Monday, August 5, 2013

The Week of Crazy and all Miracles Broke loose

Here is Ashley's latest. She also informed me that her mission has been extended by a month!!! Needless to say I was less excited than she was!!!!!!She will do great!!! I just miss her!!!

Family!!!! I don't deserve to be this happy. I'm serious! Wo I don't understand how this happens every time I get on to email you all. Every day is so perfect and sometimes I hit rock bottom and then Heavenly Father just helps me remember why I am really here and that it just isn't about me. And it's a whole perfect world of Chinese wonderful. I love being here. Sometimes (every day) I wish I was Chinese. But serving here is as close as I'm ever going to get and I'm so grateful.

I'm glad you are all safe, cute and happy. I pray for you always and count my blerssings (and my blessings) everyday that McKay and I get to serve together! Its such a miracle. I wish I could write like I used to be able to but my fingers are failing me and my brain is in a constant whirl the second I open myldsmail. soooooo........................

-So last Monday we leave email and Sister Olsen's Dad had  asked about our first investigator of Ma On Shan (MOS)-- Louis. So Sister O being the inspired missionary and lady leader she is just picks up the phone and gives him a call. (We call him on a weekly basis but he never really answers or replies) He didn't answer and this was the result that we were accustomed to. We headed back to our apt at City One and then the unexpected happened. He shoots us a little text to our faithful NOKIA that says he wants to have lunch with us! So our feet catch lightening and we jump up and down in the road and hitch the next 810 bus to Ma On Shan. Can you believe it?!!!!! The Lunch was great and he is just the best! Three Cheers for Louis and all the credit goes to Heavenly Father. Louis is just so busy and in Mainland (it eats people) ALL. THE TIME. So we ate and talked and shared a message with him, and he tells us he prays when he's sad and reads the Book of Mormon on his phone. Heavenly Father doesn't forget about these people and that's why we are here. We minister to the one and testify to many. He's going to get it and we will just keep inviting and praying for him.

-So Jessie. Sweet miracle Jessie. Okay so her phone died and we didn't talk to her all week. Which was frightening. I made like a crazy person and called her house. Her mom was way nice and said that she was in Kowloon Bay still visiting her relatives and she would call me when she could. Sooooo I exercised and worked on acquiring more patience. Then Saturday morning rolls around and we get done teaching with an investigator that schedules us--THAT NEVER HAPPENS (remember Taahm SinSaang.. check the archives of old emails..found him on the train) anyways after that lesson our phone rings and it's Jessie. Now because we haven't seen her all week we had planned on pushing her baptism back to the 11th. So she calls and she says "I'm back and ready to be baptizedtomorrow!" hahahahaha what. My eyeballs were as big as dragonfruits! Jessie met with Elder Yim but then there was a little problem that sweet Jessie brought up and that has to do with Chinese culture... and shoot what is it called in English? In Chinese it's called Baaisahn. I'll get back to you. Ancestor worship. What is it called? Anyways Jessie's mom was really worried if she got baptized she wouldn't be able to do those things anymore. So she couldn't get baptized yesterday. We taught her a lesson after and she was on the verge of tears. We told her that in the temple we learn how we can be together forever with our families forever! She said she just felt so confused in her heart. I asked her if she could choose what she would want to do. She said she would want to be baptized... but she didn't want to disrespect her mom. I didn't know what to say and I prayed a lot. Then the whole Zone is in a tutter and after lots of phone calls we found out that Jessie could be baptized. Our cute little district leader Elder Yim is so new and hadn't had to deal with this issue before, so Jessie is receiving baptism either next Sunday or the week after!!!!!! So many prayers and fasts were for her yesterday. I haven't really had a chance to talk to her yesterday or today so I hope all the drama hasn't pushed her away! Pray for her. I can't wait for you to meet her someday!!!!! ps I remember the word it's Buddhism.
-we've experienced 3 Typhoon category 3's this week. I'm constantly wet. Whether it be sweat or rain I'm constantly a mess. I love it.

-One time we're walking to the church and Sister Olsen says, "Hey can we go this way?" I say sweet, yes, of course la (la is an ending particle in Cantonese and when overused is wildly annoying but it is addicting) and then we're walking and I say hi to this woman and then the Spirit hits me with force and I realize I've seen a much younger version of her before. I grab Sister Olsen and tell her that I'm almost positive that she is a less-active and Sister Olsen says, "you're probably right!" So in a moment of desperation we look at each other and take off running. Not knowing what we're going to say. Or how to not freak her out and make her think we're mobbing her. We say hello, ask where she's going, and then not knowing what else to say I ask her if she's ever seen missionaries like us before? (the classic!) Anyways she tells us her name is Yonna and she's a less active member! I tried to schedule her right then and there but she wasn't too keen on it, but she said she was going to a fireside on Sunday so yes I'm going to be calling her this week. This story is a testimony to me that the Lord loves his children!

-Speaking of less actives while we're working to double the attendance at the ward (!!!!!) we have been doing lots of less active finding. This particular day we went to this one group of chuyn's and  Lots of doors were getting  slammed before we can even finish Leih-hou. Then after floors of no real immediate or tangible success, Heavenly Father provided us with a miracle. It was, of course at the very last door. The man who we went to his house and let us in without question. We taught him and his probable 80+ Mother. Brother Sam had completely forgotten how to pray and we gave him a new Book of Mormon and we taught him and his mom. I love this work!

-Last but not least, is Ho Family. (attached pictures) OH my!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. The mandarins are teaching their parents because the Dad can understand Cantonese but he can't speak it. But they are doing so good! Their 12 year old daughter Anne is reading the Book of Mormon, praying, and she even fasted yesterday! The four of us missionaries went over there yesterday and they taught the parents and we taught (wrestled and fed brownies) to the children. I love this sweet family! They embody humility and I want to be like them. They are scheduled to be baptized together on the 18th!!!!!!! The Lord is invovled in this work. I wish I could express my love of this place and people better.

I know that this church is true! I know God cares and is involved in the details of our lives. I know times are hard because if it were easy it simply wouldn't be worth it. I know that the gift of tongues is real and that the gifts of the spirit can only come after our exact obedience. I know that Jesus is the Christ. 

I love you all so much!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for everything!!!!! I am blessed beyond measure for your love, letters and examples. 
Love, Paak Jimuih

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