Monday, October 22, 2012

Word to the family

Yay!! Time for another email from Ashley!! I added some pictures that Ashley sent me as well.
Family, HI HI HI HI HI HI!!!!
Oh my how are you all! I cannot wait to get my Dear Elder's tonight & hear all about what you cute kids have been up to this past week. Also, I was wondering, I would love to hear all your testimony's so if you have a free little baby second & would want to, I would love for you to send me those sometime in the next couple of days. I mean only if you want to, are feeling spiritual, not wanting to hide your talents under a bushel, etc.
So this week has been a whirlwind. I seriously don't know/understand/cannot fathom where the days are going. This week will be officially one month. MATYEH? (what?) How did that happen.
Let me be selfish here & take the next few (lot) bullet points to talk about me/myself/ & I. (also why am I doing all sorts of /? I'm going to stop.)
-CONTRARY to what (I'm assuming) Fritz told you, hahahahaha no I do not watch Legacy every week! In fact, I usually watch talks Sunday night. They have talks here that the General Authorities have given that are only availiable here. However, I was peeing my pants laughing last week because we watched the movie about the SAlt lake temple being built. Straight up religious comedy right there. Watch it. You'll like it.
-I love Alma chapter 34. I have been shredding (inappropriate word choice?) through it this week. Everything is so easily applicable to me right now. I love when it talks about "crying" unto the Lord because he is mighty to save. I have never prayed so much in my life and felt so much of Jesus Christ's love. I am so grateful for the testimony and knowledge I have.
-Teaching is still hard. It stresses me out. Actually yesterday I started having a panic attack (minor one, category 3 no need to be alarmed) And so I found myself praying a lot. I want my Cantonese to be better than it is. I study it all the time, but I just want it now. (Patience is not my best virtue.) Anyways as I was praying & meditating on my predicament yesterday,I heard the spirit speak to me & say "I love you, but you learn to speak through speaking." Actually, now that I think about it, the voice said that to me in Cantonese. I know it was the spirit talking right to me. SO- today I am speaking no English aka SYL (speak your language) Yes I am very afraid, & yes you read that right. I need an intervention but I also need to show the Lord I am willing to put forth some serious effort & faith & not just be a closet studier. Is this story even making sense? I hope so. What I am trying to say is, I know the Lord loves me & is going to help me because He loves me. I have faith, & I am trying not to doubt. I am so grateful for prayer & that even though I can't call you all everyday, there is one home I can always call.
-Also, yesterday was a long sunday because I was called as the Coordinating sister. So humbling, but I spent the whole day in meetings! I am so excited for this opportunity & chance to grow & make more friends!
-You're not surprised, but I bought a new black skirt. My black pencil skirt was driving me up the wall (as the teeny-boppers would say cray, cray) so I bought a nice one for merely $25 (yih suhp ngh) You're mad? I'm really happy though & it is very comfortable... so no regrets here.
-I love my teachers!!!!! They are the best. Have I told you about them? Sister Tai (native from Hong Kong) & Sister Farr (from Ogden area.) Yesssss... FARR so naturally I am obsessed with her.She is the happiest human alive. They are so patient with me & help me so much. I love them.
-The older Cantonese district leaves in one week! (Sister Ainge, & Elder (serious) Staheli) It is so weird to think about! I can't believe that the time has already come. Also I have been getting Elder Serious to laugh... Challenge mastered.
-Will you ask Jenn if her husband Thomas is actually a missionary? There is a missionary here that STRAIGHT UP looks like him. I make awkward eye contact whenever I see him because I am just so confused... I thought he was married to my friend Jennifer.
-Hi I'm obnoxious (name that movie) & was wondering. Could you send me a pair of my long sweats? It's kind of cold in our residence halls. Also, I'm so grateful for the alarm clock you sent, like really it's a nice piece of fine craftsmanship but can you send a digital one? I can never get it to go off right at 6:30 & after Sister Ainge leaves I will be unable to be assured that it will go off right then. I'm so sorry. Feel free to say no. PS I LOVE YOU (& no I'm not talking about the movie.
-Okay so the boys thought I was bad when I would wash my face when I would get water everywhere... BUT THEY HAVEN'T SEEN ANYTHING. There are 3 Korean sisters here & they turn our bathroom into a swimming pool. NO EXAGGERATION. It's incredible. I don't understand it.
-HA! Ok so the other day I was leaving & I was talking to Sister(s) Ainge & Larsen when all of the sudden I hear "ASHLEY!!!!" being yelled down the residence hall. There were several girls on the floor & their was an audible gasp that she called me by my first name. hahahahaha. We gave each other an awkward hug & then went on our ways. SO FUNNY! People here kill me. It reminds me of the story that you told me Mom when you dropped me off.
-Everyone has been sick here! But knock on wood because the sick destroyer has not gotten control of my healthy bod yet!!! I am loving hand sanitizer like Thomas S. Monson loves service, & Russell M. Nelson loves giving heart surgery. It would be so rough to be sick here so I am so grateful.
-Yesterday for Relief Society guess who came? Ann M. Dibb!!!! It was so awesome!!! She shared the best stories about President Monson.
-I love singing hymns in Cantonese.
Dad- Your BYU stories & dinner debate stories KILLED ME. I was laughing so hard. bravo. Maybe it's time you & Mom invest in some quality Cable TV. Keep me posted!!!
Mom- YOu domestic Goddess!@!@! Your treats are so good. Also  I KNEW THAT WOULD be your reaction about my teacher. ahahahahahaha. Called it. REally though thank you for writing me every day & for all your thoughtful packages.
Mckay-how was your blessing?!!!!! Tell me all about it. Who gave it to you? I love mine. It changed my life.
Spencer- How's driving? Warning people to stay off the sidewalks? Do you like to be a Priest now?
Wade- ARe you going to be Mrs. WEasely for Halloween? How's XC? Do you & 2 cake Spanks go on runs together?
Rachel-I loved your testimony!!!! I WANT TO HEAR MORE ABOUT THIS ADMIRER!
Okay my time is up! Thank you for everything! I know this church is true. I know Jesus Christ's atonement is real. I know it will all be okay in the end & if it's not okay it's not the end. I know the Book of Mormon is true. I love that book. I know Jesus Christ lives & our Heavenly Father loves us. I know prayer changes things.
I love & miss you all so much! Thank you for your sacrifices so I can be here!!!! I'll try & send a letter this afternoon! Thanks for your prayers!
Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Paahk Jimuih

Enjoying General Conference!!

Time for Bed!!
 The last day for one of her Cantonese teachers. (He's in the middle.) I think he is cute! She never told me if he is married or not.
 New friends.

Ashley always finds  a way to be the fun sister. Here is some curtsey lessons.

Signs of the serious.

No she is not training to be an air traffic controller, just practicing the tones of Cantonese.

She loves temple walks!! They never get old.
As you can see Sister Palmer is loving her life and having fun along the way!! look for another update next week!!

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