Monday, November 19, 2012

Round up your cornicopias, there is so much to be grateful for.

This week will be a little hard, having Ashley so close but not being able to have her come home for Thanksgiving. I'm holding myself back from taking a plate of food over there and leaving it by the fence. I will be sending her some rolls on Wednesday though!! A few more details about the ambassador story she talks about. He came to the MTC about a month ago and met the missionaries in Ashley's district, (some of them are learning Cantonese and going to Australia instead of Hong Kong) They were instructed to be very respectful. They had to call him "your excellency" and they couldn't talk about the gospel for the few minutes that he was with them, yet obviously he felt the spirit during their short time together. So glad Ashley got to be part of that miracle.

Leih ho! Family!
Are you getting your turkey on? I have no doubt you are you festive gratitudians! Ah. I can almost smell the house & the turkey (but mostly the crescent rolls) now! How fun. I wish I could be there, But know how much I love you & I can't adequately express how much I am grateful for you.
Okay La, here we go!
-Following up with the Ambassador of Sri Lanka & Austrailia postcard that I sent you, The rather robust man that was the mediator of all that happening came to us later that week to thank us for our professionalism. But he told us of a miracle. He said that right now there are no missionaries in Sri Lanka but after the ambassador spoke with us he went to Salt Lake & later that day was going to allow Senior missionaries there to speak English. Isn't that incredible? It's a small step in a life saving & eternal work.
-Let me tell you about TRC. I will just come out & say it: I hate it. Now I am a self proclaimed lover so let me explain myself. TRC is when the volunteers come into the MTC & you teach them. The English speaking missionaries teach there every day so it's no big deal to them, but we teach there once a week & our lucky day is Saturday. From weeks 3-7 we taught 2-20 minute lessons, & now from weeks 8-11 you teach 1 -40 minute lesson on previously assigned doctrines. Yep, you guessed it, teaching in Cantonese. Now even though it's scary usually the feedback is positive so after you feel good about yourself. However, this one time, I think it was week 4 (??) a volunteer wrote on her evaluation that she felt "uncomfortable" I'm sorry............ WHAT?! You feel uncomfortable?! After 3.5 weeks of being here I'm trying to speak to you in Cantonese & you're the one that comes away uncomfortable?! Hahahaha. Looking back it's basically wildly hilarious but at the time I was quite distraught. Ever since I go into TRC like I'm going to a battlefield. Well this past week I thought we had the best lesson we could have possibly prepared & what do you know, no volunteers showed up. We ended up teaching Sister Farr (BOOYA) as herself. It was incredible. The spirit was so strong & even though I couldn't speak basically anything, it didn't matter. The Spirit was so tangible & I know that Heavenly Father lives & loves us. I wish I could explain it better. There are simply not words. I wish I could explain how happy I am here.
-Okay I love my Cantonese district so much. Sister Larson is as wonderful as ever, I confessed to Elder Shaffer in companionship inventory (PMG pg 150) that since he gets Cantonese so well I am his trial here at the MTC, HAHAHA, (I promise I am being on my best behavior here) & I love Sister Alder-she's an angel, Sister Wright is a huge example, & Elder White is so much fun & has such a great spirit. We are so blessed here in District 45-D.
-The big buzz around here is about Thanksgiving on Thursday. The morning devotional will include a general authority. You better believe I'm going to be there 2 hours before it starts. That is totally happening. I can't wait to tell you all about it. Who is coming is very hush hush & I am as excited as you are to find out who it will be.
- I do not deserve to be fed this well. Last night we watched the talk by Elder Bednar on The Character Of Christ. (it was the talk he gave last Christmas here at the MTC)  He said, "Who you are is far more important that what you will ever say." This is a huge comfort to me. As long as I continue to be completely obedient, I know I will be able to teach the people of Hong Kong what they need to know because I will have the spirit with me. Elder Bednar also encouraged as part of the talk to get a brand new paper back copy of the Book of Mormon, write down a question, & then as you read mark every time you find answers to your question. He said, "by the time you're my age you should have a whole libary full of copies of the Book of Mormon marked with answers to different questions. I'm totally going to do it & I am so excited.
-Thank you for anyone who has written me & also those who are praying for me. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate & feel them. Honestly. I know when I feel like I can't go anymore,& then all of the sudden I get a new burst of energy it's an answer to someone praying for me, somewhere. So thank you. Thank you so much. I am so weak & I need them so much.
Family, I love you all so much. Do you know that? I am constantly reminded of how lucky & blessed I am to have you. You are perfect. So supportive, so loving, & your letters keep me laughing. Thank you for the packages & for always sending my stuff. I am so sorry I am so high maintenance. At this special time of year I will be thinking of you & praying that you all continue to be blessed in all you do.
I'm about out of time, but I will be sending a nice little recording, so be looking for that wherein I can respond to all your lovely messages. You are all so very funny & Mondays are my very favorite because I get to hear from each & every one of you.
I know Jesus Christ lives. I know that He loves each and every one of us individually. I know the Atonement can ease all of our pains & make our burdens seem light. I know that the Book of Mormon is true & answers all the questions of the soul. I know families are forever. I know missionary work is God's work & I am so humbled to be apart of it.
I LOVE YOU FOREVER & EVER. MISS YOU ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love, Paahk Jimuih

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