Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ashley's latest

FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH my goodness. Happy Birthday to Mom and Rachel this past week. Since I wasn't able to be with you Sister Olsen and I treated ourselves to all sorts of un-healthy things so thanks for letting us celebrate with you. Okay I have a confession... I may have spent some of my birthday money early, I'm a shameless spender. I need to get a grip. I'm just saying Gap was having a sale and all of their modest stuff  was $10 American dollars or less so I couldn't help but say yes to the dress(es). So yes. Just had to repent and get that off my chest. Also I am so happy to hear all about McKay!!!!!!! I love him so much. I've been thinking about and praying for him a lot this week. Mom, congrats on your new calling you little teeny- bopper! Have they already had camp? Dad how's the yard? Spencer! Hello Mr. Bolt! You are crazy and looking mighty toned and strong. How's the 6 pack? Wade. Have yet to hear from you so I hope all is well in your little corner of Pleasant Grove. Just kidding just got your letter and I really appreciated the hash tag you did. #stillLaughing. Keep it up. Rachel. Braces and a birthday!!!! What a week. You look so cute!

Okay wow! I don't even know what to say. I have so much to tell you all and time is just flying by. HOW IS IT THE END OF JULY?!?!?!?! I feel like March should just be beginning.
-Jessie okay I'm sorry but I don't understand how she is a real life breathing Chinese human. She just gets it. She encompasses and emulates perfect childlike faith. We taught her a few times this past week and I am just in awe. I used to be a good writer but I feel like I can't express myself in any language anymore. But let me try and give an example. Aww yes. We planned to teach her about the Tree of Life and had the Relief Society President help us. So we sit down and Jessie justteaches us the whole thing and how it's one of her favorite parts of the Book of Mormon thus far because she loves how the angel tells Nephi to "look" in 1 Nephi chapters 11-12. She says she loves it because she knows that angels are real and that God answers prayers. She's getting baptized next Sunday and it is truly such a miracle. This work just isn't about me at all. But I'm so glad that Heavenly Father lets me play such a small part. Also, Sister Olsen and I and the Tai Wai sisters (Sister Foong and Sister Aguilar, whom we live with) will be singing "When I am baptized!" I went ahead and just wrote us into the program... it's fine.
-Remember the members relatives that I told you about from Canada last week? Well the younger daughter Melanie doesn't speak or really understand Cantonese so we teach her in English. Well we're teaching them about prayer and then I volunteer myself to give one. Only when I open my mouth do I realize that for the first time in months it will be in English. It was nothing short of an audible mess. I kept using the wrong tenses of thee, thine, and thy and kept correcting myself, multiple times. And I prayed for things in Chinese grammar... When I ended it, Sister Olsen just had the biggest grin on her face. Everyone else looked confused. 
-But the good news is that train wreck prayer didn't stop them from coming back! They came to church again yesterday and since Melanie wanted to go to young womens we taught Brenda (the Mom, Sister Chan's sister) and her older daughter Stephanie, the Restoration in Chinese. I love teaching the RESTORTATION. There really has been a restoration and I love Chinese! I mostly love being a missionary and sharing, testifying, and introducing people to truth. My mission thus far has been a lot of helping people and giving them introductions. I never fully understood that line in my partriarchal blessing before, but I am so happy to give lots of introductions and know that all things are made fair through the atonement and that these sweet people whom I love so much will accept the gospel someday.
-Among other things, this week I grew a second forehead (seriously a strange zit) and a cal-lick (sp?) on the side of my head. 
-Ann and her cute family are doing so well. Ann went to youth conference and loved it. She is remembering to pray everyday and we even gave her her very own Book of Mormon to start reading BY HERSELF. I love her and need a picture of their whole fam so you can see them. They are hopefully all getting baptized in August. :) Families are forever! (Ann's mom is who Sister Olsen and I are posing with in the attached picture.)
-We had a primary activity and it was a wild success. The primary wanted us to talk about what we do as missionaries so we told them and then made No-Bakes and thank you notes for their moms. I think everyone had a good time. 
-There are these SICK SLUGS the size of your palm everywhere. I need to get a picture. I seriously gag every time I see them.
Things really are going so good in Ma On Shan!!!!! We have a big week of lots of finding ahead of us and Sister Olsen and I are so excited!!!! Pray that we find some more prepared souls! I love you all so much and I know that this church is true. I know that families are forever and Heavenly Father knows and loves us all so much. 
Thank you for all your support and love!!!! Thank you everyone for all your letters! LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
Love, Paak Jimuih

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