Monday, March 11, 2013

Let the games (training I'm still in shock!!!!!!!) begin!!!!

Here we go. Another adventure begins for Ashley-----
Fam fam fam!!!!!

OH my heck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a week it has been. I honestly could just throw up out of pure exhaustion. I am happy but emotionally, spiritually, and in all other forms of the word exhausted. WOW. I feel like life in Tai Wai has just been turned into a 180 degree spin on it's head. Well greetings! Thank you so much for all your wonderful emails. I love love love love love love hearing what you are all up to. I am obsessed with all of you. I am so glad we have eternity because let's get real, this life just simply isn't long enough to spend all the time we need to together. 

Thursday I reported to the mission office and we gathered to meet who the new missionaries were. President Hawks had indicated to me previously that there would be a good chance that I would be training someone with at least a little Cantonese background and so I probably "better pray for it." HA. He kills me. And trust me, last week, pray for it I did!!!! Heavenly Father is so very good to me. ANYWAY, they have this little ceremony where all the trainers are on one side and all the new missionaries are on the other. No one knows who is training who. Then they call out names and say who is going to be companions. It is so very nerve wracking. Well, my trainee is the lovely, Sister Foong!!!!!! I COULD DIE OF HAPPINESS. She is so wonderful. She is from Malaysia and speaks English, Malay, Cantonese, and Mandarin Chinese. Are you jealous? Yeah me too. She's the best. ACTUALLY, her brother teaches in the MTC and so I totally know him. He wasn't one of my teachers but when I was in the MTC the Cantonese district was a little baby and so I saw him lots and he even subbed our class sometimes.

Anyway, Thursday we basically had to run to Tai Wai after we got Sister Foong's Hong Kong ID because we were teaching a lesson to Wong Hingdaih. It actually went good! His biggest problem is he doesn't come to church!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWWWWWW but he will get there. I just need to have more faith on how to help him. He just can't really progress until he get's his humble self in some church meetings. You know what I'm saying? I don't know how to help him. AGENCY is a rough thing to have patience with.

The rest of the week we spent finding, teaching less-actives, people scheduling us and then not showing, and then teaching our investigators. Family, I'm trying to act calm, cool and collected as a cucumber but lots of time I have no idea what to do! This is a time for me to really exercise faith. I'm excited but scared. I shouldn't be scared but I am. It's just lots of our investigators really aren't progressing. Chan Jimuih told Sister Nielsen and I earlier in the week that she didn't want to see us anymore, (I took that one really hard) and Coco's family isn't really getting the message of the restoration! I've seen it coming for weeks, but I tried to have faith that it would change. We're not starting from square one by any means..... but, almost. :) It's okay. We still have Lulu and Wong Hingdaih, and a few others. But, I just want Sister Foong to have such a great and miracle filled first move. I know slap me upside the head, this isn't my work. It's just hard not to get frustrated. I have so many inadequacies. I wish I could adequately express all the emotions I am feeling but I lack the language in which to do so. But, I do have faith that I can and will find those who are prepared and ready to hear the message of this gospel!!!!! Anyway, please keep praying for me. We have an interesting week ahead of us.

We did have a miracle filled day at church yesterday! 5 investigators came!!!! The most since I have been here. It's so interesting how Heavenly Father tries our faith and answers our prayers. I am so very grateful for all he does for me. Sister Foong is a wonderful companion and I love her so much already. We are going to learn and grow together as we bring an increasing number of people to Christ! I'm excited to improve my missionary skills and to keep learning the wonderful language of Cantonese.

Family, I love you all so so so so very much. Thank you for raising me in this, the Lord's true church. Thank you for your prayers and for all the people you tell me who are praying for me. It honestly means the world to me. I am so very blessed to have you all in my life cheering me on miles away. I know that this is the true church of God. I know that Heavenly Father loves his children more than we can ever comprehend. I know that agency really is a gift and that our goal as missionaries is to love everyone and to share about this, the restored gospel. I know prayer changes things. I know the Book of Mormon is true. I know families can and will be together through Heavenly Father's plan.

I love you people so very much!!!!!!! I am so very blessed to be Heavenly Father's missionary and serve him with all my heart, might, mind and strength! I'm doing it, and the Lord is building my testimony every day! This work is by far the hardest thing I have ever had to do, but Heavenly Father is teaching me more than I could have ever learned otherwise.

Have a wonderful week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss you all!!!! Sending hugs, prayers, kisses, and pig's feet your way!
Love, Paahk Jimuih
Ashley with her new companion, Sister Foong!! So cute!!

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