Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A week of restoration!!

Dear My Favorite People,

I can't believe it's Monday again already. It seriously feels like I emailed you all chihnyaht. (the day before yesterday) Honestly!!!!! What a week. I feel like I am always saying that. But it's true! Spencer and Wade holy Chinese fans you two are SUPER STARS. (Hi the new gmail just sent that accidentally....... anyway let's resume.) And Spencer is now in the dating scene. Didn't he just get out of the jogging stroller stage? Holy cow. I am just blown away. Cute pictures. ALSO Mom, the front room is an absolute dreamy sanctuary. LOVE THAT COUCH. Good pick. Is it comfortable? On a scale of one to comfortable, how comfortable is it? Can't wait to plop down on it and give you all a squeeze. See you there. Also--- it's CALCULUS TIME. Holy cow. Dad you are a shining solider! Keep going. Take naps.

Okay. Hi here's where I get selfish and talk about me. We had another great week. Actually not that a mission is about numbers at all, but this week we taught more lessons in one week's time than I have my whole mission. It's honestly incredible. I can't believe I am just in CHINA, as white as can be, and talking to these sweet children about Jesus Christ and singing songs of redeeming love. What a miracle it is! Am I right? Every day I just have to pinch myself and make sure this is actually real.

We gave our investigator Crystal a baptismal date, and SHE ACCEPTED!!!!!! I was so excited. Actually it's interesting. As missionaries, we are looking for people who are on a search for truth. Not simply on a spiritual journey. And Crystal is definitely on a search for truth. She came to church yesterday (in the cutest Sunday outfit might I add!) I was the happiest. We taught her the third lesson with a focus on Faith. We ended up showing her the Joseph Smith movie as part of it, and the Spirit was so strong. I wish I could adequately express how happy it was. It's very interesting though, we taught our other investigator Tim a similar lesson this past week but there was such a different spirit in the room. It's hard because I feel like when we ask him questions he answers what he thinks we want him to. Also, whether he is on a search for truth or not has yet to be seen. We are going to try turning him over to the Elders this week and see if he opens up more. But teaching them is so different. The spirit in the room is different. I can't really describe it. But I love them both and am humbled to be on the Lord's errand.

Yesterday, Wong Jimuih came to church as well! I was telling her that I had Peanut Butter and Apples for breakfast and she was simply fascinated by that. Apparently she told her son, and they had never conceived of fruit and peanut butter in one bite. I told her I want to meet her son and I'll bring both the peanut butter and the apples and we will have a party. She didn't exactly say no so I am going to take that as a yes. Teaching families in homes.... hard in Hong Kong, but definitely not impossible!!!!! I love her so much. She's reading, and praying, and just attending church so I mean- basically she is the greatest. I LOVE HER. 

This ward is also a dream. They cheng us out every day basically! I AM SO FULL ALL THE TIME. Oh it's painful to talk about. The oldest member in Hong Kong is in our ward and her name is Auntie Flora. She speaks perfect English and with the best british accent. My favorite thing she said while we were over there was "Eat up. You need your strength while you are out serving my Lord Jesus." Yes let me remind you that was said by a 82 year old Chinese woman not a 42 year old African american in the south. hahahaha I was dying. Every time we eat with members it is just the funniest. I can't even adequately express it. 

We had a really disappointing lesson with our investigator Candy this week. She has investigated before but just isn't ready. It's so hard that you can't want it for them!!!! You know? She will be okay.... Someday missionaries will be able to help her. She just needs to choose it. But I was taking it really hard yesterday (I JUST LOVE HER SO MUCH!) and then after I finished praying I opened up completely randomly to Alma 26. First verse I read? Verse 7. Yep. So I mean I'm not worried and Heavenly Father has got this.

Also, these cute young women came finding with us for an hour and a half after church!!!! We are in the greatest ward ever!!!! I love them so much. WE are so very blessed in Ma On Shan. I am learning loads every day, making mistakes, and experiencing the joy of repentance! I love being a missionary!!!!! Everyday I'm just like, "Can I really do this?" I just don't want to mess things up! But I'm doing my best and Heavenly Father makes up the difference. This truly is changing my life. I'm understanding the gospel in a way I didn't before and couldn't have understood by myself. 

