Monday, December 9, 2013

Chasing basic strangers, Weirder things have happened


Greetings from Butterfly. I say it all the time, but the weeks are so short. HOW ARE THEY SO SHORT? I HATE IT. We had a lot of miracles this week! We have had a hard time finding new investigators the whole time we've been here. We avoided discouragement, but sometimes it was hard. But of course, Heavenly Father has blessed us so much this past week and I am so grateful. Heavenly Father truly blesses me more than I deserve!!!!! Thank you for your prayers! They are being heard and answered.

We have been really blessed in Butterfly with a ward that understands the importance of Less Active members and we are trying to work together to bring them back. We spent a lot of time with some members in the ward trying to go and visit some of these members. The lessons were powerful and strengthened my testimony so much of how the members really don't know how powerful they are! They can get into the places we can't and they know who these people are way better than we do. 

We even had some great finding this past week and met some great potentials. I can testify that some of the greatest miracles of my mission are during finding. One day we're out finding because our investigator was busy that we scheduled, and we see this LA member named Mathias or Rufious or something like that (I can never remember his name! ha) and we have been trying to visit his Mom (also LA) but by the time we saw him he was jay-walking in the street and so we did the only thing a sane missionary does, we started chasing him. (Yes, I chase men on my mission.. it's fine.) Well we would only run when we couldn't see him and then walk when there was the chance that he would turn around and see us. As we're getting up close to him there's a man that stops us and says, "Hey aren't you missionaries? Why aren't you talking to me? Well my feet became immediately planted and taught this already  60+ man that was too cute for words! Hopefully we will get to see him again this week. Heavenly Father truly does lead us in mysterious ways.

On Saturday we're just out and about as we we're out finding and we tried to call some people who lived in the area and we wanted to try and visit. Well no luck but as we were sitting there I saw this girl that reminded me of my first ever investigator, Lulu back in Tai Wai. So naturally I just HAD TO talk to her. As we are walking over we run into another LA member that we saw weeks ago but have had a hard time scheduling. There are no coincidences. After we talked to her I still felt impressed that we should sit next to this girl and talk to her. As we sat there and talked she was painfully, and I mean painfully, shy. But as we talked about the gospel I saw light appear there and her eyes soften. We are going to see her again this week and I am so excited! A-Yan is her name. I feel like she has  a hard family situation, but we'll find out more about it when we see her again. 

Yesterday we also met two other new investigators. One was a turn over from the West Point sisters. My best companion ever, Sister Olsen came out with her trainee, Sister Lam who is actually from Butterfly ward. Crazy right? I can't even imagine going to our home chapel. She made me promise not to tell anyone she was coming... especially her parents. It was such a special lesson because it was Sister Lam that found her over in West Point area but then she found out she lives in her ward boundaries. We had a simple but very spiritual lesson with the investigator, Mandy. She's really excited to introduce the gospel to her 14 year old daughter. She is so prepared. Pray for cute Mandy! 

Then later we met and taught one of our street contacts named Fei Fei.  She is so prepared and excited about the Book of Mormon! Which is really just the happiest news. We will be seeing them both (Mandy and Fei Fei) again this week. I LOVE THEM ALREADY. 

Mak-Mak is getting all geared up for her baptism and we are still working with the families in the area... well trying to schedule them. Hong Kong People! Too busy. Oh I almost forgot to mention, we taught another family this week. The Leung family. The Mom is a long time member, and we visited and I invited her husband to hear the message and he said yes! AWWW such big miracles here.

It really is such an exciting time to be a missionary here in Hong Kong. I am so happy! I love it all. The ups and downs the finding hours and bearing my testimony during lessons. I am blessed far more than I deserve, and I am so grateful for  this Christmas season. There were missionaries in Sha Tin last week that got 64 referrals!!!! The people of Hong Kong are truly starting to get missionary work here and we're learning how we can help them help their friends and family. This church is so true!!! I know it. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful week. I'm so happy Heather got to visit. I thought about you all. Praying for McKay and his investigators. I hope Spencer had fun on his trip! Mom, thank you so much for the BEST PACKAGE EVER. YOU'RE PERFECT. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I think it took a while to get here because it had a stamp on it that said, "missent to taipei" ...........umm how does that even happen? But everything was perfect. I love the countdown and the Conference journal. You're the best. I loved everyone's notes too.

Love, Paak Jimuih

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