Thursday, October 24, 2013

Butterflies and Rejections and Miracles

Family!!!! HELLO. May I take this moment to share that my favorite part of P-day is having the opportunity and blessing to communicate with you all. I'm serious. Best part. I love you all so much. I love reading your emails and hearing what you're up to in the 84062 and what Elder Palmer (Paak Jeunglouh) is up to in the Hawaii. (I still can't believe he is there!) I don't know if you read each other's emails but literal tears were falling out of my left eye as I read his email. Wade please share with the fam what you wrote me. I honestly don't know how you got to be so funny. See you on your own talk show. Also speaking of Wade, can you please send me an email and/or pictures of how to do the 10 commandments with your hands. I can't remember what you do for commandment 7 & 9 and I need your creativity. Also to all you read this--please send me your object lesson ideas. I need to spice up my teaching and I lack enough brain cells to think past the ones I usually use. Thank you in advance. :)

Well, it's so weird that it is mid-October. I mean what? I still sweat all the time here... so I think my sweat glands are sending messages to my brain that it's still mid-July here, and so naturally I am confused.... but I love being here in the HK. 

I don't know why my area is so small. I don't really understand the ward boundaries, but I mean it's small but I think I made it sound like it's the size of a pin head or the block on which we live... Neither of which are true but it's still pretty small. Sister Tidwell and I walk most everywhere to a- save money, and b-to get to know our area better and c- to stay healthy and d-to talk to all the people and make sure that no one is perishing on either side of us in unbelief. Everyone here basically lives in the chuyns here still... the picture attached is from our apartment window but lots/most of the buildings you can see are in our area. The transportation... haahahaha it is something else here in the New Territories. It's called the Hing Tit (light rail) and it is just quite the bone rattling experience. I almost always almost (does that make sense) fall on someone everytime we get on it. But it's a good conversation starter....

 Erica is still doing wonderful. Her testimony and receptiveness inspires me. I've thought about and pondered the council we received at the mission tour and how getting investigators in the Book of Mormon is the key to conversion. We have a member of the ward that is preparing her papers to serve (she's the family that we ate dinner with last week, her name is Himmy) and as I was walking yesterday I think I received a little inspiration that this member needs to be Erica's Book of Mormon reading buddy. We're going to set up a little book club for the two of them and I'm really excited to see how this goes. When I talked to Elder Wilson he made it a point to tell me that this will help bring people lasting conversion. I have faith that this can help her. Erica hasn't told her mom that she's continuing to meet with us, so pray so hard that her Mom will be okay with it... and miracles haven't ceased so maybe we can teach her mom too! :) We've also found some cute new investigators this past week named--Vivian, A-Ming, and Wan Jimuih. I love them all so much! 

I'm going to be a little honest at this point-This week we spent a lot of time finding. This week we really tried to do more than find, we tried searching. There are so many people in Hong KOng and  a lot of them aren't ready for this message right now. We prayed hard to be able to find prepared people to teach. I don't want to say we didn't find any, because we found a lot of potentials, but no one super prepared... yet. It's interesting, this week was full of lots of rejection. I'm used to rejection but I feel like this week had more. Or maybe it was my attitude. Actually it definitely was. I'm working on building my faith and trying to exercise the mental work necessary to really believe that Heavenly Father will help me find those prepared people, but I lack so much! But I'm learning every day to humble myself and to develop more charity. I just want to help people and to not let Heavenly Father down!!! But this just isn't about what I want and I'm learning that God has a big plan for me and an even bigger plan for the people of Hong Kong. I just haven't found my place, quite yet. Heavenly Father is testing me and I can't wait to find his prepared children. Listen-- I really am okay! I think I'm just letting Satan get the better of me. I'm focused and just really trying to give everything to the Lord. Please pray that we can find prepared investigators that will accept this message! They're here. I just haven't found them yet.

We've seen some great miracles with the less-active rescue effort here in Butterfly. One of the cute Less-actives that we've been working with, Sehk Jimuih, called this morning and told me that her day-off is on Sunday this week so she's coming to church! During less-active finding this past week we found some less actives (seriously it sounds like I"m joking but it seriously is a miracle) and we even scheduled one for tonight (a family!) and were able to get a less-active's little sister's phone number that we can hopefully schedule. 

Yesterday was Stake Conference and the Church made this video especially for the Asia area and it was so good! Elder Holland spoke and so did some of the other general authorities. They are so focused here in China, (basically every church meeting is about missionary work!) we're just trying to help the members do this work. It all has such incredible potential here, we're just trying to see how the Lord wants us to help Him do his will in China. Last night we got to eat with the Chan Family. (picture attached) Aren't they the cutest? 

I love you all so much. I know this church is true. I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God! I know that Heavenly Father loves us all so much. I know he is there. I know the Holy Ghost is the real teacher and I know that Jesus is the Christ. I hope you all have such a good week! I pray for, miss and love you all every single day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxo
LOVE, Paak Jimuih

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