Monday, June 10, 2013

Happy Father's Day!!

May I begin this email with a shout-out to Fuhchaanjit Faailohk---HAPPY FATHER'S DAY Dad!!!!! You're a dream come true and I just love you ever so much. While I am not permitted to call you from the HK know that I love you ever so much and am grateful beyond words for all that you do for me. Miss and Love you so much!!!!
Well Family, here we are the weeks are getting shorter and it's creeping my creep!!!! Mom. You're so right. I have been in Hong Kong for 6 months and it makes me want to make like Hermoine Granger and get myself a time turner! ;alskdjf;aslkdjf;a. That's me. Time is a keih gwai thing. 

This week was such a dream and a half. Okay so let's give 3 hurrahs (hip-hip-hoorayX3) for transfers not effecting (or is it affecting? yikes! English. Hou maahfaahn) Sister Olsen and I. We're staying in Ma On Shan and we couldn't be more elated!!!!! When they announced it at District Meeting on Tuesday Sister Olsen cried out of joy and wouldn't let go of me. I was dying in laughter. So...... yes we're excited and I think we're staying together for the remainder of... forever. Yes that sounds about right. We've got a lot to do and so yes.... it's a dream. 

So Thanks so much for your prayers for Wong Jimuih. The ward is saying that she is going to need to quit drinking tea/coffee for a month for her to be baptized but... we'll see. We're on the Lord's time table here and so however long it takes is fine with me. I just want her to be happy. She says she's just so sad inside. You can see it in her eyes. We weren't able to see her this week because she's been in shmainland. (Mainland) I'm so proud of her for getting down from 3 cups of coffee to 1. She's going to need a miracle but I've got some good news--- Miracles haven't ceased and this is the Lord's work. No matter what her problems are, whether we (Sister Olsen and I) could understand Chinese better and knew exactly what she was going through, the answer would still be the same. Jesus Christ and His gospel.

Crystal (forwarded pictures of her) is still doing great! She told us she has stopped drinking coffee and we taught her the ten commandments and she told us she could do better about honoring her father and mother by calling them more. I honestly wanted to give her a hug or a chest bump... but neither or really socially permissible in Hong Kong so a thumps up and a wink courtesy of my right eye sufficed. Really it was such a beautiful lesson though. More about it in a second.

Let's drop a few lines about yesterday's miracle. So there is a member in our ward named Wan Jimuih. She is wonderful and a really good fellowshipper. WELL she brought her mom to church last week but I wasn't able to get a chance to talk to her. Then she came again this week, and I asked, "Can we teach your Mom?" She said that she had asked her before but that her Mom said No. She told me she would ask again. Then 3 minutes later we were in a classroom and teaching Chan Taai for the very first time. She literally has no Christian background and we were able to teach her about Heavenly Father and prayer. During the lesson she said, "But I don't know how to pray!" Tears formed in my eyes as Wan Jimuih said, "That's why the missionaries are here, to help you!" (see Elder Nelson's conference address from November 2012 Ensign!) It was such a tender moment to witness after we taught her prayer, Wan Jimuih then helped her Mom say the prayer. Afterwards she told us that she has waited for YEARS for this. (Wan Jimuih is probably late 40's and joined the church when she was 16) Tears were in all of our eyes and I know that God has a plan perfect for every one person.

Alright---- Who's ready for fun fact time? Here's some for you-
-I love love love our mission correlator. Honestly I can't get enough of him. He's going to BYU Hawaii and he said that he will look McKay up and take him to dinner. Honestly I know you will all meet Blake Chan someday. Brace yourselves. He is straight up hilarious and asks us English questions like what "Reindeer games" means. (imagine Trying to explain the concept of Santa and saying that everyone believes... and how one year Rudolph saved Christmas.) I can't adequately express how funny he is.
-I caved. I'm now a proud owner of sicko black Sunday crocs. And let me tell you something---they didn't come cheap. Yikes. So... sorry. But it's a lot 
easier. The rain comes down something fierce here. Sometimes I wear jelly shoes too to switch it up. Also Mom buy yourself a cafe rio salad on me because as usual YOU WERE RIGHT mesh is the way to go. I'm not going to elaborate on this any further but you were right and I'm regretting my past comments regarding the mesh vs carinessa debate.
-I also love wearing my hair in a bun. I do it every day. Don't tell Cindy Farr. 
-There is a fruit here that I like to call Death. It is actually in English called Durian. I haven't actually tried it yet but I've smelled it and I know because I am writing about it I'm going to be offered it this week.... But WOW. It's bad. Look it up. hahahaha

Alright that's enough nonsense but let me just tell you I know this church is true! I know God lives, and even though there are only 3,000 active members in Hong Kong, the church is growing, and God is preparing the way for more people to hear about his true and everlasting gospel. I know charity never faileth and I am in love with Moroni chapter 7. The last verse in that chapter is particularly inspiring! I love you all so much. I hope you have a wonderful week.! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!! praying for you everyday!!!!

Love, Paak Jimuih.
 Sister Palmer and Sister Olsen put up a blanket to keep the cool air more in their little bedroom!!
Ashley, her companion, the other two missionaries they live with and elders in her district. Below they are pictured with their newest member referral, Crystal.

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