Also our new correlator Chan HD may or may not be the greatest correlator ever. We had ward correlation yesterday and it was something worthy to be featured on a District clip. Butterfly ward is changing and miracles are left and right. Fast Sundays are the best Sundays. I love fasting. 

Family! There are so many miracles I don't have time to write, but I want you to know how much I love each and every one of you. This church is true! I am not alone. We never are. We are loved more than we will ever know by our Heavenly Father who leads and guides us if we will but humbly ask him. I love Hong Kong, I love being a missionary and I am so grateful for my opportunity to serve here. I am grateful for Sister Aldana and the Butterfly ward. Things are getting busy and I am so grateful for all that the ward entrusts me with. Pray for Mandy, she is such a miracle and I'm humbled by the opportunity to teach her. 

Have such a good week back at school. Love you all so much!!!! Thank you for all you do for me!!!!!
Love, Paak Jimuih 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Holiday Miracles

Dearest Family-

Oh it has been such a good week. I mean I know I didn't throw a Christmas Eve party like you all did, but I am happy and exhausted. How are you all? SO FUN to talk to you on Christmas. I loved it. It's so weird to just pick up the cell phone that I use every day (bright red NOKIA...represent) and just call you all in the 801. AWW I am so happy you all had such a happy Christmas. This Christmas was by far my favorite ever. I am so blessed. Blessed to have you all, and blessed to be a missionary. When I think back on my short little life the two biggest blessings the Lord has given me is my family, and my mission experience. I don't deserve either of these things but I am going to spend the rest of my life showing Heavenly Father how grateful I am, and how much I love him. So thank you all for everything. 

So-- Yes, Christmas Eve was such a miracle-- I won't bore you with repeating the story but I know that Heavenly Father is merciful and hears and answers every prayer. On Christmas the miracles didn't stop. We had our big Stake party at HSK Chapel and it was a wild success. We were in charge of getting the missionary room set up so that those who were coming to the chapel for the first time could be introduced to us missionaries and learn more about the church. We set up the room and then we had all the missionaries on rotations for about 4 hours. Giving tours of the chapel, bringing people to the church from the light rail stations, and FINDING. Yeah yeah. 

I had called a Less active a few days before that said she would come. When I called to confirm her she said, "Can I bring my husband and baby?" I was like "Are you kidding me? OF COURSE." (I said it more professional than that but that's what I said in my head.) We picked her up from the station and helped the 3 of them find the church and they went to one of the programs that was being shown. We went out finding in the jungle of HSK and then ran to go find them. I asked if we could teach them a lesson and she said yes! So we skipped dinner with everyone else and taught them a lesson on the Restoration. Her husband was SO GOOD and asked all sorts of great questions. As we bore testimony of God and Jesus Christ he looked at me right in the eyes and sincerely asked, "Will God really answer my prayer?" I felt a wave of gratitude and emotion come over me as I testified on Christmas Day that God lives and loves his family and WILL answer his prayer. I love the Cheuk Family! I can't wait to hopefully see them again this week. That was the greatest Christmas gift I could have ever asked for. Teach the Restoration and testify of God and Jesus on Christmas Day. How am I so lucky?

Then Thursday. The ward trip to Yuen Long.. aka the Boonies of Hong Kong. Some parts look like a third world country. Actually i'm positive that some parts qualify for a third world country. But we went to this campground site with the ward. We took a chartered bus out there and Mandy came and brought her daughter, Jenny. Jenny's friend who is basically like a daughter, May and then her sister Mahn and her two little daughters. BOOYA. The day was SO COLD at first. I seriously thought I was in the tundra.. minus the fact that there was no snow. But it was freezing right to the bones. But we roasted everything you can think of. Fish balls, Thai-seasoned chicken, beef, hot dogs, bread with butter on it, vegetables.. and then we also went on a hike to a slab of cement. Hiking in Hong Kong should be featured on some sort of reality show.. It's a joke. Some of the ward members thought it would be too hard to go back so they straight up walked to a bus stop and took a bus back to the camp site.. I was dying. It wasn't even a bad hike!

Then we did little groups where we learned about exercise and how to get rid of fat on our arms (remind me to teach you all about it next time I see you) that if you don't have a water filter you can just stick a tissue in a bottle and drink it (yeah I'm never doing that) and how to make peanut butter mochi with soup. After words we played games. Wild success I daresay.

Other highlights include--
-Isis the little dream that she is accepted a baptismal date for March! Love her too much.
-Mandy came to church again yesterday (IN A SKIRT) and I just love her to pieces. We're eating with her and her daughter at the Bishop's house on Tuesday night. She is so prepared, it's unreal. 
-We got chocolate cheesecake from a member yesterday. 
-Mak Mak finally agreed to have ward members meet her Mom!!!!! YES. She will get baptized so soon. I still can't believe I haven't gotten a picture with her yet. I"m an idiot. Look for that coming soon. 
-Two minutes before sacrament meeting starts Sister Aldana and I got asked to speak in Church. Remember how nervous I was about this in Macau? Well Heavenly Father is too kind because this time with no time to prepare I wasn't even nervous. If that isn't a miracle, I don't know what is.

AWW HONG KONG IS TOO GOOD!!!!! I love it here. I love being a missionary. I love wearing the Black name tag and sharing all about Jesus Christ. (ALSO- BIG NEWS We just got approved to have the double tags again English and Chinese, and we're all thrilled. Look for them coming to a picture with me in them near you.) I know that this church is true. I know it. I'm learning to live the gospel of Jesus Christ every single day. My life is being changed. I love you all so much. 

Happy New Year and 2014. How does time go THIS fast?

Love you all!!!!!!!
Love, Paak Jimuih