Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!!

Here is Ashley's latest.

My Favorite Humans!!!!!

Hello!!!! So good to hear from all of you! I seriously get so excited hearing all about what you are up to. Thank YOU so much for all your updates. I am sorry that I cannot reply to each & every thing you write. I really wish I could because you deserve a novel for the humor you throw my way.

Well I emailed you merely days ago, I told Sister Nielsen this morning, I don't think my family has even had time to miss me yet! HA. But good news I miss you all & here I am. 

Now I don't know if you all have been checking your iPhone/iTouch/iPad contraptions, but the weather here in Hong Kong has taken a turn for the chilly chillster. I am not kidding. Mom, let me be a little honest here. I was a little, (shall I say befuzzled?) about the knee length leggings you sent me. I mean I was VERY VERY grateful but I didn't see how they would be any more useful than regular ones. Well let me slap myself for you because THEY ARE A STRAIGHT UP DREAM COME TRUE. I put them on yesterday & it was like magic to my chilled femur bones. So thank you. All, ALLLLLLL of your Christmas presents have proved to be prophetic & nothing shy of completely necessary so thank you thank you thank you. Since we live on the 27th floor the wind does howl pretty loud, but I am grateful for our little space heaters. It's so interesting to me that Hong Kong doesn't have heating in any building. Actually they love air conditioning... air flow in general. Right now in the library the Air conditioning is going. They also do it at church. NO one takes off their coats because it's basically the North Pole in the church. Sort of interesting. 

We had some faith building experiences this week. It's so true that the forces of evil are well organized but I can testify with more knowledge than I have ever had before that the forces for good are even better organized. We will meet so many people on the trains or on the street, testify & I can literally see the light of the gospel touch their eyes. We will make appointments to meet with them & then they won't return our calls, or become anti-ed, & it just makes me so sad. I want these Chinese people to have the happiness that I feel. I want them to have the Book of Mormon & know that their Heavenly Father & Jesus Christ love them. So that's why I am here. I am so grateful for this opportunity & incredible blessing to speak broken Cantonese & testify that Jesus is the Christ & the way to finding complete happiness.

One of our investigators names is Ammon. He is a typical & slightly nerdy 13 year old. I love him so much. He talks the speed of a racing airplane & so I basically cannot understand anything he says but I love him regardless. He is progressing so well but we are just having a little bit of a hard time getting him to see why he needs to come to church. He is so sweet though & I feel privileged to teach him. But how interesting that the English name he chose for himself is Ammon. Because where does the name Ammon come from? Oh yeah, that's right, The Book of Mormon. CHA CHING. We said he found it online but we asked him to read about Ammon this weekend from the Book of Mormon so I will be excited to hear (actually have Sister Nielsen translate for me later) what he has to say.

Another one of our investigators name is Lulu. She is 20 & I love her so much! She is so prepared. (When people talk about "prepared people" I never really understood the truth of that statement until I came to a city with 7 million people) She gets back from visiting her family in Mainland tomorrow (!!!!) so we are so excited to meet with her & keep help her progressing. 

Okay here's my funny note for the week. Apparently there's a little bit of fear left over from the SARS epidemic here in Hong Kong. Because it's not weird in the slightest to show up to church, walk down the street, hit up the Subway with one of those face surgical masks on. They wear them if they have a cold so they aren't coughing everywhere. (I guess?)  HAHAHA. It cracks me up. Mostly because Cantonese is hard enough to understand but when people try to talk to me through their green surgical mask I can kiss the hope of understanding good bye because it becomes so muffled. I cannot even express how funny I think it is. Also, another cultural thing that I find amusing is eating habits. Hong Kong people have no reservations about talking with a mouthful of food. Since we use chopsticks here they don't cut their meat so they just stuff these gobbs of meat (bones and all) into their mouth & then spit things out as they go. It's very loud, & dare I say slightly intimidating? By American standards those are bad table manners, am I right? But do you know what is rude here in China? Using a toothpick. Yep feel free to rip apart your meal with things hanging out of your mouth but don't you dare pick at your teeth for other people to see. If you do need to use a toothpick, you better put a napkin in front so no one can see you pick out all the meat & veggies out of your teeth. HAHAHA. I honestly get a kick out of it every time. I wish you all could experience Hong Kong with me.

Yesterday we had a miracle. (typical!) We have a great Gospel Principles teacher who has 2 non-member teenage daughters. Throughout the week I had the impression that we needed to visit her & her daughters. We tried calling her & after a few attempts finally got a hold of her. She said that they were busy & that she would get back to us. HUH. Well I told Sister Nielsen that we needed to tell her that we had repeatedly been impressed to see her & her daughters. Well what do you know. We told her that in Relief Society & then she took us home with her!!! We ate probably the biggest meal since coming to Hong Kong, (I literally was full up to my tonsils) & then shared a message from Lesson 1. It's such a testament that promptings are real & should never be delayed.

I need to be better at taking pictures. Hopefully I will get a new camera soon because I want you to be able to see everything I do, everyday! The Ward members & various people we contact will always ask me what I like about Hong Kong. I always answer-- All the different people & all the new things to look at.

I am going to hurry & type responses to all your emails, but know that I love each & every one of you SOOO very much. I know families can be together forever. I know Jesus Christ lives & through the Atonement we can experience everlasting peace & happiness. I know God knows us personally, by name & through obeying his commandments we experience miracles everyday.

Thank you for your love, support, & for making this experience possible for me!
Happy New Year!!! 
I LOVE YOU ALLL SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love, Paahk Jimuih

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