Monday, December 16, 2013

Changes and Christmas Songs Aplenty

Family!!!!! AWW I'm so excited to be hear (Here.. goodbye English) and emailing you. It has been a great week. Changes have come upon us and I just can't believe how blessed I am as a missionary. Thanks to a simple spot of meditation, I have decided to just give you a daily play by play of what's happening here in Butterfly. We'll see how this set up goes. Feel free to send comments/questions/complaints to my inbox--

Monday- last Pday Sister Tidwell and I went to Kwai Chung (like unto Mong Kok... great shopping!) The missionaries all call it the "Dirty Mall" there is so much stuff there. I went there last January and remember being completely overwhelmed.. good news, I did better this time and spent some of my Christmas money, SO THANK YOU to Mom & Dad, and Grandpa P, and Grandma and Grandpa G. I'm saving the stuff know... later. If April ever comes... you know, it probably won't so I'll never wear the stuff. Anyways, yes Monday was good. We went finding later and then did calls to help set up our week. I talked to one of our investigators, A-Yan (20+ girl)'s Mom on the phone for a good 33-34 minutes. She thought I was her daughter's boyfriend. So.. I'm a little worried that my Chinese voice is too low? I'll share it on Christmas and everyone can take a vote....

Tuesday-- Moves calls. There's nothing like the silent energy of a moves calls district meeting. I really felt/knew I was staying, but it was announced that I would have a new companion. Her name is Sister Aldana. She is so wonderful. She was in Sister Olsen's group so she has been in Hong Kong 8 months. President Hawks had texted me a few weeks ago and told me I would be a Sister Trainer Leader and so Sister Aldana and I have this great little assignment together. The rest of Tuesday Sister Tidwell and I had a language pass off, (they're the best... actually I'm trying to have a good attitude about them.. critiquing of language and teaching skills is a humbling thing---but I have a goal to seek correction and not compliments so the Zone Leaders keep me humble and help me to work on that goal.) We also went finding and saw my favorite returning LA- Lam Jimuih.

Wednesday- Last day for Sister Tidwell in Butterfly. We saw some of our favorite people for lessons and small farewells, and one of our Less-Actives gave us these crazy bags, and said "I found these and thought of you." They were borderline hideous, so I chose to thank her profusely and then re-gift them later. Hopefully she doesn't ask for them back??? Then we had more finding, met a crazy man, and then had caroling that night with investigators and Less-Actives. One of our less-actives Jennifer came, I love her, (we're hopefully teaching her husband this week!!!!!) and then she walked Sister Tidwell and I home. She's the sweetest. Can't wait for you all to meet her someday.

Thursday- Moves Day. Sister Cutler, who I"ve lived with for the past 4 months went home, it was weird and I made a promise to myself that I would stay in HK forever. Thoughts? Also while I was at the mission office I GOT A CHRISTMAS PACKAGE FROM THE WORLD'S MOST THOUGHTFUL FAMILY EVER and the sweetest letter from my main girl-Heather P. Farr! Thank you so much for the package. I definitely already scarffed down (China has taught me many things, one is to eat food fast) one bag of cadbury eggs! I love those things! I forgot. Thank you so much! I want to open my presents and the rest of the package, but don't worry I'm resisting and hating the waiting. I didn't even open the stocking yet. It's hung on the wall and looking very festive. Christmas is coming.. I can't even believe it! So yes back to Thursday Sister Aldana is the best!  Actually, I can't believe it's already December and how fast time is going. It feels like last month I got off the plane and was sent to my first area of Tai Wai. I still have so many things I want to become, and I just want to be the best missionary I can be. I want to be completely obedient. As I take an honest look at myself, I realize that there are so many little things that I can continue to improve on. I'm trying to implement Sister Hawks teaching from a couple Zone Conferences ago, "keeping things clean before they get dirty." To me also meaning, looking out for laziness before it arrives. Sometimes that overwhelms me, but as I make little achievable goals everyday, I see that Heavenly Father is helping shape me into the missionary and person he wants me to be. We found one of our investigators that night and found her member friend there too, and taught them in the park. It was so great. MIRACLE.

Friday- listen i'm getting low on time and I am sorry i am so long winded. Friday was great. We had lots of finding time and we laughed and invited all to come unto Christ. We actually got some great contacts. It was our turn to teach English class. This little boy named Tony came (not our across the street diagonal neighbor Tony) and he kept whispering/shouting Mandarin children's songs in my ear. I was dying! I'm so mad I didn't get a picture with him. He was too precious for words in any language.

Saturday- taught and went finding. One miracle was we were supposed to meet our investigator A-Yan but then she pulled a little thing I like to call "no-show" but really it means SEE YA SOON ha and so we did some finding in the area. Well we go to our next destination-- Tuen Mun Ferry Pier and we are waiting for the train on the thing. (sorry I honestly can't remember what that word is in English) Anyways, we start talking to the lady next to us. Her name is Linda and she was super interested in our message, and she pulls a piece of paper out of her bag and is like "let me give you her phone number! Yes that never happens in China. We're seeing her again this week. Heavenly Father is sooooo good. Always putting people in our path. We ate at a pizza place that night.. the pizza was very Chinese, and then we had been invited to a Stake Priesthood Leadership meeting with our zone leaders and President Hawks. It was a great meeting, and I learned so much. My respect grew even more for the leadership of the church here in Hong Kong. They don't have it easy but their faith is big. I was hit right to the very heart with gratitude as I realized that I had gotten to Hong Kong exactly a year ago this past week, and how much I had grown. Not only could I understand what was going on in that meeting, I could speak and share my insights on what I"ve learned. Missionary work is nothing but miracle work.

Sunday- yikes i'm really long winded and out of time. Sundays are the best but they are physically. mentally, and spiritually draining. Mandy (Sister Olsen's turn over from last week) was smuggled in love by the ward and she loved church!! We taught some lessons, went caroling with the young men and young women for a few minutes and then had a cheng out with the cute Kwong Family... (pictures attached!) I love this cute family! 

Alright listen I"m sorry this is honestly as long as the old testament or at least the war chapters in Alma but I want you to know that this church is true. Heavenly Father loves these children so much. Thank you for your prayers and caring about Mak-Mak, her mom still hasn't given permission, but I know that miracles haven't ceased. I love you all... I know this church is true and Jesus Christ leads it. He is the reason for the season. I love Christmas time. I love you all.

Have a wonderful week, thank you for everything. LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU.
Love, Paak Jimuih

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