I love you all so much!!!!!! love love love love lvoe love love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss you all every day. I pray for you and just love you soooooooo much. Thank you for all you do for me!!!!! I need your prayers so much. I can't thank you enough for all you do for me.

Love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cookies anyone?

Oh my goodness!!!! FAM. Thank you for keeping me in the know and sharing about the different places you go. (rhyme intentional)  It sounds like things are just rolling forth in the 84062! I just love hearing from all of you!!! I miss you all so much and just love you even more. I mean I basically barely just wrote you but here I am again just ready to share even more miracles, works, and wonders! I LOVE LOVE MA ON SHAN. I can't even get over the sheer delicious taste of this place. Let's talk about some things, shall we? The good, the not so-good, and the MIRACLES!!!!!!!
On Friday, we had a young women's baking activity. We invited them  to bring friends, and we taught them how to make the infamous Utah favorite, "No Bake Cookies." Needless to say yes they were a hit and the young women were FREAKING OUT about how much sugar went into them. I kept telling them how skinny they were & that the sugar was just a little secret and to close their eyes. It was fun, but with all activities I get a little crazy, so it ended up being a lot of work.... so I mean we may not do it again for a while... but it was good and to get to know all the young women. They are honestly the cutest things since mint green became "a thing" and yesterday one of the young women, Tiffany, told me they want to come do finding with us! Can you even believe that? Me neither. It's such a blessing that they have such missionary minded fire. 

On Saturday we taught our latest new investigator, Tim. The lesson was short because he was 38 minutes late haha and then we had English class, but by all things considered I thought it went well. He stayed and talked with the ward member that we had gotten to be his fellowshipper and I was just thinking things were going so well!!!! but then the ward member told us that Tim apparently thinks that the Holy Ghost has been helping him do well in gambling...... SOOOOOOO this week we're going to reteach who the Holy Ghost is, and about how we actually don't gamble..... hahahaha. It should be a good time.

Later on Saturday, I called Wong Jimuih. She is really hard to schedule because she goes to Mainland ALLLLLL THE TIIIMMMEE for work. But Saturday night the Relief Society was having a Stake activity in Tai Po (where I used to live, about 30 minutes away via everyone's favorite mode of transportation.... MINI BUS!) and so I gave her a little call and asked if she would want to go. Well sure enough she was home, and so we set off to go together! It was supposed to be the annual Relief Society Birthday dinner thing, so in my head I'm imagining this activity going down like it would in Utah...AKA circular tables with place settings and floral center pieces. We arrived a little late, the eating had already finished and let me paint a little picture of what was going on. Upstairs in the cultural hall every ward is putting on these little plays about parenting.... so we sat there for like 1 and a half hours. Which was fine but it just wasn't very fun. The whole time I'm just thinking to myself, "note to self-find out what is going ON at activities before you take investigators." But it all worked out, everyone came and introduced themselves to Wong Jimuih and we left together.

As we were traveling to the bus station to go back to Ma On Shan, Wong Jimuih was asking me about our apartment and things like that. She asked me if we slept in bunk beds and what our apartment was like etc. After Sister Olsen asked me what we were talking about. I told her and she said, "Well what's the word for bunk beds?" I told her that I didn't know but I had known at the time exactly what she was talking to me about. This to some, may seem coincidental or insignificant. But I am here to tell you, the tender mercies of the Lord are not random. They happen regularly and Heavenly Father is just waiting to grant us our soul's desires. I know I have spent a lot of time whining about all I can't say, but I am so humbled that Heavenly Father IS blessing me with the gift of tongues. He lives, & He hears our prayers. I have a long ways to go before I am even close to being able to understand, but I am so grateful Heavenly Father trusts me with this special work.

I was reading in (I think) 2 Nephi 3 yesterday and it talked about Moses and how the Lord said he wouldn't loosen his tongue but would prepare a spokesperson for him. That hit me really hard. I have the faith that if Heavenly Father needed me to, I could speak to anyone on the street in perfect Cantonese and understand them. What hit me was, do I have the faith that maybe it isn't his plan for me to get to that point? Turns out I still have a long ways to go in learning about the meaning of faith. :) But I really can't believe that I am in Hong Kong, teaching God's precious children, IN CHINESE, and loving every second! I have faith that God's plan is perfect and that everything will continue to work out the way it needs to!

