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Ashley's latest!!!

So Sorry I am late with this week's post. We've been out of town!!! Good news!! You won't have to wait as long for the next post!!!!!
Ashley Palmer
Jun 16 (5 days ago)
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Greetings my fellow and dare I say--Favorite Americans!!!!!

Dad, Happy Father's Day. I appreciated your shout out to your forever love, (second only to your one and only, Shelley Elaine Gooch Palmer) Allred's Ace Hardware. I will have you know that Sister Olsen and I enjoyed this past week sharing what we liked to entitle "Eldon and Russ Moments." This included sharing favorite things and stories regarding our Father's and "what makes them tick." We've decided we like it so much that even though Father's day has come and gone, we will continue sharing these moments. Really though it has been such a good time.

Okay so did I tell you I experienced my first black rain recently? Because yes we did. It has been raining up the ying-yang here. And I'm not complaining. It has cooled down substantially and I will take it over the heat any day. It makes finding a little mahfaahn but my polka dotted umbrella is my third most trusted appendage. (The first two being The Holy Ghost and Sister Olsen) But miracles haven't stopped and so we just strive to go to places that have these little coverings connecting from the chuyns to the markets. I don't really know how to explain it. It's not extravagant either... anyway we're just like the bridge trolls featured in your favorite fairy tales of old... we just wait under coverings or overpasses and then share the gospel to whoever will and in most cases won't listen. :)

This past week Wong Jimuih invited us over for dinner again. I asked her if she was serving Dah Bin Louh (AKA HOT POT) and she said no that she was making dinner. So after that concern (aka major problem) was no longer an issue we found ourselves in her home and guess who was there?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?! HER HUSBAND. I was so scared to meet him. (I've met some pretty scary spouses in Hong Kong) but he WAS SO NICE. It was a miracle. He has to live in Mainland for business but we got to meet him and it was just the coolest. Not to be a downer but let me also say that while we weren't fed Hot Pot we were stuffed past our limits and I was full for 36+ hours afterwards. I kept telling Wong Jimuih that I was full but she seemed to think I was either lying or joking. Neither of which was the case. Love her regardless.

Other highlights include:
-We met some new investigators this week, and let me just say while I'm not hungry for durian or fish balls I am hungry for more investigators! One of our new investigators is named Alex. I just love love love him. He told us that he wants everyone to meet us! "Because everyone needs Jesus." He is just the nicest little dad. Also he told us if we go finding in lit areas late at night we would have lots of success talking to people. Shoot that's actually against mission rules to be past 9:30 so I'll have to explain that to him later. haha
-You asked about the meaning of Jimuih. Yes it means sister. So Paak Jimuih translates to Palmer Sister. Most of their names are one syllable (they have like 3 last names that aren't) so I think that's why my name is one syllable. Great question! Keep them coming.
-Last night I had an ice cream sundae for dinner. #yolo #hotfudge #brownies
-We changed Wong Jimuih's baptismal date for July 14th. She's having a really hard time kicking the 30+ years habit of tea and coffee. We've created a plan and we had two good lessons with members this week. I just love her so much. I wish she could understand how much!!!!!
-We have been spending time Less Active finding as well. President Hawks says we should be spending up to half of our finding time looking for less actives. I seriously feel like I'm a detective when I do it. Should I change my major if I ever stop being a missionary? Probably. But in all seriousness it's crazy how many less actives and lost sheep (people with a wrong address and a wrong phone number) there are. There are over 14,000 people who fit into this category.
-Wan Jimuih's mom Chan Taai is just the cutest! Sister Olsen and I split up teaching yesterday so I taught Chan Taai with another ward member. She pulled out her restoration pamphlet and said, "what are we learning about today?" She is just so sweet. I need to get a picture with her. You will die of joy when you see how precious she is. Also sometimes when I'm teaching I translate what is being said into English in my head and I have a hard time not laughing. Because the Chinese sayings translated into English are just funny. For example, yesterday during the above mentioned lesson the fellowshipper, Sister Lam (who is probably 65+ herself) was complimenting Chan Taai and she kept saying things like "You're a good grandma. You have a good memory. What an obedient Grandma you are." These phrases are Chinese sayings so they make sense to them but I was just smiling to myself. 
-Not to get all righteous on you but have you all read President Uchtdorf's talk from the last general conference during the Young Women's session? Honestly it makes me want to cry like a baby!!!! It's so good. I want every Chinese person to have it. Please go read it, apply it, share it and distribute it. 

Alright family. I"m sorry this email is entirely random with limited structure. But I love you all so much! I know this church is true. I wish there were more hours in the days but I know God is concecrating this time! I love those moments when we are able to help investigators recognize the Spirit and realize that God is real and does notice and watch over us. I hope you all have a wonderful week! I know Jesus is the Christ. I know the Book Of Mormon is true. I know repentance works and that prayer changes things and shapes destiny. I love being a missionary!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!! Miss you so much. See you for forever.
Love Paak Jimuih
ps attached pictures are from last Pday at the 10,000 Buddha shrine!!!!! (worth every bug bite) ^_^

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