Friday, November 16, 2012

I love the MTC

So Sorry this is late this week. I must have forgot to hit publish!! OOPS!!!
Here's Ashley's latest... She sounds so great!!

Dearest Loved Ones,
Oh my sweet Cantonese speaking tongue. It was such a delight to hear all of your voices this week. While I was doing one of the hot hot hot workouts Mom sent me (THANK YOU BY THE WAY) inside the residence hall, I listened to them & was just laughing oh so hard. You all are very funny & I appreciated your kind words & stories so much.
Okay... highlights: Here we go.
-So there I was in my class just hohksaahping the Cantonese & I may or may not have tuned out my dear teacher for a teeny tiny baby second & she asked me a question. Well I thought she said something about lunch so I pull a Mosiah 3:19 instead of asking her to repeat herself. I answered "Pizza" (because I thought I heard the word lunch & that was what I had dined on earlier that day) Did she ask what I had for lunch? No. Not even close. So it's pretty sweet. I"m now the fat kid in Cantonese class.
-The new Cantonese district got here this week. One of them is Natalya's friend from a camp that she worked at. I love her!!! (She actually reminds me of my roommate Kelsey from Snow College so naturally I love her.) Sister Wright is also great & Elder White is wonderful as well. The gospel is bringing us together one principle at a time & I seriously love everyone. Sister Larson & I are still having a great time & Elder Shaffer is doing great & still loving 3rd Nephi. As you can see, all is well in Zion.
-BIG NEWS THAT MAKES MY KNEES FEEBLE & my heart quake: I'm on Week 8 here. Are you as shocked as I am? As of Saturday I am at less than a month at the MTC & then kung-pow Hong Kong here I come!
-You asked about what speakers have been here. For Relief Society we have been enjoying hearing both last week & this week from members of the Primary presidency. This past week devotional was so good. Elder Zwick from the seventy spoke about becoming a disciple. 3 Nephi 5:13 (Look it up!) He talked about how true discipleship is rarely easy or comfortable. But as I thought about that, true discipleship is a price worth paying. God is the same yesterday, today, & forever. But I am not! Each choice I make will reflect if I am coming closer to Christ & being able to be called one of his disciples. There is no such thing as being the same as yesterday. I am moving forward or I am moving back. It has been very humbling to think about that this week & think about all my shortcomings & what I want to improve on.
-This week I had a very humbling chat with my teacher, Sister Tai. As she was talking to me I felt like I was having my own con-fab (shout out to Grandma Gooch!) with the Spirit. I was thinking about all the things I was doing that are so selfish. The MTC is not about me. It just isn't. It's not about me learning Cantonese here & then I'll help some people later. No! It's about me helping His children now! I know you all are too kind to tell me to get a grip when I complain but I feel like I was whacked with a big humble paddle & then wrapped in a huge hug. After I had this little experience & began to implement it, I saw my language continue to increase even more. Heavenly Father is there & He is so good to me.
-How about all this snow? People at the MTC are honestly freaking out about it. Some love it, & some hate it. Some pray for more, & others have told me that they are praying for a heat wave. Have Big S & Wade gone Snowboarding yet? Also Sister Wright says that we are all going to play in it today for P-day. Let me just say right here & right now that I will not be doing that. Hahaha. I don't have Snow gear & I care too much about my limbs.
-We have been memorizing Joseph Smith's first vision in Cantonese. I am almost done! I have one sentence left. Can I just attest to the fact of the miracle of fasting? I would fast every day if it were a medically sound thing to do. Really though. It's incredible how when we put our physical needs aside & on the back burner how Heavenly Father opens up his spiritual flood gates & pours such delicious knowledge into our minds.
Side notes: shoe size 8.5. Thank you AGAIN! You are truly angels for not being mad & helping me, a sister, out. Also the blog draft you asked about Mom? I know this is probably wildly disappointing because you were hoping for some delicious story but it was when I surprised Heather in Arizona aka the greatest surprise I have ever had the opportunity to be apart of. I know you were crossing your fingers for some intimate detail that I had somehow yet seemingly left out but alas, not the case.
Dad- YOU WERE TEXTING INSTEAD OF READING THE NEWSPAPER? Someone call in the Marines because I think we have a 23-19. I'm serious. I love when you text! What a delight? Did you end up going to the BYU game in this frigid weather? I bet you were so nippity chill. I hope you are unthawed by now. Also I told some missionaries about your piggy back ride gift. People are astounded that you would do such a thing!
Mom- YOUR SUNSHINE PACKAGE. Like what? Perfection timing. THANK You you sweet sweety sweeter. Seriosuly. It was perfect timing. I was having a minorly bad afternoon because I felt like I couldn't understand anything & your package turned my frown upside down. Also great goal to read the 4 gospels before Christmas. I do declare that I will join you. See you at the finish line.
McKay aka Zipper Zurley- Your emails are honestly a straight up SNL skit. Tell me more about your dating life. I'd like pictures & a brief synopsis. Or a long synopsis. Your choice. Also I hated your pumpkin. Bane is the worst. He gives me nightmares.
Spencer- speaking of nightmares, I'm glad you had fun on your zombie slayer race!!!!  that sounds so fun yet so scary. Also I was cracking up that 90% of your voice record to me was about food. nothing has changed. I'm so glad.
Wade- hahahahhahahahahha. You are still doing nicotene jokes? Yes you should probably stop but I was laughing so hard that you know MOm & Dad are disappointed when you say them. Also what have you & Big S been debating/fighting about?
Rachel- Thanks for your letter!!!! I love you so much! Sister Larson says hi! I hope you are still loving school & your fun little Life. I miss you!!!!
The church is so true. I love being a missionary. I feel like I was born for this lifestyle. I am so happy & I feel so blessed. Thank you for your support & prayers.
Ngoh ngoi Leihdeih!!!!
Love, Paahk Jimuih

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