Monday, October 7, 2013

From Macau to Butterfly

I feel like my week was all out of sorts but I have all sorts of things I want to tell you. SPENCER. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I thought about you all Friday. I hope it was so good. You're the best. I'm glad I can still count on you to be a 2 cakes kind of kid. You're looking great and running shirtless... why am I not surprised! Wade, I haven't heard from you in a while. HELP A SISTER OUT and tell me what you're about. Rachel, same goes to you little cutie cutester. Mom sent me pictures of you from picture day, you're looking as lovely as ever. So pretty! Mom, you're the cutest beehive advisor ever. I wish I was your beehive. Thank you for your quotes you sent in your email. I need them this week. Dad- how's scouts? :) How's the calculus? What else is knew? What's the yard looking like? McKay I love your emails and I am so grateful we are experiencing the miracles of change together!
Okaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy so this week. Was quite out of the ordinary I daresay. So we got a moves call during the week. I went with Sister Choi for 5 days while still in Macau. She was so great. I love her. What happened was, we have 2 sets of Cantonese sisters serving in the Macau branch. So Sister Yeung got another companion, another native, and I moved desks and worked in the other sister's area. Does that make sense? It was really weird actually. Hearing about or seeing all the people that I had come to love so much the past two months and then not being able to teach them. But it was good. I learned once more THAT THIS JUST ISN'T ABOUT ME. Sister Choi and I worked hard and spent so many hours finding! We even found families that they hopefully will be able to teach.
Saturday night rolled around with a new moves call for me.... and I'm going to Butterfly in the New Territories! Now the shocker of all, I'm opening an area again! This whole move I felt it coming.. the Spirit seems to like to warn me about these things, but I was too scared to admit it would actually happen. I moved to a brand new, way nice apartment, and I have no investigators! ha. It's funny, I feel more scared about it this time than I did the last time when I did it in Ma On Shan. So it's time to take a big gulp of courage and get going. Our area is the second smallest in the world... Second only to the infamous temple square. I'm not sure if I'm excited or nervous about that. My new companion has been in HK for almost 4 months. Her name is Sister Tidwell and she is from Provo. She seems so nice! So we're going to work hard and hit the streets. I talked to President Hawks about it yesterday and he told me how he knows I'm sad to leave Macau but he said all sorts of nice things about me opening this area in Butterfly. It's the last unit in all the mission to have two sets of missionaries, but I'm really excited to see what the Lord has in store for this little area!
Back to yesterday, while you were all enjoying conference (Can't wait for that this weekend! What are all your favorite talks???)  it was fast Sunday in Macau. President Hawks came and bore his testimony. I love when he speaks in English because he is just so inspired, but there is something so special about him speaking in Cantonese. He bore his testimony about how special he thinks Macau is and how he knows that the two branches (one Chinese, one fillipino) are going to be stakes some day. He then said that he feels that Macau is so special that there will be a temple here one day. I had goosebumps all over! It was such a special testimony that I will cherish forever. I have truly loved my time in Macau. I am going to miss the investigators (all of them because I got to teach all of the ones in Macau now ha) and the members. I feel like every transfer my heart is broken because I can't imagine loving a place like that again, and then what do you know, Heavenly Father blesses me way more and I fall in love with the next area all over again. So... yes I think I just typed that sentence more to convince myself than anyone else.
So I'm sorry I don't have more to tell you about this week! I'm back in Hong Kong and I'm a little scared. But it's okay. This past week I thought about my first few moves in HK. I remember feeling completely alone. I felt like everything I had been good at had been taken away from me. My ability to communicate and talk to people, I didn't know how to really live or teach the gospel, my family was half way across the world, I said good bye to things like forks and hello to chopsticks, and books were even read with binding on the right and characters replaced letters. But I realized, everything hadn't been taken away from me, it was being prepared to be given to me. I found family half way across the world that I didn't know I had, I learned that Jesus Christ really lives, and I found myself, and who I want to become here in Hong Kong and I'm happy to be back.
I know that this church is true! I know it. I know that faith and obedience are the keys to a happy and successful life. I am going to humble myself this week and I can't wait to see what miracles this week will produce. I am so weak, insignificant, but I'm trying to do my best. I know this is God's work. I love the Hong Kong people. Sometimes they tell me I have a big mouth and ask why my skin is so white and then I try to tell them more about The Book of Mormon, because it's true and has changed my life! They need this message so much. Pray for the people of HK (and if you want, especially Butterfly) that their hearts will be softened to hear this message.

Can't wait to soak up the goodness of conference! I love you all so much!!!!! See you for the rest of eternity. XOXOXO
Love, Paak Jimuih

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