Monday, November 5, 2012

If you Invest In God, He will invest in You!!

Here is Ashley with her companions outside the residence hall. Fall has arrived at the MTC!!

 Ashley and her district with her teachers. Sister Tai and Sister Farr. She loves them.

She loves a good temple walk. The curtseys continue.

She found Sister Abby Tucker on one of her walks. Yay!!

Here's another great letter from Ashley...

My favorite people!!!!! LEEEEEIIIIHHHHHHOOOOOO!
I think it is safe to say this is the only time in my life where I will say with all sincerity, ¨I love Mondays!!!!¨ Yay for P-days. How are you all? I hope so good. I can't wait to hear your Dear Elder's later today :) I miss you & love you all so much.
Okay! So here we go, here's what's new down in the MTC.
-I found out what my name means in Cantonese, Paahk= Vigor & Life. Cool right? I am trying to live up to our family name & live each day with vigor & excitement.
- Okay so the Cafeteria showered down blessings upon me twice this week. Can you say "Sweet Pork Salad" & Wingers sticky fingers? Because GUESS WHAT. It happened. Sure the salad only had 1.5 TBSP of chicken but I was so grateful & shouting to anyone at our table how good it was. I honestly was being ridiculous & embarrassing. The wingers chicken for dinner was a similar experience. I need help.
-This week's language moment is brought to you by ommitted anonmyous. So- a little background: before I lecft on my mission both Bishop Walker (can't wait to hear the news!) & President Gleason both counseled me to be a bold & fearless missionary. Well mouh damsam because I am doing just that, whether I know it or not. It has been brought to my attention via my tuhngbuhn's that I have a habit of ommitting the word "if" when extending commitments during lessons. For example: "I know you will read the Book of Mormon & you will know Joseph Smith is a prophet." Not "if" you read, I know you will read. ha. It reminds me of those times we saw those parents at Disneyland that would tell their kids, "you are going to go on this ride & you are going to like it." hahaha. Elder Shaffer thought I was just being bold at first, but even though it's been brought to my attention when appropriate I might as well keep doing it. Ha! I've always said, "Go bold or go home."
-Speaking of bold, that is what I am doing with our investigator Kim. We have about taught her all the lessons but I still don't feel like she is getting it. I finally told her: "Kim our message is either true or it is not. I can't give you my testimony. You have to want it for yourself. We've taught you about praying with a sincere heart. Now it's your turn to do it." YOu should have seen her eyes! Ha. So pray for Kim. I am hoping we can solitify her baptism for next week. But as soon as she knows the Book of Mormon is true it will all fall into place. The Book of Mormon is so powerful. I love it.
-I promise this is me Sister Ashley Palmer. I promise. Just wanted to preface my next request so you didn't think someone had hacked my email. Mom could you send me some print outs of some of your workouts? I know. Are you sitting down? Have you passed out? Okay sweet glad you're still there. Because Sister Larson is still sick I do gym at the residence hall & running up & down the stairs for 20-30 minutes is so monotonous. I know. I KNOW. I never thought this day would come either.... the day where I ask for one of our cross-fit mama's work out's. What is this world coming to? :)
-This week I wrote my missionary purpose, & instead of sharing my testimony this week, I thought I would share this. I think they go hand in hand:
Heavenly Father has been preparing me to serve for a long time. I can look back now & see that. He loves me & I can feel it so powerfully. My purpose as a missionary is to bring souls to Christ. With God, nothing is impossible. Not the language, not finding families, & not feelings of inadequacy. Missionary work is not of men. Missionary work is orchestrated by God because He loves his children. I promise to always have faith and work through the trials & the hard times. I promise to work everyday so I can look back & see that not a moment was wasted. I promise to always listen to the spirit & always act on those promptings. I promose to teach people and not lessons. I promise to read, use & love the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon coupled with the spirit is the perfect missionary to testify that Jesus is the Christ. I promise to look for families & tell them that they can be together forever. I promise to serve. I promise to thank Heavenly Father & pray always. I want God to know that if He needs something done or a person to be loved & talked to, I'll do it. I know that if God has enough faith in me to be a good missionary I need to put enough faith in Him to get me there. I will plan & be completely obedient. I will be a representative of Jesus Christ.
"I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it."
-I love Missionary work & I am so happy to be here! While sometimes it is so much easier to focus on the things I can't say in Cantonese, I am so grateful that my Heavenly Father trusts me enough to teach His children in Hong Kong.
-We had to move residence halls (dorm is a forbidden word at the MTC, haha) & so now Sister Larson & I will only have 4 of us in a room rather than 6! And guess who is coming this week... The new Cantonese district! We are all so excited. It is the exact same as ours. 2 sisters going to Hong Kong & 1 solo Elder going to Sydney, Austrailia.
Dad-I'm so glad you had fun @ South Pacific, even if the music wasn't your fave. I was laughing so hard about Mom & her counting story. I can just see your face during that whole convo. So funny! Thank you for the Yellowstone story, I LVOED IT. ps are you reazlly planning to go there March 2014 or is that a little joke?
Mom- I'm so sorry you've been sick, are you feeling better??? THANK YOU FOR YOUR PACKAGES. Since Halloween didn't exist here (although I did wear my Cheetah headband I told everyone I was a cheetah), so the package was so perfect & delicious. YOU'RE NOT SURPRISED BUT I AM OBSESSED WITH ALL THE PICTURES. Oh my the jumping & laughing ones... be still my soul. I love love love them. Your Reeses's package was so clever, hahahahahha I loved it.
McKay- Hi Ghandi! 4.0: typical you. Are you valedictorian or what? hahahahha thanks for the chief updates I miss him completeling my life with his weather repeorts. But I will have you know I miss you more. ARe you voting for Romney or what?
Spencer-You're a dream. Good job on Math & matching socks. Also, thank you for sharing your testimony. I loved it so much.
WAde-HAHAHAHHAHAHAHa your mrs. wEasley costume is the greatest thing I have ever  seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're a celebrity here. Did you have a fun halloween?
RAchel- you-whoooo Who is your secret admirer? I loved your Owl costume!!!! Did you get lot's of candy? Did you get asked if you were from the Snow Pony?
Well once again my time is up!!! I well send you a letter with more comments on your hilarious letters & more updates.
I love you all SOOOOOOOOO MUCH! Thank you for all your support & prayers! I don't deserve you.
Love Paahk Jimuih
ps Hermana Farr if you are reading this HI I'm obsessed with you, I pray for you everyday & will write you a letter TODAY!!!! I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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