Monday, August 19, 2013

I'm Still 21 somewhere. #its5oclocksomewhere

No need to fret because I'm still 21. I realized this as my head was hitting the pillow last night because I'm an American so in America I'm still young and 21. Ha! Listen okay this week.......INCREDIBLE. I love Macau. President and Sister Hawks called me this morning to wish me a happy birthday (how nice is that?) and he asked how I'm liking Macau. I told him that he was exactly right and I'm obsessed with it. This past week when by the time Thursday hit we didn't have time to barely eat meals. My motto; "If the people want to meet I have no need to eat." Seriously we are seeing such miracles in Macau and I can't say enough good things and give enough thanks to Heavenly Father.
Here's a list of my latest from this past week:
-Alright so yes you heard right, Typhoon 8 hit and it made for a noisy, stormy night. But I slept fine because I'm so tired all the time. The next day we woke up and we were told to stay in doors until it moved down to a category 3. (Fun fact- Wade and Spencer feel free to debate about this over dinner! Typhoons go from Thunderstorms to Category 3, then to Category 8 and then to Category 10... I'm not sure where the logic lies in that soooo.. yeah. Turns out that fact wasn't that fun. Anyways...) Category 8 means stay inside. And that we did. We did morning studies. ate lunch, and the storm was still raging. So we opened up our books and started calling the people. I had the less-active book and so I called probably 75+ people but I talked to (or was hung up on) most of them. I even taught 2 lessons over the phone! And then one of those who I taught the lesson to  less actives came to church yesterday!!!! I was so happy. She even brought her daughter for the first time so thank goodness for Typhoon aka Miracle Season. Later the Typhoon turned into a category 3 but the rain seemed to be getting worse. All of us were laughing at it in the apartment but out we went. Because rain time is miracle time. Sure enough Sister Yeung and I were knocking doors (it's not against the law in Macau!!!!.... at least i think?) and we found a new investigator! Heavenly Father is too good to us.
-Okay our cute investigator Mimi, (attached picture!) Is such a dream come true! She was the one we taught for the first time on my first day in Macau. I love her. She wants to be baptized and has the sweetest and most pure desire to find out if this is true or not.I love her. She came to all of church yesterday and stayed for the baptismal service (an 8 year old girl in the ward and the elder's investigator) and then she stayed after because she wanted to help the young women clean the bathrooms! Who does that? She prays and feels it's true and is reading the Book of Mormon. AWWWWW. Actually do want to hear the miracle of young womens? Usually there's only 1 young women that attends regularly and then another one who is sort of less active. But this past week we taught 9 (!!!) Less Active lessons & young women's was literally bursting at the seams! It was so happy that so many of these young women came and that 2 of our investigators could also add to the happiness and joy.
-Speaking of the young women, in Macau every week (sometimes every 2) they do these things called expositions (I like to call them expeditions!) where we get all these displays, usually go to this place called Taap Sec (some of the branch members come) and we do street contacting for 3 hours. One of the young women who is recently being activated named Hoi Kei came with me and we seriously had so much fun contacting and teaching people about the plan of Salvation. I LOVE IT.
-The Book of Mormon is now published in Cantonese pinyam!!!!!!!!! This is huge!!!!! In preach my gospel under the "learn your language" chapter it tells you to read the standard works. Well don't worry we're not allowed to start learning characters during language study time until you've been out a year so when you reading the book of mormon wasn't really a possibility. But now everything has changed because it's published and now the center of my language study. I love it. I love Cantonese and even though sometimes my tones are wrong and my sounds are bad I'm doing my best and learning a lot from Sister Yeung, in the language and how to be a better teacher in general :) I love her a lot.
-Alright so i'm always working on increasing my faith and this past week we had a special experience in finding. We decided before we went finding to pray to find a woman, who would listen to our message of the restoration and would be sitting down in the park and would have an umbrella. So out we went and sure enough we found and taught a woman in the park about the Restoration and Heavenly Father's love for her. It was such a faith promoting experience. Heavenly Father isn't far at all and is just waiting to answer our prayers!
-Last piece of spiritual goodness before I overload you all, last night I had the sweetest experience. I was praying and I asked that we might find new investigators. Then a feeling and not an audible voice but the internal voice of the Spirit told me that is not what I should be praying for. I'm to build this branch and that Heavenly Father wants me to continue focusing on the hundreds of less-actives. It was so humbling and such an answer to my prayers. Sister Yeung and I are working so hard but this just isn't about me, but I'm so glad Heavenly Father corrected my course last night and I'm going to follow his advice.

Well, that's about a wrap. I'm going to try to send more pictures but this connection is so slow. I sent my other memory card today, so I hope you get it so soon! I love you so much. Thank you for all the birthday greetings. Today I'm getting ice cream from Dairy Queen (!!!!!!!!!), doing other Pday necesstities, taking pictures, and mostly just relaxing. Tell Grandpa and Grandma thank you for their sweet card, I got it last week! Really thank you for all your birthday greetings and love, it means so much.

I love you all and miss you all, but I am so happy to be a missionary. We got to teach another Less-Active lesson this morning and I just felt the Spirit so strong and I never want to stop being on the Lord's errand.

Love you all! I know this church is true!
Love, Paak Jimuih

I sent Ashley a package with a cake mix, frosting, candles and a cute party hat hairband!! Here she is looking so cute at 22! (Sorry this picture is sideways I can't figure out how to turn it.)

Ashley with her new investigator, Mimi.

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