Wong Jimuih came to church again yesterday and then we finally taught her the Plan of Salvation after church. She has had a lot of hard things happen, and the night before on the bus she had told me about all these people that were close to her die of cancer, etc. We shared about God's plan, and finally gave her a Book of Mormon! It was such a powerful lesson. The Elder's investigator A-May was getting baptized yesterday. We invited her but she said she wasn't available. (We don't have a font at our church, so we have to go to the Tai Po chapel) Well Sister Olsen and I were just riding on the bus and guess who gave us a call? WONG JIMUIH. She said that she actually was available and that she would see us there! It turns out that once again Heavenly Father's plan was perfect, because thanks to the fact that we went to the lame activity the night before, she knew where the church was! I was so happy she was at the baptism, she loved it!, and I can't wait to keep seeing her and teaching her this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Missionary life is so good! We have a good long but also just such a short week ahead of us! We are exercising faith and looking for that family! I know that Heavenly Father lives. I know that families are eternal and that our everyday choices matter. I know that Jesus Christ lives and that he paid the price for our sins. 

I love you all so very much? How are you all real? I don't even know. Thank you for your faith and prayers. I miss you and LOVE YOU ALLLLLLL SOOOOOOOO MUCH.
Here is Ashley with the young women!! Notice the cute handouts she made for all the girls!!!!
Ashley, her companion and Wong Jimuih!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April showers and we can't wait for May flowers!!!

Ashley's latest--


OH my. Here we are at Wednesday afternoon and I apologize that I haven't been able to hit you with some news this week. We had district temple day so our P-day got switched to today. AWWW YEAAAHHHH. Here we are. Just living on cloud 9 aka the cloud of the Celestial Kingdom because I love the temple. LA LA LA LOVE. You all need to come visit Hong Kong and we can all go to the temple here. Deal or deal? Sweet it's a date. Dare I say... see you in white?

But oh my goodness. I have so much to say and basically have no words. I am not making any sense. It's fine. I don't even know what to tell you. First off, I miss and love you all so much. SO SO MUCH. This week was another dream of a tale. It was connnnnnffeeerrrreeennnnccceeee weekend here in the HK. We had a great week last week and found new investigators, who we just are coddling and loving on their journey to Christ. I love Missionary work. Honestly and truthfully just so much. Why are we the most blessed people on the planet? I don't even know. Let me just say something though. I feel like there is no time to do anything. And most of the time I'm just running around like my head is cut off but it's so happy. The gospel is so true. Every time we find some prepared soul or have a good lesson or even get rejected for 2 hours I'm just thinking to myself, "this church is so true!" only explanation. 

I'm so glad to hear about all the greatest and latest from your little corner in the world. Yes we live about 30-45 minutes from our area, so we have some travel time every day but mhgunyiu! I love it. But yes our apartment is a straight up dream.... we're basically never there but let me just say the only easy thing about missionary work is crawling into that bed every night. 

Okay here is a good story for you. We are teaching a member referral (hi yes it was like trying to pull out front teeth to get referral's in Tai Wai but here in Ma On Shan they have just really caught the spirit of missionary work, what a BLESSING!) anyway her name is Candy. She investigated over 6 years ago. We were supposed to teach her with the member but then last night the member called at the last second and said she couldn't come. aiaiaiaiaiaiai I was a tad (lot) nervous. I know you're thinking "Where's your faith?!" but Sister Olsen and I taught an hour and a half lesson last night. If THAT ISN'T A MIRACLE I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS. Here we are just at the ripe old ages (joke) of 19 & 21 speaking and teaching in Cantonese to a girl who has all sorts of concerns, heartaches, and desires. My favorite comment she made was when she told us that "she wants to be the Holy Ghost." I repeated that phrase back to her in Chinese to make sure I had heard correctly and I'm not sure if it was fortunately or unfortunately that I had. So I mean we spent a lot of time bearing testimony, sharing scriptures, and listening to her. And I can't explain how but the lesson went well and she committed to come to church this Sunday, pray, and read the Book of Mormon. (get some shout out for CPR) but how is Heavenly Father such a miracle worker. I don't understand it. If someone would have told me 6 months ago that miracles such as this were possible I wouldn't have believed you. Before my mission I thought I knew what Faith and repentance were. I had NO IDEA. And the beauty of it is, I probably still don't. But I'm learning. And growing. And hopefully changing. I love the quote by Henry B. Eyring that says, "I can't be a perfect servant every hour, but I can give more effort than I thought I could." ---> this is so true. Heavenly Father doesn't expect us to be perfect, but he does expect us to do our best. That's what I am trying to do every day.

