Thursday, October 3, 2013

I went to the white room

Dear Family,

Dad, I know you're the scout master. So.... thanks for telling me again 4 times. I'm so proud of you. hahahaha Jk. Scout master and scout committee member... they're all the same in my book. Congratulations regardless.

This past week went by in a flash. Sister Yeung and I are scratching our heads and truly perplexed at where the time gone. The area really is doing so well. Between our investigators and less actives we are busy and the only thing that holds us back are the bus afternoon traffic jams.. but maybe then again they are a blessing because we get to talk to more people. 

Our investigator Tina- We committed her to read the Book of Mormon for as long as she reads her Buddhist materials. After some testimonies on our part and the Spirit touching her heart, she said Yes. My jaw nearly dropped to the ground. Sister Yeung called her this week and she said some days she doesn't even read her Buddhist material.. Just the Book of Mormon. This is a huge miracle. My heart is overflowing with gratitude.

Another investigator named Alex finally, finallyfinally committed and then CAME to church last week. This is huge! I started teaching him back in Ma On Shan in June and wasn't able to come to church because of work. He came yesterday and it has been powerful to witness his change these past few weeks. I think I mentioned a few weeks ago, he wasn't really progressing and it was hard to get through the lessons because he would get so easily off track and talk about things that didn't matter... like chinese medicine or the health benefits of running. So, Sister Yeung and I turned to Preach My Gospel and followed the advice of Chapter 8 to show him a teaching record, and basically say: "You want to get baptized? Well this is what you're going to have to do." Since then, we have been able to meet him twice a week and he is really, truly beginning to progress. MIRACLE.

Mimi is a 14 year old girl who was found just before I got here while looking for a less-active. She has huge faith and keeps all the commitments we give her, and then some. A few weeks ago her parents said she couldn't come to church anymore. She was so sad. Not knowing how we could help her, we prayed and felt impressed to write a letter to her parents introducing ourselves, our message, and what we were teaching her daughter. Since Sister Yeung knows a little (lot) of Chinese, she wrote it, while I smiled and and we gave her a thumbs up, and then we gave it to Mimi. I feel like a lot on my mission I have gotten used to Heavenly Father saying No.. or not yet to me on my mission. I try to have big faith but I am learning to humble myself and submit to the Lord's will after all I can do. So after we gave her the letter I am ashamed to admit I wasn't sure how much it was going to help, but we wanted to work as if everything depends on us and pray as if everything depends on the Lord. Mimi called us a few days later and said her Mom said she could come to church!!!!! This is a huge miracle. The Spirit softens hearts. 

Then Yesterday Mimi called us and was clearly upset. Her mom was screaming in the background and Mimi told us that her dad is addicted to gambling and her Mom was yelling at him to stop as he went out the door. Mimi was calling us because she didn't know what to say to her Mom. In my head I thought, "I'm only 22! How can I help adults and their child solve their problems?" The truth is, I can't. But God can. So we prayed, shared Jacob 2:8 with her and she called us back later saying that her mom doesn't believe in prayer yet, but I think a miracle is in the making and we will be able to teach her very Buddhist mother soon.

Other highlights-
-So since I'm an American and my passport is only good in Macau for a total of 60 days, yes i have to leave next Monday. I"m so sad. I love this little miracle metropolis. The passport works like this- the first time you come you get 30 days. Then you have to do a U-turn, which means get on the ferry, and then buy a ticket and come right back. I did this at the beginning of the month and then you get 20 more days. After that you get 10 more days, and then you have to leave for a while before you can come back. Well this past week was my time to do the second U turn and get my 10 more days. We went with our zone leaders and even got McDonalds to eat on the way back. Well we get to immigration and the people at my counter weren't the friendliest boarder patrolers. (sp?) They closed the gate behind me, and then I found myself being summoned to follow one of them like I was some alien or convict. Yes everyone, I saw a room that I daresay few people have seen.... the white room. It was full of Phillipinos and  slightly crazy Mandarin man. Well after some whispering and paperwork they told me I had to go to Immigration... Which happens to be on the other side of town. So after a few more hours, I finally got my 10 more days in Macau. So funny. Honestly. The whole thing was just like some Disney Channel movie... except it was my real life.
-MOM, I got your package this week. YOU ARE TOO THOUGHTFUL. It made Sister Yeung's whole week I'm pretty sure. Those vitamins should cure my ailments ASAP and the candy is so good and THE QUOTES AND THAT CONFERENCE JOURNAL....... exactly what I needed. You're an angel. When I think of angel I think of you. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. It meant so much that you would send those to Sister Yeung too. Thank you.
-I will NEVER EVER EVER complain about speaking in church again. Yesterday I had to speak in Church for 10 minutes in Chinese and I wasn't sure if I was going to pass out or throw up first. Honestly one of the top 3 scariest things I have ever done. I've had to speak in my other wards before but it's just been a simple testimony. Full blown talk complete with reading scriptures? YIKES. But good news, I survived and the Branch members and investigators were just the sweetest. I spoke on faith. When I got up to speak I had been sitting up on the front, and I hadn't seen that our investigator Alex (already mentioned above) had actually came! I had to stop myself from just walking off the stand and giving him a hearty hand shake right then and there. So great. 
-Today we went to a buffet at the MGM Casino. I took so many pictures so you will see how beauitful it was. So Fun and such good food! I HAD A REAL SALAD WITH UNCOOKED LETTUCE. So yes. I'm content, and happy.

So many other things I want to tell you but there is never enough time. Mostly I just want to tell you how much I love you. I can't believe I have been a missionary for a year! Oh to turn back the clock with the knowledge I know now. HA. Wouldn't that be nice. But I want you to know that I know this church is true. I know it. I love sharing it every day. The Book of Mormon is changing my life and everyone... every single person needs an invitation to read it. I wish I could express myself better and sum up this dizzy of thoughts in a more concise and powerful way.. but I am just happy. I don't know where I'm going next Monday and it will probably be for just a few days because the transfer (we're on a 9 week transfer schedule) won't end until next Thursday... so we will see. But I am so grateful for my time in Macau, and that I'm a missionary. I pray for you all every day. Heavenly Father is there, and he blesses us all more than we realize.
I love you all so much!!!! Have a great week.
Love love love you! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING

Love, Paak Jimuih

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