Monday, November 11, 2013

From Cocoon to Butterfly

Family!!!!! Things are looking like the cocoon (is that how you spell it?) is about  to spring forth into a beautiful butterfly! I mean it already is a very lovely cocoon but these past few days have just been too good!

Let me comment first: Temple walk. So amazing! Mom you little athlete! You never cease to amaze. That is too good. And Dad finding a parking spot so close... clearly a blessing. Rachel- so glad you are enjoying your late nights and being a party animal. And a new friend across the street. Some things really are just meant to be. Can't wait to meet your new friend. Spencer- 17:34. You are a straight up beast. I mean that in the most admirable way! Wade I hope John the Peacock answers.. can't wait to see pictures of those Calculus posters! Dad- all those pictures you sent-- your captions were too priceless to be real. I'm still laughing. Mckay- can't wait to hear your update next week! miss you!

Okay so this week- we've seen some great little tender mercies and miracles these past few days that I just need to share.
-Friday I was on exchanges with one of the other sisters. It was a busy day, we had studies, zone conference and then barely had time to finish studies and then do a little finding before English class and then we had to run to the Light rail station to make it for a less active lesson that we had scheduled at 8:30

We got there and the LA Chan Jimuih let us in. (which is a miracle in and of itself...sometimes/frequently people change their minds here) Anyways, her daughter Ann-Ann (she is half Pakistan) was there (which is what I had prayed for) and we had plan to teach the Plan of Salvation. We get there and we invited her daughter (10 years old) to join in the lesson and she said no, insisting she wanted to watch her Chinese soap opera. All we can do is invite, it's the Spirit's job to convince. Well we start teaching Chan Jimuih and sometimes the records we have are incorrect, but for once the records we had about her were correct. She is really sick. She has some handicaps, (for example she couldn't stop moving during the lesson) but she asked lots of questions and you can tell she's frustrated that her body is that way. We talked about forever families and I talked about Rachel because she is 10 and so is her daughter. Ann-Ann came over to look at my family picture and she stayed as we testified about the Plan of Happiness and it was just the cutest thing. The spirit is way more powerful than all worldly entertainment... you know what I'm saying? She prayed and we scheduled a time to come back this week. The lesson was so powerful. I think Ann-Ann is really scared and probably feels alone. They both need the gospel so much, pray for them!

We went on splits yesterday and I taught one of our new investigators also named Chan Jimuih. It was her second time at church yesterday and she hasn't ever been to church before but she loves it and she even prayed for the first time yesterday! She is too cute. Her husband died 5+ years ago so you better believe I'm excited beyond all reason to teach her the Plan of Salvation. I gave her the pamphlet yesterday and told her to read it.. .Send a little prayer her way. She is super busy, shy, but makes time for church and I love her a lot.

Yesterday the most unexpected miracle happened. We scheduled one of our investigators, A-Gyun for last night. Well we got to the park and realized we didn't have our planner with her phone number in it. Well we said a little prayer in our hearts and decided to do a little finding and have faith that she would come. Well we see one of our members who we had talked to at church named Mak Jimuih. We told her we were finding while waiting for one of our investigators. She said, "what's her name?" and turns out she has been friends with our investigator for years!!!! Mak Jimuih gives her a little call and then we were able to teach A-Gyun with our member right then and there! The lesson was perfect and Mak Jimuih shared a beautiful testimony of her path to know the Book of Mormon is true. A-Gyun has heard some serious anti but Heavenly Father wants her to have this gospel and so this little miracle in the park means that we are teaching the both of them on Tuesday. AWWW My mouth was just wide open in wonderful shock the whole time.

OKay loads more to share but not enough time. I hope you all know how much I love you! This move has been a hard one. I"m looking for the prepared people in Butterfly. We haven't had a ton of new investigators but God is blessing us in many other wonderful ways. I'm humbling myself and doing my best. The area is tiny but it's crawling with families and I try to contact as many of them as I can see! I love our cute little ward, they are great fellowshippers and teach me so much. The picture is with Shek Jimuih one of our less-actives that made us these delicious Kneader-like cupcakes on her day off! How sweet is she? I know this church is true. I know God lives and that Jesus is the Christ. I know the Book of Mormon is true. I love reading it. 

Love you all so much! Remember that. Thank you for all your thoughts, prayers, notes, and all the other sacrifices you make for me.
Paak Jimuih

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