Monday, August 26, 2013

To the Macau Cultural Center

Family!!!! Oh my goodness. How is it time for you to all be in school? Mind blown. Sometimes I think I get confused and think that time will just have stood still while I've been preaching the good word and then I look at your pictures and realize that is not the case. WADE. You have gotten so big... Don't get me wrong. Not fat just tall in stature. How tall are you? How many calories are you consuming per day? Should I start calling you Wade Michael Phelpmer? (trying to mash up yours and Micheal's names) Spencer. Going to homecoming. MY MY MY. Why didn't THAT make your email?! I find that sort of thing a little more interesting than your constant BYU shout outs... Thank goodness Mom is keeping me up to date you little cutie cutester. You're looking very toned and tan. Who's the lucky mystery woman? details please. Thanks. Rachel, You are as cute as ever! Are those red toms on your feet? Should I buy some matching ones here in HK? []yes or []no. Mom, you're the cutest beehive advisor ever! they don't have cinnamon rolls (the chinese don't like cinnamon) here in Hong Kong so I am more than a little jealous. Also I'm glad you're putting PeaAshleyRose to good use. Dad, How are you doing being back in room 103? How's Amy Smithson doing? I have a letter for her, but I need her address!  I am so impressed buy the yard, you really have made it in into quite the project. You're a class act Dad. Thanks for being you. MCKAY PAAK JEUNGLOUH AKA ELDER PALMER. I interrupt this email before I turn selfish and make it about me to tell you HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. You are such an inspiration of a missionary and I love love love your emails.

Here's my week in a bulleted list:
-I just got back from a trip to America. We have two wonderful senior couples that are currently serving in Macau. The Seow's just got here in April and they're from Orem and the Wellings are from Moab and have been here for 18 months. Anyway I am sitting in the email dungeon as happy as ever because we had the most delicious American breakfast. Sister Seow had us all over and it was an American feast and we talked about American things... like voting and skittles commercials. It was great. Good news the computer I'm on is faster today so I can send some of the pictures I wanted to send last week :) I'll send a picture of Sister Seow and I too.
-I felt so loved this week. I got so many birthday cards! I didn't deserve the kindness. Thanks to one & all it was like Christmas, the fourth of July, and my birthday all aligned this week. Thank you everyone!
-Our investigators are doing so well. Mimi is just the cutest and has such a testimony of the Book of Mormon. She reads everyday... and just feels the church is true. She is such a testimony to me. Rosa Leung (the one with the two twins) is doing well even if Mainland sucks her away all the time we saw her again this week and she just needs the gospel. I pray that she will have the faith to accept it. We taught the cutest kids this week, a brother and sister A-Yu and Sin Jaahk. They are just the cutest. Sister Yeung had to tell them to stop speaking Mandarin because "Paak Jimuih doesn't understand" hahahaha. I love them. I think they have a really rough home life but they came to church and Sin Jaahk, even though he is 9 just wants to come to church. He brought his Book of Mormon and was just clenching it the whole time. Their parents are naturally super buddhist but I hope we can somehow meet them and that the gospel can change their lives. It's so hard to teach families here because it seems like it's always just some of them are ready and willing to listen, etc. But they're out there. And Sister Yeung and I are looking, seeking, and searching. We also found some really great new investigators this week, one of them I'm pictured with is named Sue. We found her on Saturday and she came to a baptismal service yesterday and we taught her afterwards. I love her already. I love that Heavenly Father made it possible for us to love so many people all in one instant.
-President Hawks did quarterly interviews this past week and I just love Sister Hawks and him so much. I talked to him about my desire to teach a family. He told me that he has of course been pushing for us to teach families but he said that we just don't know the Lord's timing. He also counseled me not to overlook the potential families like the Single adults. President Hawks is so wise and I just admire him. He told me I don't know if you'll find that family today or 6 months from nowbut you'll find them. I have faith in that promise.
-Okay is the world just full of crazy people or do I just find all of them while I'm a missionary? I am fairly certain I've met enough of them in the past 2.5 weeks in Macau to start a small branch and enough of them back in Hong Kong to create a new Stake. I'm sorry I'll repent and be Christlike but it is seriously funny and slightly alarming how many of them we meet. Let me give you a prime example from this past week. So there I was, sitting at a desk near the front of our church waiting for an investigator and doing language study. Well this man (probably 40+) just bursts in and Sister Yeung is like "Paak Jimuih he's here for you." I'm sorry, what? She said it like it was nothing but I was more than a little confused. Well he comes up to me and is like "this is for you" and gives me this cake. And (speaking in broken English says) "Can I go down to the collateral hall? I need to write a letter to your Elder brother." Turns out by collateral he meant cultural and before I said yes he dashed down stairs. He came back up later and Sister Cutler had arrived by this point. We were the only white ones in the room and he said the cake was for us to split, only us, and he gave us a letter for our "Elder brother" that was strictly confidential addressed to the Macau Cultural Hall. Then he left. I was dying. Pictures were in order and Sister Yeung explained that he loves white missionaries and ignores all the Chinese ones. So funny. Does this even make sense? Another lady I unfortuantely found in finding kept asking me if the reason I was so happy was because I had a boyfriend. I told her I didn't and she said, only people with boyfriends are as happy as you. I wish I could say it to you in Chinese because it's 10 times more creepy and funny.
-Sometimes I wonder how I could be so blessed to be born into such a righteous family and to be having such an incredible mission experience. Heavenly Father is too good to me and to allow me to share my testimony with his precious Chinese children. We had some great lessons this past week with our investigators and Less-Actives and I don't understand how Heavenly Father could be so good to let me become so deeply converted. I promise to never let my testimony ever become rooted out of my bones! I know that Jesus Christ lives and loves everyone. I love sharing the best news that He is coming again! 
-I love this branch of Macau. The young women are on fire and we're working with the Relief Society to help them catch the vision... Macau is going to go from a little branch to a Stake one day.

Okay I'm out of time... I don't know how that happened. Thank you so much for all your emails and love. I don't deserve it! Sometimes when I'm hot, and tired I sometimes will have a little thought that "my family is praying for me" and that gives me so much strength. I love you all so much. Good luck at school this week!!!! Study hard and hug all the Asians in your classes. I love them! Thank you for everything you do for me. 
Love you for eternity! 
Love, Paak Jimuih

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