Monday, September 9, 2013

From a misunderstanding to a baptismal date


OH my goodness you cutie cute cutesters, get in my arms! I loved all your emails. Every Monday I get a little nervous/excited to see what is going to be here mailbox. Good news you all never disappoint. Side note: I won't be able to email early anymore... the library doesn't open until 1:00 Macau time so that's 11:00 your time. That is the definition of mahfaahn and hou chahm rapped up in one situation. SPENCER. Well aren't you just the dating green machine a midst tricycles. Looking good my good man. I love this so much. Tell Shay I say Hi and give her a nice little handshake and hug from me. (too much? "I don't think so"....say that in your best Home Alone voice) Mom glad to see you've found a new use via the pinterest for icecube trays.. (the Chinese would love that... they save and reuse EVERYTHING) Dad I'm so glad you're still wearing your kimono, every night when I wear my Japanese silk pajamas I think of you and just want to give you a good Kamichiua (forgive my spelling) and a tight squeeze. (things to look forward to if April 2014 ever comes...) Mckay I pray for you and your investigators on the daily and that mystic cave looks like you're in the heart of an episode of LOST. Wade, glad to hear that your teachers are a mix of love and hate... some things never change. Rachel- I didn't hear from you this week but it may because you're in a sugar comatose state after all those owl cookies Dad bought you. I hope you expedited one my way. I know you did! Can't wait to eat one in 12-14 business days. Thanks in advance.

Okay so this week.... Was great as usual. 
-Our investigator named Amanda-- she's been meeting with missionaries for a while and has had 2 dropped baptismal dates. In my effort to become a more bold and testifying missionary, I just wanted to give her a little shall we say... kick.... to try and figure out what she's been thinking... Why she's been meeting with us... why she's been reading the Book of Mormon and why she comes to church. Well apparently she is with child. (She wouldn't say so but basically told us without saying.... tricky tricky) But she wants to be baptized.... except for she wants to be baptized next June (9 months ha ha ha) .... so now the test is to help her see what the blessings are and why she needs them now!!!! She is the cutest little mom already though so we just need to help her understand forever families!
-Yesterday we just had the greatest lesson with Sue. I shouldn't be excited but she quit/got fired from her job so guess who was 20 minutes early to church yesterday? Sue herself. She seemed to like it and then after church we taught her. We had planned to teach the Plan of Salvation, but she hadn't been reading the Book of Mormon yesterday and the day before and so then we went in to find what the iceberg problem was. Turns out even though we thought we had made it clear she still didn't get it. Which is completely our fault! We also asked her "if this is true what does that mean to you." She then said she hadn't ever thought of what that would mean.... UHHHH.... that's a potential warning flag. Well we used the scriptures and went to the basics of Heavenly Father, who He is and Why He matters. We shared about Ammon teaching King Lamoni (one of my personal favorites) and she left that lesson 35 minutes later with a baptismal date in November. That wasn't Sister Yeung and I at all. It was the Spirit testifying to her and the power of the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon is the key in conversion!!!! Complete miracle I tell you!
-We have some other great investigators that we are working with and it is so interesting to teach these Chinese spirits who have no concept of God or who He is. One of our other investigators named Tina is a member refferal and we taught her this past week for the first time. She's smart and slightly sassy but I pray for her all the time and just hope that she will feel that this message is true. She might not know it yet, but once she feels it is true that will change everything.
-We're still working with lots of less actives and just inviting them to remember their covenants and come unto Christ. Covenants are everything. As long as we keep our covenants we will be happy.
-We had the best event this past week. The two branches here had a talent show and it was so unifying. Usually the two branches (one Chinese and the other Filipino) don't really get along or support each other but on Saturday the talent show was a complete hit. We missionaries did a rap and there was all sorts of piano, dancing, and singing galore. Everyone was still talking about it at church yesterday. It was so great to see the Branches have such unity. 
-Not to get on the Nostalgic Train here but according to my journal one year ago I gave my mission farewell... which blows my mind. I feel like I am becoming a completely different person and I never want to go back to who I was before. I think one of the biggest changes I have been seeing lately in myself is how far I have yet to go... But Heavenly Father is merciful and kind and I truly love being a missionary. I am learning what obedience is and why it matters. I'm learning to not complain but to sincerely compliment. I am learning the power of a smile. I'm learning to return and report. I am learning to exercise the mental work that faith requires. I am learning to repent daily and experience the power of the Atonement. I am learning to not blame others but to look for someone to help. I am learning to be selfless and to sit by the people who need friends. I am a process. And Heavenly Father isn't mad when I fall short, he's joyful that I'm trying. 

I love the Book of Mormon, I know it is is true! I am so happy to be here in Macau and to be able to give invitations to so many of Heavenly Father's children. I know that this is the Lord's work and God is really there. I love you all so much!!!!! I am praying for you all! I never want to stop being a missionary in the HK mission.

Have such a good week!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU ALL
Paak Jimuih

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