Monday, October 28, 2013

Falling For Fall and Butterfly


THANK YOU so much for all your emails. I love, love reading them. Wade's 10 commandments collage... priceless. Sister Tidwell and I will be using that pronto. Could you print that out and send it to me? You're the best. Your week looks like so much fun! I can't believe it's Monday again and then Halloween is this week. Are you all doing anything fun for it? What is Rachel dressing up as? I recently related the story of the year where Wade was Vector and Rachel was the little girl (can't remember her name.. Hello memory loss) from Despicable Me and no one knew who or what they were. 

Well the weather has taken a dip for the cooler here and we couldn't be happier. We were finding a few night's ago in Tuen Mun Park and I thought to myself, "I wish I had a cardigan... "words I never thought I would ever utter to myself or to others ever again.. but it's happening and it is just too weird. Sometimes in my scripture journal I write down July and then want to throw up when I realize it's not! So what's everyone being for halloween this year?

So let me tell you a few of the happenings of my week. Yesterday, Sunday, was by far my favorite part, so I will touch on that first. This past week we tried to visit several less actives with little success in being let in to the different chuyns. (sometimes the guards are just as crazy as all get out and won't let us in and act like we are jail breaking criminals... it's fine) The reason we try and visit them rather than just call them is because President Hawks says too and the success rate is higher of actually getting to talk to and then teach them :) 

Anyways, later that night during calling time I felt impressed to call one of the less actives that was in the sector that we didn't have a chance to get to. My MTC teacher had taught her when she was in this area, and so she was in a picture with her. Well I called her and to my surprise, she actually answered and then to my utter shock she actually wanted to talk to me! She said that yes, she would love to come to church on Sunday and that I could meet her then. 

So yesterday rolls around and she came, and she wasn't alone! She brought her daughter and grandson! She walks in and I hear her yell my name and she straight up spanks me on the bottom (first time a Chinese person has done that... YOLO) and says so loudly, "Paak Jimuih you called me and I"m here." The daughter and grandson were just like members, and Butterfly ward just welcomed them in and were so excited that Sister Lam (the less active) had come back! We talked to some members that are friends with the family to learn more about them and hopefully will begin teaching her daughter and grandson soon, such a miracle! I got her phone number and so pray that we can teach cute Ma Jimuih and her 11 year old son, Harry. I love them already. She also has a one month old baby that is just too precious for words. Heavenly Father really does answer and hear our prayers, and gives us miracles after all we can do.

We were also able to meet with two of our other investigators, Erica and Mak-Mak. Erica is now learning the commandments and we thought she was going to have the hardest time keeping the Sabbath Day so we taught that first. She didn't really want to commit to keep it.... yet, so we have been praying really hard for her and talked to her fellowshipper yesterday as to how we can help her. We are going to help her to build testimony. Our other investigator Mak-Mak that is progressing is doing well. She's not reading the Book of Mormon everyday so we talked about the importance of doing that. She's not very close with her mom and her mom doesn't want her to be baptized. But we are praying for her and God can change hearts and work miracles. The ward really loves her a lot and is super supportive so we will continue to work with her and help her prepare for baptism-- hopefully we will be able to meet her family soon!

Sister Tidwell and I spent a lot of time finding this past week. We found a lot of people that didn't want to listen and found a few that did, and a few that might be a few good potentials. There is just a lot of anti material here and it just makes me so sad, because it's so true! I just love these people too much. They need the gospel to light up their lives and take away the darkness and sadness from their eyes. We are working hard to be more bold testifying missionaries so that Heavenly Father's children here in Butterfly can recognize us as servants of the Lord. We are striving to be exactly obedient and enjoying our time together. Sister Tidwell is great.

Family, I love you all so much! We are the luckiest people alive to have the complete gospel and know what our life's purpose is! I know that this church is true. I know the Book of Mormon changes lives. It helps me so much when I feel sad or even just a tad lonely. As we do the little things, read, pray and go to church, they make a huge difference and will give us real peace. I know that God lives. I know that the Holy Ghost guides us. I know that there are prepared people here in Hong Kong. I'm looking for them and striving to be worthy to teach them everyday. They're here. I think I'm just experiencing a little faith test... so I'm grateful.

I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Halloween!!!!! xoxo times infinity.. and back.
Love, Paak Jimuih

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