Monday, March 4, 2013

Where is Ashton Kutcher, am I being punked?

There are some BIG mission changes going on for Ashley this week!!!!!!


Greetings you heart stopping comedians!!! I am just sitting here in the Sha Tin library laughing & my eyes are watering. Kudos, props, and trophies are coming your way. HAHAHAHAHAHA You are all so very funny. Gong siu gong siu! (literal translation: say smile, say smile) aka you're the funniest. Thank you so much for your emails. I love you all so much. Thank you so much for your prayers and support. I'm serious. You all are blowing my mind. I LA LA LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Have I told you lately that I love you? BECAUSE I DO SO SO SO SO MUCH. I will try and type fast fast fast so I can reply to all the rubies, diamonds, and pearls of jokes you have bestowed upon me.

HI listen everyone. Okay if you don't understand the subject line I apologize but I've said it at least 27 times in the past 16 hours. Because I need someone to pinch me as an indication that this is real life. You know what I mean? Of course you don't. I'm not making any sense for which I apologize. Let us rewind the clocks back to 6:18pm HK time. Sooooo.... whenever missionaries die (aka when their service is up, 3 cheers for mission lingo!) in Hong Kong we have this meeting called "My Conversion Story." It's a fireside and all the missionaries that are leaving that transfer choose a convert to share their story about how they met the church and bear their testimony. Other missionaries can go, but you have to bring one of your investigators or potentials with you. Well, since Sister Nielsen is going home this week we went. As we were waiting for the meeting to start, President Hawks came and found me and said, "Sister Palmer, after the meeting will you have a few minutes? I need to talk to you." Now let us all contemplate on this potential life altering sentence. President Hawks is a very busy man. Transfers are coming up and let's just be real. President Hawks isn't just missing me and wanting to "Catch up." After he said that I replied, "of course" but really I wanted to throw up. 

The meeting was great but my heart was beating 1,000,000 beats per minute. (ps Mckay I am so glad your heart is okay!!!! THE LORD ANSWERS PRAYERS!) Anyway, the meeting was nice but my hands were sweaty and I just knew what the President wanted to talk to me about. Eventually he came and found me again and pulled me into his office. As he always does, there was no beating around the bush (actually first he again apologized for missing your first email Mom! He says he doesn't know how he didn't get it!) after that he said, "Well Sister Palmer, are you ready to train?" This is exactly why my heart was whizzing and my palms were sweaty. I was right. And I am scared. I have never been more afraid. President Hawks went on to tell me, "Sister Palmer, don't get a big head about this but I have never asked anyone to train this early." I laughed, but all I could manage to reply was, "President if you think I'm ready then I'm ready. And trust me, my head has never felt so small." He laughed said some more really nice and faith promoting things and gave me this huge envelope, told me some meeting details and sent me on my way. Before I left he said, "I can't wait to see what miracles are coming your way."

Last night I didn't sleep. I am freaking out. I know, I know, I know. This is the Lord's work. But family!!!!!!! I feel so inadequate. I've tried to stop using the word "can't" but let's be real, I can barely speak Chinese and my sik teng (ability to understand) is even worse! Every night I plead with Heavenly Father to help me. This is all I want. I would give anything.....ANYTHING to speak to these people. I just want to help them. I've told Heavenly Father if he needs to take it away after the mission than that is okay by me. But, I'm going to rely on the Lord. That is all I can do. I just finished training technically yesterday, and then will start training the new missionary on Thursday. Move 3 here we come! As I've thought about this, actually it's all I've thought about since receiving the huge envelope, I know that Heavenly Father knows me. There are lots of more experienced sisters than me in the mission, but God is ready to "cut me down some more" and refine me and all I can do is have faith. It's incredible. I'm still in what I'm pretty sure is cardiac arrest. But, I am ready to pray harder, way harder than I ever have in my whole life. It's all I will be able to do. 

Okay okay okay. Enough about me. Let's talk about the miracles aka some of my favorite people on the planet: Our investigators.
-Last Monday at FHE at the Bishops house we went with everyone's favorite and slightly crazy woman, Loh Jimuih. She was sitting  by me and then about 5 minutes later some of our other investigators, Coco and her daughter Lily came. All of the sudden Loh Jimuih grabs me by the arm (it was quite painful, and actually pretty scary...ahahahhaha) and starts talking at the speed of a race car and all I can understand is about 10 years ago apparently her and Coco got in a fight! And she just kept whispering, I want to die. I want to die. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Let us recall people we are in HONG KONG, CHINA not in Walnut Grove! Of course 2 of our investigators know each other, got in a cat fight and now hate each other. Get me on a sitcom. I was dying laughing the whole night. Loh Jimuih kept re-situating me as some sort of body shield from Coco. She's ridiculous. But I love them both regardless and I have taken note that it is not in good interest to try and tag-team teach them together. NOTED. 
-Our investigators are doing okay. Lulu finally got back from Mainland last Sunday night. We kept trying to get a hold of her but she  is studying at one of the hardest universities in Hong Kong and has all sorts of homework and tests. Well because she was in Mainland, she couldn't go to church and then this past Sunday she had to go to work... so we have to move her baptismal date. They changed the baptismal requirements recently because there are so many less actives in Hong Kong. Investigators have to be investigating the church for at least 6 weeks before getting baptized and they have to go to church at least 4 times. So, this week we will have to reteach the commandment of keeping the sabbath day holy.
-Miracle find Wong Hingdaih is doing good. I wanted him to come to church so bad this Sunday and he didn't make it. I was praying and fasting so hard for him. He can't really progress until he comes. Anyway, we had to go teach Ammon a lesson yesterday and so we were walking over to his chuyn. Well who do we see?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!!??!?!?!?! WONG HINGDAIH AND HIS WHOLE FAMILY!!!!! Talk about an answer to prayers. Wong HD has been super nervous to talk to his wife about the church and we introduced ourselves and she was SO NICE!!!!! It was a miracle. MIRACLE. MIIIIIRRRRAAACCLLLLLE.
-other investigators, Coco and Fam, Chan Jimuih, and others are all doing great as well. I wish I had 3 more hours to give you the details that they so deserve.
Thank you for praying for them!!!! Please pray that they will come to church!!!

Family, I love you so so so soso much. Thank you thank you thank you for allllll you do for me and for all the things I don't know that you are doing. I know this gospel is true. I know we can and will be together forever! I know the Book of Mormon is true. I know daily repentance is real---that is one of the biggest things I have learned this past week and it truly is a miraculous gift. I know that God hears all prayers and answers them. I know Jesus is the Christ and if we will follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost we will be instruments in the hands of the Lord.

I love love love love you!!!!!! SORRY THIS IS ALL ABOUT ME. I hate when I do this.
okay so much love and prayers being sent your way!
Love, Paahk Jimiuh  

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