Monday, July 15, 2013

Bee Stings and Paint Thinner


Oh my sweet heart! Just when I think my family couldn't be any more hilarious and perfect I read your emails and realize you keep outdoing yourselves!!! You have all gotten funnier since I have left... You were hilarious before so I am unsure as to how that is possible. ANYWAYS-- Mid-July greetings! It's hot one second and raining sheets of rain the next so I mean the weather here is constantly keeping me on my toes. Shout out to McKay leaving tomorrow!!! So exciting. Will you DearElder this to him so he can get it before he leaves! He is so ready, youthful, young, skinny and vibrant. I am so proud of him!!!!

Speaking of keeping me on my toes WHA this week is just too much good to handle and I feel like I am truly constantly unable to express myself and relate to what is going on out here. I wish my life was filmed because every second I am either laughing or so happy because I am just so full of the Spirit I could just burst into a million specks of joy. 

So, on Thursday the Tai Wai Elders give us a call and they're like "We want to turn Jessie over to you... Can you be to Tai Wai in 30 minutes in yoru painting clothes?" Now before you go making assumptions No, we don't receive calls like this every day (or ever) so I'm laughing thinking he is kidding about the painting clothes part. (sometimes Elder's have the weirdest senses of humor) Anyways! he's dead serious. So we are at Ma On Shan church at this point so we sprint out the church doors, flag down a taxi, run into our apartment in City One, and then catch the Mini Bus to Tai Wai... all in a very sweaty 40 minutes. 

Turns out we were right on time and so we started helping Jessie paint doors and just met her mom and brother right then and there!!!!! They needed to paint the doors before they could finish moving to Ma On Shan and Sister Olsen and I were just elated that we could help. It's so convenient because, THEY ARE THE WORLD'S NICEST CHINESE FAMILY. We started painting and getting to know each other and then they tell us that they have to go to Ma On Shan to take some more of their stuff. So we're like okay awesome.. after talking to them for like 15 minutes they straight up just leave us in their apartment. Which means they trust us and I was just so happy.

Sister Olsen and I finish painting the doors and door frames and then we are starting to clean up the floor because there is brown paint everywhere. (Thanks Elders... just kidding but seriously.) Anyways Jessie comes back in and says we have 10 minutes before the new owner is coming and we need to get everything out. So we are running around everywhere and shoving all the knick knacks into bags and trying to get everything out. Well the floor is still a brown mess so we are trying to clean it up with these little rags and the owner shows up and he is not happy. NOT HAPPY. Sister Olsen and I, Jessie's Mom, and her brother and I all grab rags are we are trying to clean up the paint mess so consequently my whole body was basically soaking in the acids of paint thinner. Nevertheless all was well, and we got them out! Jessie herself is doing wonderful. We are going to teach her the rest of the commandments this week and she is just so excited to be baptized on July 28th. We of course will be teaching her family soon! (fingers crossed.) Pray for them. They are so special.

The other news on Saturday Sister Olsen and I were out finding and we were just walking like any normal human being and I hear a buzz and my middle finger is in a world of pain. I had been stung by a bee! So Sister Olsen happens to basically be a doctor thanks to her wonderful father so she just goes into what I now affectionately call "Dr. Mode" and buys a can of soda to stop the swelling and then bad news China doesn't have Benedryll so they think Zyrtec will do the trick. She says thinks like "this is crap" and "your finger is going to be the size of a tree trunk" all the while she's freaking out for me and I just can't stop laughing. She took great care of me and then we went back to the church. The Relief Society was there and they made me go to the Dr. who's in our ward. So [x] see a chinese doctor is now checked off my bucket list. Good news thanks to Sister Olsen's quick thinking I am a-ok and my hand didn't turn into a boxing glove like Wade's did that one year.

Okay I am sorry I promise this week was so spiritual and wonderful. I just wanted to share a little glimpse into a week in the life of a missionary. Nothing is typical and everything is equally wonderful. Our other investigators with baptismal dates, Karen and A-Ray are both doing well. I just am so happy to be here and I want to stay in Ma On Shan forever. I love these people and admire them so much. This ward is the greatest! I haven't been able to contact Eunice yet, but I am going to keep calling (I vow to never say 'I'm busy' ever again!!!!) and Wong Jimiuh is struggling but we all know that "Charity never faileth" So everything is going to be alright. Ann and her family are doing so good as well!!!! I don't think I can ever leave this place. I know this church is true. And I am so happy to be Jesus Christ's representative sharing the good news!

Okay I am going to send a world of pictures now. Thanks for all your emails,  love, support, prayers, kind words, thoughts, and actions.!!! I love you all!!!!

Love you so much!
Love, Paak Jimuih

Sister Olsen cutting Ashley's hair!! 

Ashley with Karen, she is the one in the school uniform.
 Sister Palmer and Sister Olsen at the temple last week.
 Ashley with Jessie.

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