Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A week of restoration!!

Dear My Favorite People,

I can't believe it's Monday again already. It seriously feels like I emailed you all chihnyaht. (the day before yesterday) Honestly!!!!! What a week. I feel like I am always saying that. But it's true! Spencer and Wade holy Chinese fans you two are SUPER STARS. (Hi the new gmail just sent that accidentally....... anyway let's resume.) And Spencer is now in the dating scene. Didn't he just get out of the jogging stroller stage? Holy cow. I am just blown away. Cute pictures. ALSO Mom, the front room is an absolute dreamy sanctuary. LOVE THAT COUCH. Good pick. Is it comfortable? On a scale of one to comfortable, how comfortable is it? Can't wait to plop down on it and give you all a squeeze. See you there. Also--- it's CALCULUS TIME. Holy cow. Dad you are a shining solider! Keep going. Take naps.

Okay. Hi here's where I get selfish and talk about me. We had another great week. Actually not that a mission is about numbers at all, but this week we taught more lessons in one week's time than I have my whole mission. It's honestly incredible. I can't believe I am just in CHINA, as white as can be, and talking to these sweet children about Jesus Christ and singing songs of redeeming love. What a miracle it is! Am I right? Every day I just have to pinch myself and make sure this is actually real.

We gave our investigator Crystal a baptismal date, and SHE ACCEPTED!!!!!! I was so excited. Actually it's interesting. As missionaries, we are looking for people who are on a search for truth. Not simply on a spiritual journey. And Crystal is definitely on a search for truth. She came to church yesterday (in the cutest Sunday outfit might I add!) I was the happiest. We taught her the third lesson with a focus on Faith. We ended up showing her the Joseph Smith movie as part of it, and the Spirit was so strong. I wish I could adequately express how happy it was. It's very interesting though, we taught our other investigator Tim a similar lesson this past week but there was such a different spirit in the room. It's hard because I feel like when we ask him questions he answers what he thinks we want him to. Also, whether he is on a search for truth or not has yet to be seen. We are going to try turning him over to the Elders this week and see if he opens up more. But teaching them is so different. The spirit in the room is different. I can't really describe it. But I love them both and am humbled to be on the Lord's errand.

Yesterday, Wong Jimuih came to church as well! I was telling her that I had Peanut Butter and Apples for breakfast and she was simply fascinated by that. Apparently she told her son, and they had never conceived of fruit and peanut butter in one bite. I told her I want to meet her son and I'll bring both the peanut butter and the apples and we will have a party. She didn't exactly say no so I am going to take that as a yes. Teaching families in homes.... hard in Hong Kong, but definitely not impossible!!!!! I love her so much. She's reading, and praying, and just attending church so I mean- basically she is the greatest. I LOVE HER. 

This ward is also a dream. They cheng us out every day basically! I AM SO FULL ALL THE TIME. Oh it's painful to talk about. The oldest member in Hong Kong is in our ward and her name is Auntie Flora. She speaks perfect English and with the best british accent. My favorite thing she said while we were over there was "Eat up. You need your strength while you are out serving my Lord Jesus." Yes let me remind you that was said by a 82 year old Chinese woman not a 42 year old African american in the south. hahahaha I was dying. Every time we eat with members it is just the funniest. I can't even adequately express it. 

We had a really disappointing lesson with our investigator Candy this week. She has investigated before but just isn't ready. It's so hard that you can't want it for them!!!! You know? She will be okay.... Someday missionaries will be able to help her. She just needs to choose it. But I was taking it really hard yesterday (I JUST LOVE HER SO MUCH!) and then after I finished praying I opened up completely randomly to Alma 26. First verse I read? Verse 7. Yep. So I mean I'm not worried and Heavenly Father has got this.

Also, these cute young women came finding with us for an hour and a half after church!!!! We are in the greatest ward ever!!!! I love them so much. WE are so very blessed in Ma On Shan. I am learning loads every day, making mistakes, and experiencing the joy of repentance! I love being a missionary!!!!! Everyday I'm just like, "Can I really do this?" I just don't want to mess things up! But I'm doing my best and Heavenly Father makes up the difference. This truly is changing my life. I'm understanding the gospel in a way I didn't before and couldn't have understood by myself. 

I love you all so much!!!!!! love love love love lvoe love love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss you all every day. I pray for you and just love you soooooooo much. Thank you for all you do for me!!!!! I need your prayers so much. I can't thank you enough for all you do for me.

Love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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