Other highlights include:
-during finding we were talking to this man (very buddhist and probably age 50+) who later unfortunately told me that if he were younger he would like me to be his louhpou aka WIFE. Hiiiiiiiiiiiii or actually at that point it was bye-bye.
-We met this boy/man (age 30.... should I refer to him as a boy or as a man....your call) anyways-named Tim on Monday. We taught him the whole first lesson right then and there and then taught him the Plan of Salvation yesterday and we committed him for baptism on June 2nd. Yep..... WHAT?! I know miracle miracle miracle.
-Conference was so good! We got to watch it in English for the Saturday sessions and then on Sunday we watched the morning session in English and then started watching the afternoon session but then Sister Olsen was obviously inspired to call our investigator Wong Jimuih. (last week's church attender and straight up miracle) and she came to conference!!!!!!! We watched the rest of the session in Cantonese but I had never been happier. We taught her a lesson with the Bishop's wife and let's just say that lesson was crazy (mostly vocab that I didn't understand) But I love Wong Jimuih so much... she has had a lot of sad things happen..... and so she is so prepared to hear this gospel! Pray pray pray we will see her tomorrow! (she's kind of hard to schedule)
-Sister Olsen had her first round of chicken feet. HAHAHAHAHAHA. not even phased anymore. Pigs feet are way worse. and by worse I mean wonderful of course ;)

I'm sorry I don't know what else to share. But I do want you to know that I know this church is true! I know families are forever. Missions are so hard, but so happy. Truly you see the saddest and also the happiest things wrapped in one delicious package as you get to where Jesus's name and talk about peace in a world that needs it so badly. I love this gospel!!!!!!!! I know that it is true. I want to find a family this week, so I'm going to start using that stored up faith :) Families need this church so much. It's changing lives. I know the people of Hong Kong could definitely find the gospel without me, but who would have thought how much I needed them? They are the family I never knew I had. They are help shaping my salvation and I am forever grateful. Thank you for your prayers. When things are tough it is so wonderful to know that I have a wonderful family at home rooting (sp?) for me!!!!!!! Ma On Shan is the happiest place on earth! I love it. And I love you allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll! 

miss you already. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooooxxxooo. Thanks for all the hilarious updates, pictures, and for keeping me in the hip hop happenings. Talk to you so soon!!!!!!
Love you,
Paahk Jimuih
Sister Palmer  and Sister Olsen are the cutest!!!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Let's shout three hips, hops, and hoorays for Ma On Shan!!!

AYoooouuuu-whooooo Family-

OH MY HECK ARE YOU ALL SITTING DOWN?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!????!!!! I am about to rock your world and send you all into a coma of happiness. Because that is basically where I am at. All right, so last Tuesday I found out that zippidy do dah I was saying good-bye to my "baby area" of Tai Wai and opening up a new area for Sisters in  Ma On Shan. (pronounced Mah On Saahn. British spelling kills me the T's are D's, the K's are G's and the Sh's are just S's... Sometimes it feels like I am learning 5 languages in an effort to just speak adequate Cantonese... It's fun. #cantoproblems) I wasn't too worried, I spent a lot of time telling Sister Foong that she could do it and just love our sweet investigators and keep working with them. My last day in Tai Wai was on Wednesday, and we started teaching a new investigator, so I am excited for the work to keep moving forward in Tai Wai. I have decided that we are successful missionaries if we are able to leave our little "area in the Lord's vineyard" just a little stronger than we found it. I have loved my time in Tai Wai but I also feel like the Spirit told me that I would be leaving to Ma On Shan, so to get a grip and prepare myself. I will miss the ward members but mostly Lulu and Wong Hingdaih. I love their humble souls so much and just want them to get themselves baptized and get on the path to eternal life!

