Monday, March 25, 2013

Dad's Turning Fifty and my investigators are moving swiftyl

^^^^^Yes that rhyme was intentional.

.......................FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Greetings!!!! Okay I would like to start this out my saying a BIG LOUD (just like the Chinese like it) THANK THANK THANK YOU for your wonderful Easter package. IT was such a surprise to get this past week. I nearly passed out in joy. Did I eat a handful (or 3...shhh) of Cadburry eggs for breakfast? Yep I did. #sorrynotsorry (by the way, are hashtags still in, or are they a thing of the past?) But really thank you so much for your thoughtfulness! Mom you are the world's greatest homemaker. I about passed out with joy when I saw the Peeps covered in white & milk chocolate to look like missionaries. so thank thank thank you. really! I am so blessed to have you all! Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness.

Okay last night as I was breaking out in a sweat (humidity is definitely befalling us right now) my heart started to race. Do you want to know why? Because me, myself & I have been out on my mission SIX MONTHS THIS WEEK. I"m sorry. Yes you read that right!!!! WHAT? I know. I better kick this addicted chocolate body of mine into high gear & get serving with even more heart, mind, might & strength, because it is just flying by! Can you believe it? It just makes me want to hug my investigators even tighter, and shake Wong Hingdaih's hand for just a second longer. Inappropriate? Probably. Okay I won't do it but I will think about it. ha But really I just love missionary life. I love that nothing is awkward, I talk to strangers day in & day out while usually having no idea what they're saying & just bare testimony by looking them straight in the eye and saying "Jesus Christ lives!" What an opportunity that few people get to have. I am so blessed to be apart of this work.

This week was awesome. I love Sister Foong. She is from Malaysia and is just a walking miracle. She is the best companion I could have ever conjured up. I am always telling her that after the mission she has to come visit me in Utah. Her story is incredible too. She joined the church when she was 14 and is as solid as a rock. You're jealous? Rightfully so. I am sure you will all meet her ASAP.

Okay so we spent lots of time working hard this week. That was honestly the dumbest sentence I have ever typed. Oh my..................anyways. Yes! Wong Hingdaih's son has tutoring every Sunday but he claims that he is coming to Church next Sunday. So cross your fingers and toes and if you can your nose because he needs to get his humble self there. I just want him to come unto Christ so bad! GAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. There. That's how I feel about that. But when we taught him this week Brother Tai helped fellowship, and it was such a miracle lesson. When we ask Wong Hingdaih clarifying questions he always repeats back things that we didn't say. (a testament that the Spirit is of course the one teaching him) & as we were wrapping up the lesson Brother Tai told him "I know you are going to be a leader in this church someday." SUCH. AN. INCREDIBLE. MOMENT. The Spirit was so strong I could have scooped some up with a ladle (my favorite kitchen utensil) & savored some more of it later. It was like magic. Thank you for your prayers on his behalf!

Lulu- if we didn't see her this week I swore I would have gotten an ulcer and maybe had signs of colon cancer, but GOOD NEWS! DESPITE rainstorms we FINALLY SAW HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Baptismal date: CHECK. See you at the waters of baptism on May 12th Lulu. Yes!!!! Same date as Mr. Miracle, Wong HD. LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM. Lulu's faith needs some strengthening but she is a-okay and I just love her.

Our other investigators are doing okay and I'm excited to just bring them along the path to Christ. Coco and Family---we might be dropping them this week. I mean I love them and they are a wonderful family, but I fear they are just using the church for the resources and not really "getting it". Does that make sense? We will have a critical lesson with them this week so pray for that. Coco just doesn't understand how ready she is!!!!!!!!!! Oh well. Time shime that's what I always say!

We have got some new potential investigators scheduled this week whom I am so excited to begin teaching! Missionary work is so good. Sometimes (aka every day) I still get really scared! I just want to be a good missionary and do my best. AND ALL I WANT IS TO SPEAK FLUENT CANTONESE. But, for some reason it's not the Lord's will yet and I am starting to understand what patience is. I do pray though that it will come and something in this slow brain of mine will click. But until then, I will have faith and know that the Lord will make up the rest. I need nothing short of a miracle. But the good news is............. miracles haven't ceased, right?

Today, for P-day we have a cheng out (SO MUCH FOOD, MY POOR STOMACH) and then we are going hiking with out district to.............................. MONKEY MOUNTAIN. hahahahahahahahaha. OH gosh I am sure I am going to have stories for you next week. Also, due to the fact that our mission is doubling our sisters, we are moving apartments tomorrow. The sentimental side of me is sad.... I love our view from the 27th floor!

MCKAY!!!! I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED FOR YOUR MISSION CALL. Dad, I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Know I am doing a celebration for you here in China!!!!!!!! I love you all so so so much. Thank you for your prayers, hilarious updates, and being the greatest family to walk on 2 feet! I know that this church is true! I know God changes hearts and is always wanting and waiting to help us if we will only turn to him.

Love, Paahk Jimiuh

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