Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cookies anyone?

Oh my goodness!!!! FAM. Thank you for keeping me in the know and sharing about the different places you go. (rhyme intentional)  It sounds like things are just rolling forth in the 84062! I just love hearing from all of you!!! I miss you all so much and just love you even more. I mean I basically barely just wrote you but here I am again just ready to share even more miracles, works, and wonders! I LOVE LOVE MA ON SHAN. I can't even get over the sheer delicious taste of this place. Let's talk about some things, shall we? The good, the not so-good, and the MIRACLES!!!!!!!
On Friday, we had a young women's baking activity. We invited them  to bring friends, and we taught them how to make the infamous Utah favorite, "No Bake Cookies." Needless to say yes they were a hit and the young women were FREAKING OUT about how much sugar went into them. I kept telling them how skinny they were & that the sugar was just a little secret and to close their eyes. It was fun, but with all activities I get a little crazy, so it ended up being a lot of work.... so I mean we may not do it again for a while... but it was good and to get to know all the young women. They are honestly the cutest things since mint green became "a thing" and yesterday one of the young women, Tiffany, told me they want to come do finding with us! Can you even believe that? Me neither. It's such a blessing that they have such missionary minded fire. 

On Saturday we taught our latest new investigator, Tim. The lesson was short because he was 38 minutes late haha and then we had English class, but by all things considered I thought it went well. He stayed and talked with the ward member that we had gotten to be his fellowshipper and I was just thinking things were going so well!!!! but then the ward member told us that Tim apparently thinks that the Holy Ghost has been helping him do well in gambling...... SOOOOOOO this week we're going to reteach who the Holy Ghost is, and about how we actually don't gamble..... hahahaha. It should be a good time.

Later on Saturday, I called Wong Jimuih. She is really hard to schedule because she goes to Mainland ALLLLLL THE TIIIMMMEE for work. But Saturday night the Relief Society was having a Stake activity in Tai Po (where I used to live, about 30 minutes away via everyone's favorite mode of transportation.... MINI BUS!) and so I gave her a little call and asked if she would want to go. Well sure enough she was home, and so we set off to go together! It was supposed to be the annual Relief Society Birthday dinner thing, so in my head I'm imagining this activity going down like it would in Utah...AKA circular tables with place settings and floral center pieces. We arrived a little late, the eating had already finished and let me paint a little picture of what was going on. Upstairs in the cultural hall every ward is putting on these little plays about parenting.... so we sat there for like 1 and a half hours. Which was fine but it just wasn't very fun. The whole time I'm just thinking to myself, "note to self-find out what is going ON at activities before you take investigators." But it all worked out, everyone came and introduced themselves to Wong Jimuih and we left together.

As we were traveling to the bus station to go back to Ma On Shan, Wong Jimuih was asking me about our apartment and things like that. She asked me if we slept in bunk beds and what our apartment was like etc. After Sister Olsen asked me what we were talking about. I told her and she said, "Well what's the word for bunk beds?" I told her that I didn't know but I had known at the time exactly what she was talking to me about. This to some, may seem coincidental or insignificant. But I am here to tell you, the tender mercies of the Lord are not random. They happen regularly and Heavenly Father is just waiting to grant us our soul's desires. I know I have spent a lot of time whining about all I can't say, but I am so humbled that Heavenly Father IS blessing me with the gift of tongues. He lives, & He hears our prayers. I have a long ways to go before I am even close to being able to understand, but I am so grateful Heavenly Father trusts me with this special work.

I was reading in (I think) 2 Nephi 3 yesterday and it talked about Moses and how the Lord said he wouldn't loosen his tongue but would prepare a spokesperson for him. That hit me really hard. I have the faith that if Heavenly Father needed me to, I could speak to anyone on the street in perfect Cantonese and understand them. What hit me was, do I have the faith that maybe it isn't his plan for me to get to that point? Turns out I still have a long ways to go in learning about the meaning of faith. :) But I really can't believe that I am in Hong Kong, teaching God's precious children, IN CHINESE, and loving every second! I have faith that God's plan is perfect and that everything will continue to work out the way it needs to!

Wong Jimuih came to church again yesterday and then we finally taught her the Plan of Salvation after church. She has had a lot of hard things happen, and the night before on the bus she had told me about all these people that were close to her die of cancer, etc. We shared about God's plan, and finally gave her a Book of Mormon! It was such a powerful lesson. The Elder's investigator A-May was getting baptized yesterday. We invited her but she said she wasn't available. (We don't have a font at our church, so we have to go to the Tai Po chapel) Well Sister Olsen and I were just riding on the bus and guess who gave us a call? WONG JIMUIH. She said that she actually was available and that she would see us there! It turns out that once again Heavenly Father's plan was perfect, because thanks to the fact that we went to the lame activity the night before, she knew where the church was! I was so happy she was at the baptism, she loved it!, and I can't wait to keep seeing her and teaching her this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Missionary life is so good! We have a good long but also just such a short week ahead of us! We are exercising faith and looking for that family! I know that Heavenly Father lives. I know that families are eternal and that our everyday choices matter. I know that Jesus Christ lives and that he paid the price for our sins. 

I love you all so very much? How are you all real? I don't even know. Thank you for your faith and prayers. I miss you and LOVE YOU ALLLLLLL SOOOOOOOO MUCH.
Here is Ashley with the young women!! Notice the cute handouts she made for all the girls!!!!
Ashley, her companion and Wong Jimuih!!

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