So anywho Wednesday night at about 11:25pm I went into what I now refer to as premature cardiac arrest. Tomorrow I would be getting a new companion who knows less Chinese than I do and taking her to an area that I wasn't sure if I knew how to get to because I'd never been before. I'll spare you the somewhat sweaty details but it was a little bit of a scary night. HOWEVER, Thursday arrived I put on my new mustard yellow skirt, slapped myself, and said "This is the Lord's work, and whom he calls he qualifies," and got myself to Kowloon Tong. We had the trainer/trainee match up ceremony and my wonderful new companion is 19-year-old Sister Lauren Olsen from Cedar City, Utah. (We heard about the temple, she was so excited!) Okay can I just say I am completely obsessed with her!!!!!!! She is the happiest person I have ever met. She just wants to work hard and we just laugh and have so much fun together. I love love love her. She didn't even seem that scared when I just came right out and told her, "Hey I haven't been to our area before either but let's go find it together." 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE MA ON SHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I seriously cannot adequately express the love for this new place. It's a dreamy dream dreamster come true. The elders in the ward where we are serving had an Area Book and a Member Book already to go, they showed us where the church was and a few other "good to know" tips, and then there we were BAM, working from the ground up... square one if you will. It's super interesting though. For most of my time in Tai Wai I spent trying to talk to people with no Christian background and saying they "mhsaai, ngoh haih baaisahn." Translation- "I'm buddhist and I don't need this." Well we hit the pavement or rather the coast line (Pictures to come, we are literally right on the edge of the Ocean!) and started chatting with the people. And it looks like I better get my study on because everyone told us they were Catholics and Christians already! So, it was completely different from what I was used to hearing. But lots of people were really to listen which was nothing but downright shocking....and a complete blessing.

Friday we set a lot of high goals for ourselves and then got to work. We looked at our area map, asked Heavenly Father to lead us, and we both felt inspired to go to an Estate (chuyn) called Yiu On. We went finding for almost 2.15 hours and barely anyone would even listen to us. In the MTC they talked a lot about how most people who join the church need "7 touches" before joining the church. We got to be a lot of people's first touch. We got talking with this probably 60+ year old man who really wasn't listening to what I was trying to tell him, and then I saw this 20 something boy watching us from not to far off. It was like these spiritual arrows were popping up all around and pointing at him. I of course wanted to give this first man every shot but then when the conversation took a twist to a comparison of mice (yes, mice) and money we gave him a pamphlet and phone number (#callmemaybe) and went up to the boy that I feel like we were nothing short of being led to find. His name is Louis, he's 25, and oh my goodness just the world's biggest miracle. We talked to him for a little bit, and he told us how unhappy he is, and how he had met and played basketball with missionaries before when he was 10. (hello, 7 touch theory!) We were able to teach him a lesson, and schedule him for this week. He told us he had seen us earlier, and then he found us while we were talking to money-rat man. He found us basically!!!! If I was a crier I could have just sobbed like a newborn babe as we walked away! I mean WHAT?!?!!? A new investigator after being there for less than 2 days. I didn't deserve such a blessing!

