Monday, June 3, 2013

If I wasn't a missionary and if air conditioning was a man I would marry it.

Here is Ashley's latest. Sorry, she didn't send any pictures... The heat and humidity along with the mosquitos are making things a wee bit miserable.

McKay graduated and endowed!!!!!! WOW! WHAT AN EXCITING WEEK. Wade likes chicken hearts? Why am I not surprised? He needs to try the pigs feet. Or the delicacy of thousand year old eggs. Knowing him he would probably like and then crave both. But back to the exciting news!!!! McKay. In one single month you will be a missionary. BAHHHHHH. I am so excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you all so much. Keep going to the temple! Hit up Manti--It's my favorite :)

Mom, thanks so much for your package!!!!! Can't wait to get the vitamin B-1 a part of my blood system and ward off the nasty ma (mosquitos) out of my life!!!! I'm praying that it will work! This week one patch of skin near my knee cap was bitten probably 15-17 times. It was so awesome and I am currently loving the side effects of that horrible deed. "You can never have too much bug spray" is now my cherished motto. Okay I seriously cannot believe that it is now constituted and classified as being lohkyuht-- June. WHHHHAAATTTTT. It makes me sick. I mean where is this time going? Last week couldn't have been any longer than a blink of an eye.

Okay this past week.... so let's give a recap. (It's like on those tv shows where they leave you at the cliffhanger and then they bring you back up to speed a week later... yep that's us right here and right now!) WONG JIMUIH. If you will recall that blessed woman heard all the commandments in one sitting. (The whole zone is finding this story quite remarkable,) and we didn't hear from her Monday (she was in Mainland) but Tuesday we were fasting for her and then guess who gives us a little ring a ding ling....... YES WONG JIMUIH herself. 

She told us a horrible story about one of her employees that tried to commit suicide via wrist on Monday and how she found him. She then went on to tell us that "I'm not a doctor and didn't know what to do" so she then did the only thing she knew how to do, she prayed. She prayed and was able to arrange for him to go to the hospital and the doctor said if he would have gotten there an hour later he would have died. She also told us that she called her employee's parents and that they said, "Let him die." ISN'T THAT AWFUL? Wong Jimuih is just so good and she kept saying, "How could  parent say that about their own child?" 

I told her I didn't know but that she had saved his life. I tried to help her in my broken Chinese and then after a prayer in my heart and opening the truly magical Book of Mormon, the Spirit directed me to read with her Alma 31:31. We then talked about miracles. She asked us if we had ever experienced miracles before. I told her for me, meeting her was a miracle. She told me that it wasn't a miracle, but that our meeting was Tinfuh ge ngonpaai. (arranged by Heavenly Father) She reminded me that we had been friends in Heaven before this life. She said, "I came here first and was born in China and then moved to Hong Kong. You two were born later in America and then came to Hong Kong and Heavenly Father helped me find you." My eyes were misty with tears. Wong Jimuih. She truly is such a miracle. Two months ago she didn't even know about Heavenly Father and now she is just teaching me that not only are families forever, but we really are all members of Heavenly Father's family.

Now in regards to the miracle needed for the Word of Wisdom... she is well on her way. On Monday, she told us she didn't have any tea or coffee but that she wanted to die. (her words, not mine) hahahaha. She has been drinking this stuff since she was a teenager, so it is no small commitment. She is getting down to less and less though. Yesterday and Saturday she only had one cup each day rather than 3!!!!! She is telling everyone that "she wants to be baptized, but she doesn't know if she will be able to keep such a big commitment." 

I have faith that she will and she will make her June 30th (THIS MONTH!!!) baptismal date. Thank you so much for your prayers in her behalf!!!!! She is going to make it. And bring her sweet family with her. THIS GOSPEL CHANGES LIVES. I get to have a front row to the biggest miracle of all, watching the Spirit touch hearts and make eyes twinkle. Keep praying for her! We're finishers and with God's will we're going to finish what we start.

Get out your i-devices (to check the weather) and thank your lucky stars that the weather in your neighborhood is not that of HK. It's getting hotter and I now enjoy sleeping in a mumu (sp?) without covers, and with an ice water bottle in my bed with me to cool down the feeling that I am now a walking around rice cooker. Hence why I love AC like never before and have considered marrying it. TMI? Maybe. 

Things really are going so well here. Moves calls are this week! I really feel like I am staying with Sister Olsen in Ma On Shan. She is all trained! Where did these 9 weeks go? It blows my mind. We met new investigators this week, and I am excited to keep working with them and tell you more of the great news and the gospel just blessing Chinese people left and right.

Shout out to my favorite missionaries, Sister Farr and Sister Tilley!!!! Heath I hope you get feeling better ASAP. Do they have doctors in the Tina? Should I expedite some Chinese meds? hahaha. You kill me. and Sister A.D. Tilley... I just love you loads and admire you and can't wait to hear you speak THAI so soon! I love that you love the collection bins!!! hahahaha I'm sitting here dying. I forgot what true gold mines those were. love you both.

Okay family. I am being humbled all over again as I try to continue to speak Cantonese. My language isn't good, but I testify that God gives me just enough to be understood and then in return I can understand what I need to when people speak to me. It's truly a miracle. I love being a missionary, talking about Jesus Christ every day, and teaching people this good news! I hope you all have a great week! I'm praying we find more progressing investigators this week. It's such an honor to teach these special Chinese spirits and learn right a long with them.

Thank you for your prayers, care, and selfless love on my behalf. I love you all sooooooooo much and miss you! Do you know that? Thank goodness for forever!
Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Love always, Paak Jimuih 

ps sorry this wasn't very funny. I laugh all day long but I honestly can't think of anything lol funny to share this week. I'll try harder next week.
pps you all are too good to be true!

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