Monday, May 20, 2013

HOT POT or should I say SHOT GUT!!!!

O.K., Ashley's email this week is very funny as always,  The more I've thought about her story about the HOT POT, the more worried I am. I really hope she is feeling better like she says. Yikes!!!! YOUUUWHHHOOOOO- Leih hou my little fam who's just at Mckay's spiritual social rite of passage from High school seminary attendee to soon to be MISS-ION-AR-Y. (dashes inserted so you can read it in the fashion that it is being vocalized in my head.) CONGRATULATIONS MCKAY!!!! Love you so much & I'm shouting hoots and hollers in your direction. What an exciting time! McKay!!! I'm so excited for you to go through the temple doors!!! WOW that is so soon! You will love it! And next time I talk with you, you'll be an ELDER. My mind is blown. It seems like just yesterday we were sneaking materials from the kitchen and making stone cold carrot soup in the backyard or I had that weird ponytail holder and I told you it was your fairy godmother.... I was (still am?) a weird child. Deuimhjyu. (Big sorry) [Cantonese is awesome because they have big sorry and little sorry. I love using big sorry because every sorry should be a big one... am I right?]
ANYWAYS SPEAKING OF BIG SORRYS..... Let's talk about this week. Honestly comedy. Actually not really. Keihsat yes. Anyways.... Where to begin. How about last Tuesday. Yes that's a nice place to start. So there Sister Olsen and I are sweating our lives away, on the brink of getting swollen sweat glands (YES THAT IS ACTUALLY A MEDICAL CONDITION, NO I DON'T HAVE IT, YES, I PROBABLY WILL SOON) on the waterfront (aka the most beautiful spot in Hong Kong!!!) and Wong Jimuih everyone's favorite Ma On Shan miracle gave us a call. I talk to her and she invites us over for dinner in merely 2 hours time. BOOOYYYAAA! First time at her house! We were so excited.

We get to her house and panic soon to boil under my humid stricken skin. A huge table was filled with raw foods. Leo pulls out a little piece of machinery and then I realize what's about to happen. HOT POT. It is exactly what it's name dictates. It's a huge pot of boiling water and everything is just cooked right in front of you. Now why am I panicking you ask? Well because eating hot pot is against mission rules. The members all know this, BUT I COMPLETELY DIDN'T EVEN THINK TO TELL HER OR THIS RULE BEFORE HAND. So, we can't very well be like Deuimhjyu (Big Sorry) Wong Jimuih... for heaven sakes she has bought all this stuff just for us! So yes. We ate it. And we ate a lot of it. Everything from fish balls, tubes of tofu, stuff that grows on rocks in the sea, squid complete with tentacles, fish heads middles and tails, and even meat that resembled extremely fatty bacon. So...You name it is was swirly around in that pot. She told us we needed to sihksaai which translates "Eat until it's all gone" and then time saved us because we ended up sharing a message and then having to go home before we were late, and didn't sihksaai. Don't worry I called President Hawks, asked to repent and was forgiven, but not before a joke about being sent home was thrown around first. 

Anyways, the reason there is a no hot pot rule is because I was really sick this week. Wednesday I had a burning fever and threw up and the rest of the week I was just feeling a tip under the weather. Sister Olsen went against my will and called Sister Hawks yesterday and now I am on a toast, rice, applesause diet. I'll be fine in an hour I think. But no naps were taken, Sister Olsen and I pushed through and we saw some great miracles this week!

We found some great new investigators and people whom I just love. A man named Tahm SinSaang called us!!!! We weren't able to get his number but he called us and came to church yesterday!!!!! He can't believe that church is free and only members have to pay tithing. We taught him after church, but unfortunately our fellowshipper (last week's fellowshipper's father... the apple doesn't fall from the tree) went ahead and talked about forming Eve from a rib and the breath of life. Sooo it was a little over 65 year old Mr. Tahm's head but we should be seeing him this week! He's so wonderful. We also have a new 17 almost 18 year old girl whom I love soooooo much her name is Saphrina. It's exciting! New people.. new faces... and more gospel to share.

The sad news, Wong jimuih came to church by herself yesterday and then had to leave after Sacrament meeting. Which is fine but what mostly worries me is there was no glow in her eyes. Glow is apparent. I can't really explain it. I could be over thinking this but I feel like the Spirit is telling me something is wrong. I'm so worried! I have been praying a lot. She didn't answer our calls last night so pray pray pray that she will be okay and that we can see her this week. I have no idea what's up... I just love her so much! It hurts. In the best way. and also the worst. She'll be okay. She's in God's hands. I know it's ridiculous but I just really want to see someone get baptized while I'm here. Sometimes I wonder if I'm doing something wrong? What more I can do? If my best is good enough and acceptable to the Lord? If this request is ridiculous or unrighteous? I'm trying to align my will with God's.. But then I read The Book of Mormon and remember that this is Heavenly Father's work not mine... He's the gardener here and I am his servant. Missionary work has taught me how truly small I am, but how much God truly does watch over and love me.

ANYWAYS, big week ahead! Elder Anderson and Elder L. Whitney Clayton are coming, and we are all so excited! I know this church is true! I love the scriptures and I love Heavenly Father! I am honored to be a missionary and wear the black name tag. I know because Jesus Christ lives, we are never alone! I know repentance is real and it changes me, slowly and surely, everyday. 

Love you allllll so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Miss and pray for you everyday. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO
Love, Paak Jimuih

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