Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chinese New Year Continues

Family!!!!! Greetings!

Listen I realize that I just wrote you like two days ago but good news I am here again! Okay listen I realized that last email I did a poor job of explaining Chinese New Year so let me just try to explain to you what else has been going on here in Hong Kong as the excitement of the New Year is about over.

Chinese New Year is definitely their Christmas. They love love love it. The best part about it is--they don't really do a whole lot for it. They have all this hype for it and then when you ask them what they are going to do they either say go to Mainland or sit at home. Apparently, they just sit around and eat food. hahaha. (And they think American's are the ones who eat a lot of food!) Last Sunday was the first day of the New Year. Married Chinese people hand out these little red envelopes decorated with Chinese splendor with money inside. Now any missionary knows that we can't accept money. But even the Bishop was handing us missionaries red pockets! And you culturally are not allowed to refuse them. So... we are just supposed to use the money for gifts for our investigators. Which I gladly will do! The Chinese people kill me. I just love the Tai Wai ward!!!!! They are so gracious and have given us loads of treats and have even had us over for dinner a midst their holiday.

This past week we had the cleaning day, and then we had the multi-zone conference, and then these last few days just whizzed by! The typical work was a little slow because everyone was (and some still are) in Mainland. So we had some great finding times, but we of course still had miracles and were able to teach a few lessons. We had a huge miracle again yesterday! Ngh Gatihng (Ng Family) Came to Church again yesterday. Cocoa, her husband, and their daughter Lily. Yes, Dad I think the Chinese are the same as the Japanese in the regard that they love American things. Most people choose English names for themselves, which is good because whenever they do tell me their Chinese names I'm like... "huh?" hahaha. But I think my favorite name so far was a girl who had chosen her name to be Swanky. She came to our English class and when asked how she had chosen her name she said she had found it online.... ummmm. Shoot. I didn't have the heart to try to begin and try to explain to her that maybe she should choose a new name? Love her regardless though!

Sorry let me tell you about the miracle of yesterday instead of focusing on Swanky our English class attendee. hahahaha. So Cocoa is just the busiest. I think I told you last week that she is incredibly hard to schedule. She is one of those people that already feels like a church member. She is always serving other people, she takes care of her Mom and she is always worrying about other people than herself. Anyway, we tried scheduling her all week and it just didn't work. But she DID come to church yesterday and she brought her whole family. It was so wonderful!!!! We were even able to teach them a lesson and share briefly about the temple. Heavenly Father truly blesses us more than we deserve.

Well another wonderful week is ahead of us! I am mostly excited for everyone to come back from Mainland! They should be back this weekend. Thank you for your prayers on my and the people I am lucky enough to teach's behalf. This one is a little shorter because I want to try and reply to you all this week! Sorry I fail every week and am unable to give you the replies you so deserve!!!! I love and miss you all so very much! This church is true. Jesus Christ lives and He loves us. I know that Heavenly Father will help us if we will only do our best and turn to him. I love the Book of Mormon and I know that it is changing lives. I have seen it. 

I love you all so very much! I am so grateful that families can be together forever! I was so grateful to share this happy message with Cocoa yesterday! It really is the greatest news. That and the fact that Jesus Christ lives and is coming again! 

Love, Paahk Jimuih

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