Yesterday was our first day in Ma On Shan ward. Louis couldn't come to church because he was going to be out of town. We had called some people but no formers or other potentials said they could come. I really wanted to have someone there and with it being fast Sunday, in lieu of our predicament, I was fasting for new investigators of course. Sister Olsen and I got to the church a little early to start welcoming the members. They were all so welcoming and so excited to have sisters in the ward! The church in Ma On Shan is a rented out building. Now before you get your skeptical eyes on, let me just say it is super nice! It honestly looks like a LDS visitors center on the outside and the inside is beautiful. (Pictures next week) Well we are greeting people, and then I see this woman standing outside looking at our church banner. I go outside and start talking to her, and ask her to come in. She said she was really busy. I told her to just come in really fast and we would give her a tour. She came in & then the spiritual magic began. Ma On Shan ward is just a dream come true (I can't say that enough!!!!) and just welcomed her in and got her to come to Sacrament Meeting. Sister Olsen and I bore our testimonies, and then what do you know our new friend Wong Jimuih (yes, her last name is Wong so naturally it was instant love) stayed for all 3 hours of church!!!! We taught her a lesson with the Bishop and should be seeing her Tuesday and if not Wednesday. WHAT?!?!?!?!???? I could have passed out of pure joy yesterday. I do not understand how Heavenly Father could answer our prayers so quickly. Heavenly Father does hear prayers and he answers them. I still cannot believe that happened. THINGS LIKE THIS DO NOT HAPPEN IN HONG KONG....normally. But Heavenly Father is blessing us so much and I am so incredibly humbled and grateful to be apart of it. 

After church the ward members were just the nicest and we already have 3 little dinner appointments and then one of President Hawks counselors in the mission presidency is in the Ma On Shan ward. He was so nice to spend an hour with us yesterday and help us know how to get where (buses, walking routes etc.), he got us a ward list and marked ideas of Less-Actives & part-members to visit, and ideas for missionary finding & getting more investigators. Are you still able to read this?!?!?!?!?! Everyone has just been so welcoming, kind, and I can't believe all the miracles I have seen in 4 days. Words simply cannot describe. But I do know this, I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. 

Thank you so much for your prayers!!!!! I need them so much. and I just love you people so much. Thank you for your emails and just being my most favorite people. I know this church is true. I cannot wait for conference. Not sure yet if I will be watching it in Cantonese or English (pray for English) but if not I will read the talks in their entirety next month in the Liahona. I know Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ live. I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God. I don't know a lot of things, I am not really clear when I speak Cantonese, and I don't even think I am that good of a gospel teacher, but I love the Lord and I know he makes up for where I lack, which is basically everything. The missionary program is the greatest thing under the sun. McKay you are just going to eat up Hawaii. I am so excited for you!!!! 

I love you all so much! I am excited for another week of hard work, mosquito bites, laughs, and good times! Miss you all so much... everyday! I'm grateful that we know families are forever! See you there! Have a good week and get feeling better! I'm praying for you all. XOXOOOOXXOO Thank you for everything. La la love you! Sleep tight!
Love, Paahk Jimuih
Ashley has had a very eventful week!!! She is doing so great!!!!! Here is a picture of her and her new companion. I think she is so cute!!! They look so happy!!!

Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fools ........................psych!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Listen I realize you are all in dream land at this point, probably. We had to move again today soooooooooooo yes. Here we are. What a week. Oh my heck. MCKAY IS GOING TO HAWAII?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm starting saving my Hong Kong chihn right now!!!!!!!!!! Are you serious?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well but of course you are & it is fa la la la la perfect. MCKAY I am so excited for you ya little dreamy paradise sailing boat! I mean of course I wanted you to get your skinny self to the HK but now we are both serving in H missions so let's save people from the big "H" if you know what I mean. Inappropriate slang joke? Probably. But it's real. Mckay I am so excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get excited for the MTC because I frankly loved that place. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I can't express myself adequately via computer! CONGRATULATIONS ONE MILLION TIMES OVER. Get studying your PMG & the BOM because those & the Spirit are going to be your BFF for the next 2 years. Really I am just so excited. I need to calm down. allllllllllllllllllllllright.

So hi I'm selfish and going to talk more about the me, myself, and I..... I apologize. Family. So there we were at a lesson on Thursday & I get a little SMS from President Hawks. I feel like I am basically companions with him.....we talk a lot. HA. Anyway he asked if he could meet with Sister Foong & I tomorrow..... & so for the rest of the night I was in cardiac arrest. Let's just say I KNEW KNEW KNEW what was coming. Sure enough the next afternoon I was in a little mihntahm with President Hawks and he says to me, "Sister Palmer, is Sister Foong ready to go senior?" I replied, "Yes, but I'm not ready for that." He laughed and said, "I know you're not." I gave him a report of our companionship, the area of Tai Wai, and other smorgishboard (sp?) items. He asked me if I would want to stay in Tai Wai or train a new sister without a Cantonese background in a new area. I made like the missionary hymn states and said that "I will go wherever I am needed to go.".............but seriously I was half dying inside. WHAT. TRAINING AGAIN?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! And poor Sister Foong, being trained by me for 3 weeks and now she is going to be a trainer herself!

