Monday, October 15, 2012

MTC week #3

Anyone care to know what my favorite day of the week is right now? Monday!! Cause it's the day we get a delightful email from Sister Palmer!! Enjoy!!
Hello my Family!
Can you believe I have been here 2.5 weeks? I can/can't. Oh my goodness. I feel like I have always been a missionary. Does that make sense? It's a weird thing to think about. I am just so glad I can write you! Ok so can I just say how blessed we are here? On Tuesday, Elder Bednar came & spoke for Tuesday Devotional with his wife. How lucky are we? General Conference and then Elder Bednar... yes we were all freaking out, screaming, kissing on cheeks, hugging... all of that is true except for the kissing part. Anyway-- he spoke on General Conference. I thought to myself, out of all the things he could have chosen to speak on & that's what he chose... Must be pretty important. He said that when he studies General Conference he goes through the talks and then looks for 1. what doctrine is being taught. 2. What we are being invited to do & 3. Look for the promised blessings. I can't wait to implement his instruction. Also, yesterday Sister Linda K. Burton came & spoke to the sisters for Relief Society!!!! Like I said, we are so very blessed & loved here!
This week had unique challenges and extraordinary blessings. Sister Larsen has been sick with the flu, one of our teacher's Brother Fogt left, & I continued to struggle in learning Chinese. I decided this week to make a simple extra sacrifice, and I asked God if in turn he would help my mind to be clear so I could first obtain His word and then declare His word. No one is surprised to hear this, But it did indeed work! I was retaining gospel sentences that I would repeatedly study. I need Him so much here. Learning Cantonese is so hard. As I was thinking about my time here, I was reminded of a talk from General Conference I listened to this summer in the Fit. (How's she doing by the way?!) Anyway it's from Elder D. Todd Christofferson a couple of years ago. He relates the experience of Hugh B. Brown where he is pruning a bush & he imagined that the bush cried out "Why are you cutting me down? I thought you were the gardener! I though you were going to protect me!" The same is with us. I am a small simple bush and I am so grateful that the Lord loves me enough to cut me down, so he can build me up. This week when I would struggle I would have the same line in my head over & over, "Thank you for loving me enough to cut me down." Missionary work is so humbling. I've never felt so small & other times so powerful because of the Holy Ghost & God's love guiding me.
-Thank you THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! for the packages. Mom, you are a bless-ed & inspired woman. I'm not kidding. Last week I thought to myself "I wish I had some goldfish" & then Kung-pow! There they were. Thank you also for the Olay products and delicious homemade treats. My companions think you are straight up Bettty Crocker. I told them you were. ALSO THE PICTURES!!!!!!! I'M OBSESSED. I look at them every night. My book is more than full & I love them all! Mom are you just loving them? Are you going to make them into canvas's? What are your plans. Tell me Tell me. Dad, aren't you glad we did two sessions? Yep me too.
-I see so many people I know here. Elder Shaffer says we can't walk more than 5 minutes without me seeing someone I know. It's such a small world here. I see people from High School, Snow College (one of my new roommates is a girl from my institue class named Olivia... Sister MyGrant. She was in the class with Klayton. Heather, & above all my favorite Billy. WHAT A BLESSING! Hahaha) & I see people from like Elementary school, youth theater...etc.
-Elder (serious) Stalehi & I are making some nice progress. We enjoy a couple spouts of candid laughter.... He is still so interesting to me. He is obsessed with microwaves. I find it strange. Also McKay I saw your brother from another mother Jared Bellon. He is quite the comedian.
-Sister Whitney Mecham made it!!!!! And miracles haven't ceased because she is literally 4 doors away from me on my same floor! We enjoy enthralling conversations every night & just love our lives. Also Mom, she got your package!! She loved it. You're so nice.
-Some of my favorite MTC past times are making spontaneous original songs, curtseying (sp?), you-whoing, & OF COURSE "Would you rather questions."
-Okay so since I know about 10 words in Cantonese it now brings me to a point where I can make embarrassing mistakes. I get so nervous before we teach. It's not teaching that makes me nervous, it's that I will forget everything I've studied. We can't take notebooks, dictionaries... nothing into our lessons. Only our personal scriptures & preach my gospel in English. Can you say "no pressure?" So here are a few good things I did. Instead of saying "I know the thank you is true" I said "I know I'm sorry is true." Moyimunging= Book of Mormon mmhgoughsi= thank you. hahahaha. Yikes. I kept going & everyone was laughing & I didn't find out until after what I said. I also accidentally said that I have 7 people in my family & that 7 of them are my brothers. Our investigator looked at me with the widest eyes & I quickly remedied that I had 3. Oh the blessings of foreign languages.
-I love the people watching here. It is so good!!!! You all would love it. Everyday I'm just in the cafeteria & there are constantly just some great stuff going on. Also the Ice Cream is so good here!!!!
-I wish I had more time but I love my companions!
Dad, thank you again for the Father's blessing you gave me. It has been such a strength to me here. I read it often.
Mom, I loved your stories about Strawberry!!!! You're a comedian. No door on the outhouse sounds like your type of favorable conditions.
Mckay, How's calculus? Still rocking? How's work? Thanks for the poems. You are all so very clever!
Spencer, how's driving?!!?!?!?!?!??!?! Who's the lucky first lady you're going to take on a date?
Wade, THANK YOU for all the movie quotes. I was laughing so hard. My companions loved it. Also thank you for the Dr. Seuss quote. You're the sweetest.
Rachie bo Bachie- How's Jack? The bike ride sounds awful, I'm so proud of you for finishing!!! How's the Adam's peanut butter?
Can't wait to read your Dear Elder's! I'll put a letter in the mail this afternoon!
Love you,
Love Paahk Jimuih (Sister Palmer)

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