Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Ashley hasn't had any luck yet contacting William's family that she wrote about last week. I hope she is able to contact them soon!!!!

Family!!!!! Oh my goodness. Favorite part of my preparation day is emailing all you cuties. I wish I had longer than an hour so I could give you more of the 411 from China Hong Kong, but I loved all your emails, everyone looks so good and so happy! Wade's Eagle Project is looking very professional.. and I like a week of fun. I'm not surprised that McKay got a 5, but I don't think anyone told me that minor (HUGE) detail. Good job McKay, no wonder your the District Leader.. you're too good to be true. Also Heather is home and looking as fly and pretty as ever! I thought about her before my head hit the pillow last night and realized she was giving her homecoming address. I said a little extra prayer from my apartment on the top bunk on the 34th floor. I bet it was so good! Love her and I love that you've all been communicating. It does my heart good. 

It's been another great week in Butterfly. We've spent lots of time finding, but have had most of our success come from the LA finding. We had two sisters that less us in without question, (this is not normal!!!! Normal consists of lying to us, door slammings, opening the door and then walking away while we just testify to all we can see are their Buddhist shrines, or telling us to come back...never!) and we were able to teach them both! One even had her daughter-in-law there that we were able to teach, she might not be ready yet but we are hoping to get some member involvement to speed things along. Their last name is Choi and the daughter in law had the most cute little daughter that was too precious for words. My dream is now to hold a Chinese baby one day. I'm obsessed! 

Anyways-- Rescues are just as important as baptisms, and it was such a miracle to be let in to teach them. Another LA sister that let us in, also with the last name of Choi, (it was the name of the week apparently ) just quit her job a couple of weeks before that. She hasn't been to church in over 20 years because she had to work on Sundaybut we taught her and after one of her biggest concerns is that she won't have friends. So, we're hoping to revisit this week with some Relief Society fellowshippers! Both were such great lessons and definite tender mercies of the Lord. 

Mak-Mak is still doing well. She told us that this week she tried talking to her mom again, but once again she was ignored. We told her to keep praying and promised her blessings of healing in her family relationships as she follows God's commandments.  She is going to be baptized in December. I know it. I have faith it can happen! Faith brings miracles and obedience to God's commandments brings those promised blessings and miracles. We aren't sure who the other baptism this month will be in Butterfly, but we are working hard and I know that while we don't know who it is, God does! I'm excited to meet them. 

We spent a lot of finding this week, but again with little immediate success. We have been trying to schedule part member families and we got to visit a great one this past week. The husband is a member, the wife isn't. His name is Brother Lau. His English name is Jack Smiley which might be the greatest thing I've ever heard. (I always love praying for him saying "please bless" in Chinese and then inserting "Jack Smiley" just makes me almost bubble over with laughter, but I don't because I love him and his wife needs to be baptized!) You'd all love him. I'm so mad I didn't get a picture but He looks like he could own a car dealership... so let your imagination go wherever it takes you. He is probably the sweetest man with the best conversion story. He is probably 60+ and just got baptized 4-5 years ago.

 We had a family home evening with them. As we got to know them we realized that the wife's native language is Mandarin, so after we left we were a little bit selfishly sad for ourselves, (Mandarin people are so prepared!!!!) but we talked about next week when we saw them to make sure to call the Mandarin Sisters. Then yesterday, a miracle happened. One of our members brought a family to church. The husband is a member, but the wife isn't. The husband hasn't been to church for years! They seemed to have a great experience at church (they have two families in the ward that they are friends with!) and when we asked for the wife's phone number to explain more she said "of course!" We are so very blessed in Butterfly! Just another example of exact obedience bringing miracles. Before we even turn over one family, God gave us another opportunity to teach another. Are you still all breathing? Yeah me neither. I'll get a picture of them this next week. Pray so hard for Royce (the Dad) and Ally (the Mom). They are seriously the most precious people alive! Their little boys I was just drooling (carefully) over them! 

Good news, I've rounded up my Cornicopia because there is so much to be grateful for! Not the least of which is the fact that Thanksgiving is this week. Us missionaries have permission to make ourselves dinner on Thursday, and I'm in charge of brownies, naturally! Best day ever. Then our ward is having a "Potluck" Thanksgiving dinner. If that makes you nervous, it has good reason to... Chinese people and potlucks-- recipe for chaos and disaster. Attached are pictures of some nice Christmas decorations, Chinese style! (they are confused here. They think Christmas colors are pink, purple, and blue) hahaha. I love these people too much.

Family- I know the church is true. I love this gospel and Jesus Christ. I'm thankful for the happy times and the sad times because through all these experiences I come closer to Jesus Christ. He lives, and He Loves us. I pray for you all every day. I hope you can feel how much I love you and how much Heavenly Father loves you. I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God. Thank you for your prayers and all you do for me. 

Love you for forever!
Love, Paak Jimuih

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