Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Lots of miracles!!

 As always Ashley wrote another funny and touching email. Also, some pictures of where she lives!!


I just wish I could transport all of you here & share everything!!!!!!!!!!!! But alas, I'm not that lucky. But you really should just drop by and visit because the weather here is outrageously....WONDERFUL. And so are the people of Hong Kong. You would all seriously love them. Also, let me just add that last week I went ahead and neglected to mention that Hong Kong has a Disneyland...so yes. List complete. Happiest place on earth? I know so.

Okay let me just tell you about this emotional roller coaster of a week. Turns out the apostles and prophets of old know what they're talking about. To anyone who has ever doubted or wondered: "Are trials of faith real?" This past week has been a testament to that. Also, a mission is quickly teaching me that I am so small and have a lot of humbling to work on. But it's perfect. 

So we had a lot of finding this past week. REALLY long story(ies) short, the families that Sister Nielsen & I thought FOR SURE "were the ones" weren't, and so we spent a lot of time finding. Square one is an all to familiar square and nothing can really progress in missionary work until you find people to teach. Finding is truly the crucible of missionary work. It's exhausting. And wonderful. Every missionary skill has to be present as you try to stop and talk to people and get them to listen to you. My tongue gets twisted and my head hurts but then you find those people who do want to listen & then everything is perfect. And you feel like you could keep finding for another 2 or so hours.

 It was a week of fasting and lots and lots of prayer and an increase of faith. As we spent hours and hours of finding we knew we were going to find that family this week but we just didn't know where.  I came to understand something about myself this past week though. I was reading in the Book of Mormon, and it talks about in Mosiah 3 how when Jesus Christ would come to the earth that they would say he was "merely a man" and "he hath a devil" so it should be NO SURPRISE to me that 9 times out of 10 in Hong Kong people think I am a straight up lunatic. It's humbling, faith building, and I am so very blessed. There's nothing more wonderful when people do stop to listen to my broken Chinese and even in the end they're not interested, I see light in their eyes that wasn't there before. And then there are those incredible moments when they listen and they are interested. It's in those reverent moments that I am sure to give a prayer of gratitude and I know that I am exactly where the Lord wants me to be.

Anyway, we worked our hardest and it wasn't until we had experienced a few meltdowns, had an increase of patience, and took another trip and rumble through the refiner's fire that miracles occurred. On Saturday, we met Chan Jimuih. (Don't worry 80% of the Hong Kong population has the last name of Chan, don't be alarmed. We have to make little code names up for all the different Chan's so we know who we are specifically talking about.) Anyway, Chan Jimuih was found and was in our Area Book and Sister Nielsen had called her and invited her to our weekly Saturday English Class. Well her and her 3(?) year old daughter Elaine, (it's definitely a sign considering that is Mom's middle NAME.!!!) and then we taught them a lesson after. Chan Jimuih told us that her husband had left her and ran off to mainland and she just sobbed. We taught her the message of restoration and focused on that this church can strengthen her family. We gave her a baptismal invitation and she accepted! After the lesson and her and Elaine had left, Sister Nielsen and I were a beautiful mess. We were so excited!!!!

Chan Jimuih, her daughter Elaine and Ammon all came to church yesterday!!!!  Talk about a huge huge blessing and miracle. Chan Jimuih even called us last night to confirm about FHE at the Bishops house for tonight, and she said, "Thank you for teaching me about Jesus Christ." UMMMM what?!?!?! No one says that!!!! I basically passed out on the floor. I am so happy!!!!! We are so very blessed to teach her. I can't wait to tell you about as she continues to progress. She is so humble and I am so excited to share this gospel with her.

Yesterday we did a couple of hours of finding after church. We met a boy who is Hayden Farr's Chinese twin brother, and as we were trying to contact people we walked past this man gave him the typical Leih-hou and then the most interesting thing happened. A-He was nice and smiled and said Leih-hou back but B-I literally felt the Spirit whip me around and I said "Actually, have you seen missionaries before?" As we talked with him he told us he's been looking for religion and he has two children 10 & an 8 year old. MIRACLE, MIRACLE. He was the sweetest man and we are scheduled to teach him Wednesday morning, please pray that we get to!!! AWWW it is so wonderful to be a missionary.

I just want to share my testimony that I know this church is true. That is one thing that I didn't realize I would learn. Sure some days all your lessons fall through and every time you try to open your mouth the door or the person chooses not to listen, but I am quickly beginning to understand that the Lord is teaching me how much I need this gospel. I know Jesus Christ lives. I know The Book of Mormon is true. I know Joseph Smith saw God, Jesus Christ, and restored the true church on the earth today.

Please keep praying for our investigators!!! 

I love you all so much family, thank you for your support and for all you do for me!!!!!! I miss you and love you more than I can adequately express.

Love, Paahk Jimuih
Here is her apartment building along with Sister Palmer getting ready for a workout out in front of it. Notice the cute hoodie. She hasn't lost her sense of fashion. Another Chinese bargain found on her pday. The last picture is the view from her apartment at night. The tiny red light in the distance is mainland China!!


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