Monday, December 3, 2012

I'm Leaving on a jet plane!!

Here's Ashley with her companion Sister Larson and her teacher.
 Humanitarian service projects on Thanksgiving.
Sister Palmer and Sister  Larson
 Rolls from home for Thanksgiving
 Christmas lights!! Things are festive at the MTC.
 Ashley and her district having fun! YAY!! love jumping pictures!! Well, here is Ashley's last email from the MTC. She leaves early next Monday December 10th, will have a brief layover in Los Angeles and then is Hong Kong bound!!
Family, Singdaan Faailohk! (Merry Christmas!!!!)
In the words of John Denver in less than 7 days I am leaving the safety bubble of the MTC & heading to HONG KONG! I truly never thought this day would come. HA! I meet new missionaries all the time who say they recieved their call when I got to the MTC on September 26th. So funny.
Okay did you just love the Christmas devotional last night? I knew it!!! Did Mom cry during President Monson's address? I loved it so much. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!!!
Here is a quick update for the week since I basically have no time:
-Language moment of the week: I told my investigator that
"I know Heavenly Father will help us know what to sin."
.....................................................................................yep cool. The word for sin is jeuih. Then I said jo (basically it's like -ly in english) & then I finally I sad jouh which is to do.
Her face was priceless. Hong Kong here I come!!!!! Let's give 3 cheers for foreign languages & inexperienced speakers. Hip hip hooray x3!
-We have had some awesome speakers at the MTC. Lately it has been members of the 70 who have all delivered inspiring adddresses that I try to implement immediately. They always know exactly what to say. The spirit is so real!!!!
-How was everyone's fast Sunday? Mine was SO good! I even bore my testimony in Cantonese to our Branch yesterday! I was so nervous even there were only 5 people who could understand me. (Since there are only 6 Cantonese speakers the rest of our Branch are English missionaries) But everyone was so kind & said they could feel the spirit even if they couldn't understand a word I said. Luckily the Spirit speaks to everyone regardless of their language!
-TRC this week rocked my world! I know, shocking right?! We were assigned to teach revelation through Chruch attendance. I shared an experience I had before the mission where I received revelation that the main purpose of going to church was not so I could be spiritually filled, but that I could help others, & adminster to their needs. The volunteer, Brother West started crying & then he shared an experience of when he received revelation at church. Not only could I understand him I could feel the Spirit so strong. i wish I could have grabbed a bag & filled it & sent it home to you. Everyone needs this gospel & to feel God's outstretched hands like that. Good news! That's why I am going to Hong Kong!
Okay I am about out of time. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN PACKAGE. Okay Mom you outdid yourself, that thing was huge. This one Elder said, "Oh is there a small tiger in there?" But thank you for giving me a piece of home & that countdown. You know me so well & I am so grateful.
I know this church is so true. I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I am a little scared to go to Hong Kong, but I am so excited to share the good news that because Jesus Christ lives, we are never alone. Not only did he suffer for our sins, he suffered our pains so he could know how to help us. I know prayer is real & God answers every prayer. I know with the Holy Ghost & the Book of Mormon I can become the kind of missionary God wants me to be.
Thank you for your prayers, support, letters, kind thoughts, & love.
Paahk Jimuih

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  1. She's the best companion I could dream of for my daughter! Thank you for teaching her well!