Monday, September 2, 2013

The Tender Mercies of the Lord do not occur Randomly

Family!!!! Oh my goodness. Thank you so much for the emails. I truly don't deserve the support you all give me. I love reading all your letters. Sometimes I wish I didn't have Pday because I'd rather just do missionary work, but I am so glad for the time to sit in this ghetto (excuse me deluxe) computer lab and throw some lines about the miracle metropolis of Macau. I can't get enough. Sometimes during my peaceful thinking moments during 10:07 pm MCT (Macau Standard Time) showering time (yes I take cold showers, yes I start sweating as soon as I pop out to "dry") I think to myself "HOw am I so lucky to be in Macau just spreading the good news that Jesus is coming again. I love these people!!!!!!!!!!!! I love my shower thinking time and counting my blessings. (TMI?) I explain this to you because sometimes as we're going through out the day I get frustrated. I don't want to, but it happens. People don't show up for lessons, we go finding without any immediate results, or I couldn't say everything in Chinese that I wanted to. But every night as I'm finally able to clear my head and think Heavenly Father helps remind me how blessed I am and how much he truly loves me because he is letting me be a part of His most important work. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY.

Ok so are you ready to here about the tender mercies of this week? Here they are:
-Oh my heck I can't wait to tell you about this one. Do you remember Alex from Ma On Shan? Sister Olsen and I found him while walking to the MTR one day. He was a chef at the hotel near the church and is just the cutest little dad you've ever seen. Loves Jesus and wants to be baptized. Hopefully this is jogging your memory? He has bleached tips hair. Actually have I even ever talked about him before? Anyways, MIRACLE OF MY MISSION LIFE....pause for dramatic effect.....commercial break to really clinch the dramatics.... ALEX LEUNG MOVED TO MACAU. Is anyone still breathing?!?!?!??! Yeah me neither. I get to keep teaching him. How does Heavenly Father love me so much. I don't deserve it. I need to go do some more repenting and gratitude prayers. Honestly. I called him on Monday and the phone conversation was a little weird and I was a tad chagrined  He said "I'll call you" which any missionary knows NEVER HAPPENS so it it actually turns into me saying "haih la okay we'll call you." but Tuesday Alex actually called us during the middle of the day. I was cutting onions, so naturally I was crying, and nearly cut myself, I was so happy and may or may not have shed some happy tears in addition to the onion ones!!!! We taught him this week and the picture after our lesson is attached. Alex is doing great.... He's a talker and I think Sister Yeung is not adapt to the way he talk talk talks... But we love him regardless.
-A-Sue is doing great. We saw her 3 more times this week. Except for I have good news and bad news. The good news is- she got a job. The bad news is-she has to work on Sundays... so you're right mostly bad news. Wait what. I'm the devil. No it's good but she had to straight up work 12 hours yesterday. I love her so much. She asks the best questions and every time she calls she yells my name super loud in the phone and it just makes me so happy. We have a newly called ward missionary in the branch named Ding Mahn. She is the best. She is a bigger chinese woman with recently dyed purplish hair, but she has a heart of gold, flowers, and a smile that melts my throat like a delicious egg tart. She was Sue's fellowshipper and the lesson that she helped with was so powerful. I need to get a picture with Sister Ding. You'd love her. She's always hugging me and I sat by her in church yesterday. She showed me how she is taking the missionary pamphlets home to study so she can be more prepared. How cute and tender is she? I love dedicated members!!!!!!
-Our investigator A-Si is also doing great. She has even been praying and I just hope we can get her away from work to come to church services. (yes this is a common trend among Chinese people it would seem) I love her so much. We taught her the Restoration this past Saturday. And there was the most tender spirit in the room as we talked about Joseph Smith. I get tears in my eyes thinking about it. I know Joseph Smith saw God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. Thank you Mom and Dad for teaching me this from when I was very young and preparing me to share it with the precious people of Macau. 
-Sister Larson my dear little MTC tuhngbuhn is here in Macau! She is in the international branch but we live together which leads to endless "remember that one time..." "and at the MTC..." I'm trying to not annoy the other sister's but I am so glad she is here! It's great.
-Last night we had the most tender mercy of an experience. Yesterday I wasn't quite myself. I don't know what it was. Some things were bothering me and I was feeling a little annoyed about things that are out of my control. I was being selfish and prideful. Anyway I was trying to forget myself, but we went to go teach our investigators Choi Mei and Choi Yin at their home (daughters of LA) and after we had scheduled to go finding. The lesson was okay-a but as we went to go finding I said "Heavenly Father please lead me to someone that needs your help." We walked around this tiny "park" and talked to some people who just weren't that interested. We found this lady who didn't want to tell us her name but was sitting at one of the chess tables with all of her recently bought groceries. We did a little talking to her and "BRT-ing and HTBT-ing" (shout out out to all PMG missionaries ^_^) and then she broke down crying. She told us of the horrors of her crazy husband and how all of her kids have moved out to get away from him. She talked about scary things like knives and how the cops will take him away but he always comes back. I couldn't understand it all (vocab was a little beyond me) and she didn't want to pray with us. We then asked her if we could sing a hymn to her. We sang one of my very most favorites, Lead Kindly Light, and I saw the peace of the Spirit touch her eyes. She then told us her name, Sister Jau and agreed to let us pray with her. That little spot in Macau has now become a sacred place to me. I know that if we will pray to Heavenly Father to be led to help one of his children, he will lead us to those who are in darkness; whether by their own choices or the selfish choices of others. She kept telling us "thank you for caring about me" and we testified her that God hadn't forgotten about her. It truly was a tender mercy of the Lord.

Okay family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you all so much it hurts. I am so glad we are a family forever. Thank you for your prayers, I wish I could write more and reply better... But I love you and miss you!!!! Thank you for all you do for me. The rest of the postcards should be coming (!!!!) I hope! And I'm so glad you got my memory card. Okay I'll talk to you all next week. Hope school goes well and you remember how much I and Heavenly Father love you.

Praying for you always!
Paak Sihn Yih Jimuih
Sister Ashley Palmer :)

Ashley and her companion run by this church sometimes. It is called the broken church and one of Macau's biggest landmarks.

Teaching Alex.

Ashley with Sister Larson (Her MTC companion) roommates again!!

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