Monday, October 8, 2012

Is General Conference always this good?:

Moving in day! I wonder if she was able to fit all her clothes in that tiny closet. I'd have to say not likely.
Look at all those books. It makes me tired to think of not only carrying all those books around,but learning everything in those books!!

Ashley gets to go to the temple once a week and has two companions!Sister Larson from Texas and Sister Ainge from Springville.
I can tell from Sister Palmer's letters that she is loving her time at the MTC. Enjoy this weeks email!!

Leih Ho family!
Okay, let´s be real, is general conference always this good_  okay this keyboard is mental and will not type question marks. I am unsure what to do. the underscore mark is now a question mark apparently. Anyways, were you guys FREAKING OUT AT THE ANNOUNCEMENT___!!!! i THINK everyone should have the chance to see what people in the MTC were doing. We were all going nuts hooting, hollering etc. Mom, remember how this time last year you were worried they were going to change the age and then I would be going sooner_ OH my. I still cant get over it. MCKAY YOU CAN GO ON YOUR MISSION IN JUNE!!!! Are you going to? (notice the question marks are back, thanks Sister Ainge.) Anyways I am so excited that girls can now go when they are 19! it is all so wonderful. Please, everyone write and share your thoughts. I can't wait to read your Dear Elder's tonight & hear what you're feeling. What was your favorite talk? I personally loved Elder Nelson's "Ask the missionaries" talk. I am "One of the girls on the bikes" and I am SO EXCITED to be a missionary & a representative of Jesus Christ. Seriously though, did you all feel the spirit so powerfully? Every talk I just wanted more & more. I am spiritually exhausted and it feels so good. All the missionaries watched conference in a big assembly hall, and the Spirit was so strong there. I love this gospel. I know it is true.
Okay, this week has been so good! I still worry A LOT about Cantonese but I do my best & I pray harder than I ever have before. I know that I don't have to do this mission thing alone. Not only do I have wonderful companions, I know that Jesus Christ is there with me every step of the way & mostly carrying me. Thank you so much for your prayers on my behalf. I feel them, I need them, and they strengthen me. Cantonese is so interesting. For example, 'when asking questions you say things like can or cannot or want not want or willing not willing. The sentence structure is a lot like Caveman talk because it is subject, time, place, verb, object. Anyways, it's still hard but I am grateful for the challenge & hope I can make you all & my Heavenly Father proud.
So I honestly couldn't sleep for a second last night because I was so excited to write you. The MTC really is so fun. I feel like I could type you for 3 hours & still not have enough time to comment on all your wonderful letters & tell you about what I have been up to. In an effort to respond to everything & still be time efficient, I am going to just make a bulleted list.
-Okay see you at the Hale Mom. I can't wait. That will be so good. I love Dallin Val Bayles.... his voice speaks right to my soul. Really, how fun!! I am so jealous. Also, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE PACKAGE!!!!!! Sorry i keep asking for so much. You will be blessed for your sacrifice.
-we (sis Larsen & I) moved into Sister Ainge's room. My nasal passages fell in love with me all over again.
-facial zit count: only 2. For being in a classroom all day I find this very surprising, but I am very elated.
-I lvoe my companions Sister Larson, & Ainge. They are so wonderful!!! They help me to be a better missionary & push myself.
-I love when all the missionaries get together for a fireside or some other important event & a popular hymn is annouced & every one cheers or gives a fist punch to the air while saying "YESSSS." I now do it for every hymn regardless if it is popular or not.
-The food in the MTC is quite a delight. Mostly I enjoy a steady diet of cereal (I'm really loving 'Life' right now) and I also enjoy the wrap station. I do not like Salmon or quinoa. They had that the other night & I seriously thought I was going to pass out it was so sick. JK it was good. But really it wasn't. Mostly I am just astouded by the amount of people that work at the MTC!!!!! From the prepareres of the food to the servers to the dishwashers... Everyone is so nice. If I was a dishwasher at the MTC I would be so stressed! There are so many trays, unwanted food... it is honestly unreal.
-How was Spencer's birthday? (2 cake Hilly, I mean Spencer:) ) hahaha what did you guys do? I thought about you on Thursday night & figured you were at JCW's [x]true or []false
-Speaking of Spencer, is he still afraid of strangers?
-How's Wade? Why don't I hear from him very often?
-Rachel, how's school?! Still loving owls? Still "making your nest" before you go to bed?
-Mckay seen any other good Arthur episodes lately?
-Dad thanks for all your advice! Do you still enjoy the newspaper & watching Fox13 9 o clock news? Hows the election coming?
-Elder (serious) Staheli gets excited about 2 things. BYU football, & Jeffrey R. Holland. Oh and when he gets 8 onion rings on his hamburger. So I guess that's 3 things. He is so interesting. But I like him.
-I can't believe Heather never slept while she was here, I feel so bad because I sleep like a dream. I usually try and count to 100 in Cantonese before I fall asleep but sometimes I slip to dream land before that happens.
-Now that I mentioned dream land, that reminds me. I had a dream the other night that Brother Brookes (our home teacher) opened a Cafe Rio in a petting zoo. You can surely imagine how I felt about such a disgrace coming upon my favorite resteraunt. The family was loving it & so was Kayloni & her sister LaTonya but I was just mad & so sicked out. hahahaha.
Fam- I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!! Thank you everyone for all the letters, packages, and prayers. I am so blessed to have you all in my life. I feel so loved. I want you to know that i know this church is true! I cannot wait to share with teh people of Hong Kong my testimony that Jesus Christ lives, knows, & loves them. I know the Book of Mormon is true & was translated by the power of God for us, today. I know Heavenly Father stands waiting to make of our lives more than we could ever imagine if we will only let them.
Love you all. Thank you again for everything, I will try & write more today! I just have so much to say.
Love youuuuuuuu times infinity (oo)
Love, Sister Palmer

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