Monday, January 21, 2013

Geographically were divided, but in purpose we're united!

Here is Ashley's latest email. I love Sunday nights!! It's always good to find out what sweet Ashley has been up to!!
Oh and she asked me to post her new corrected address!! She loves mail!!!

Sister Ashley Palmer

18 Dorset Crescent
Kowloon Tong
Hong Kong

Greetings loved ones! Jouhsahn! (Good morning)

Okay here we are, I am so excited to email all of you. I love reading your emails and hearing all about your fun lives: the good, the bad and the wonderful. It is such a blessing we have this gospel that unites us amid the miles that are between us. I am so grateful for all of you. I really cannot adequately express how much you all mean to me.

 I feel like my last email was pretty worldly. I need to repent. I also and going to make an effort to not complain/mention/drop a line for the things I lack in my language abilities... because that's all I have done since my first email from the MTC. Let's tell you the good, the weird, the awesome, & the blessings of this past week.

Okay I want to testify I know your prayers are working because guess who came to church yesterday?!?!?! Lulu!!! And Loh Jimuih! I don't think I have told you about Loh Jimuih yet. She is the best. She is loud, speaks really fast Chinese & just cracks me up. I love that she knows that I can't understand her but she talks to me anyway and I just really eat her up. Anyway!!!!!! Yes. They both came to church yesterday. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR PRAYERS. It was such a miracle to see them both there. Poor Lulu was really nervous. She was sweating really bad. I'm not sure why and I am worried about her but I know that we are on the Lord's errand & that is the only reason we can resolve her concerns. I'm going to be honest. Before my mission I didn't even grasp the importance of church attendance. Now I realize that it is crucial for salvation because we need to make these friendships, rescue those who have fallen by the wayside, and be continually nourished ourselves. I promise never to take church meetings for granted again. I was so grateful for this. God is so merciful. Faith & prayer change things! I testify this is true.

On Friday, Sister Nielsen and I had quite the adventure. We went to this remote place in Hong Kong and went finding. We had never been there before & oh my heck it was QUITE the experience. We were literally hiking around this mountain side, knocking on people's doors, being barked at (& in one instance chased) by dogs, and we found lots of people to talk with and share our testimony's with. After the first hour experiencing lots of rejection, some people were even really cruel about it (they even said mean things I could understand), we saw miracles. We talked with people, got their phone numbers, and found lots of potentials. At one point we were hiking around and we passed one of the little tin hut homes (I don't know how else to describe them) and I had the impression we should knock. But there was this man that I didn't want following us so we didn't knock on that door. Later before we left I realized I couldn't live with myself if we didn't knock so I asked Sister Nielsen if we could go back. We did & I began to tell her who we we were & why we were here sharing a message with her. She told us that she had to help her 82 year old mother but to please come back!!!! WHAT?????!!!! I almost passed out. When we left we heard her yelling to someone in her house "That was 2 white american girls talking to me about Jesus!" This area is really out in the middle of nowhere, so I don't know how soon we can go back, but I really want to go visit this lady again. President Monson is so right-- "Never delay a prompting."

Also on this finding we contacted a family of 6!!! They had 4 really cute little kids and both of the parents were really normal and nice! (also sort of unheard of) Anyway, please pray really hard that we will have the opportunity to teach this cute and wonderful family. I am so excited at the prospect.

Anyway, the Lord blesses me far more than I deserve. I want to testify that I know Jesus is the Christ lives. He forgives us of our shortcomings if we will only follow his perfect example. I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God and contains the fullness of the gospel. I know faith is real and Heavenly Father wants nothing more than to bless & help us. I know the people of Hong Kong need this message. They just don't always know it yet. But I know there are prepared people here & I am going to talk to 99 of them so I can find the 1 who is ready and willing to accept Jesus Christ and be changed through this restored gospel.

I hope you all get feeling better and have a wonderful week! I love & miss you all already. You're in my prayers!
Love Paahk Jimuih

Ps. stay tuned for next week's email as I share about the incredible similarities and make comparisons between Hong Kong & Disneyland.

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