Anyway, last night sure enough I found myself in another interview with President Hawks and we talked of the uniqueness of this situation and how yep no April Fooling around in this mission, I start training a brand new missionary with less Cantonese background than myself this Thursday. Go ahead & read that 3 times. No your eyes are not fooling you. I don't know yet if I'm staying in Tai Wai or opening up the new area for sisters in Ma On Shan.............either way I'm not going to eat for the next little bit! Bye bye appetite. We will find out our final destination Tuesday.  I shouldn't be scared. Actually, I don't think it's really fear I feel. More nervousness. I can speak okay but I usually have no idea what people are saying to me in Cantonese. And the fact that my poor little trainee is coming out of the MTC with less than 9 weeks in the language. Oh man. I don't even know the definition of faith. HAHAHAHA. Please pray for me. I KNOW THIS IS THE LORD'S WORK, but man, I feel so small and inadequate. Don't worry I read some Alma chapter 56 today and said if the 2,000 strippling warriors can do it, so can I. Right? 

Alright so this week we moved to a new apartment and for 6 days and then we moved to our permanent apartment today in Sha Tin. Halfway between Tai Wai and Ma On Shan. It's so big and beautiful!!!! We even have a chandelier (complete with dimmer!) in our bedroom. I'll take pictures of it next week when we finish the unpacking and arranging. 

This week was so hard! Everyone of our new investigators that we scheduled did not show up to their lessons and then we would call all of our potentials and they blocked our calls! I'm not kidding at least 10 people have blocked our number! HA. I had no way of knowing how emotionally hard missionary work is before I got here. But it's okay. I know there are ready and prepared souls.... I am not giving up and we are going to find them. We did teach some good lessons this week.... Not as many as I would like, (I really want to teach more to improve my teaching skills!) but the Lord always has the best plan in mind. I just need to work on my patience and learn what that is. So yes, I learned some more lessons in patience this week.

We had 24 hour exchanges this week and another new Sister, Sister Cheung came with me to Tai Wai for the day. We taught Brother Humble, yihk jikhaih Wong Hingdaih, and then we had ourselves a little miracle while out finding. We met this Thai lady (shout out to soon to be Sister Aub Tilley) who moved to Hong Kong over 30 years ago. Her Cantonese is so good, but she can't read characters. Fingers crossed we will be able to schedule her this week and give her a Thai Book of Mormon. She was so sweet and she told us "You are beautiful. You are doing the Lord's work." I was thinking to myself, "Get in my arms, I love you!" hahahaha. Anyway, yes we taught Wong Hingdaih this week, he still didn't come to church. I was so disappointed. But I love him regardless and he is helping (like I mentioned in prior paragraph) with being patient. 

Also this week I experienced my first Hong Kong monsoon. Yes this deserves a whole paragraph to itself. People think I'm crazy but I love the rain!

Anyway, Family!!!!!! Thank you for all your prayers on my behalf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so very blessed to be a missionary at such an exciting time! Mckay I am so excited to be a missionary along side you! You're a dream island slushie come true! I know this church is true. Thank you for your prayers on my behalf. I'm learning so much as a missionary. I am so happy we were able to celebrate Easter yesterday and remember our Savior Jesus Christ. I love him and our loving Heavenly Father! 

Love you allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Miss you so much! XOXOOXOOOOXXXOO
Love, Paahk Jimuih
 Ashley and Sister Foong on the monkey mountain. Ashley was a wee bit afraid of the monkeys!!

 These two cuties the last night in their apartment, before they moved. Below, Ashley and her companion received word that they would both be trainers this week!!! Say a prayer for Ashley she is very nervous!!!! I know she is going to do great!!!!