Monday, October 29, 2012

I Had the Noodle Dream

Here is Ashley's latest email. She sounds so great!! I can tell she is really enjoying her mission. I am so glad she is happy!! Enjoy!!

Leih ho ngoh ge gating,
Jousahn! Or I guess, good afternoon. Okay so you know what the returned missionaries say.... When you dream in your language "you've made it." Ok so I'm not going to type here & say I've made it but this past week I had a dream about Sister Ainge & she was speaking to me in Chinese aka Cantonese so that counts right? (Tell me right to help boost my confidence, thanks in advance.) Anyways it was cool.
Speaking of cool, this weak was dripping with cool waters of blessings. Honestly! I don't understand how I am so blessed to have the best FAMILY, friends, teachers, companions, LIKE WHAT?! Missionary work is the greatest. Let me also just take this second to bear my testimony that I know this church is so true! I know Heavenly Father cares about you personally & loves you infinitely. I know that Jesus Christ lives & his love changes lives, especially mine. I know this work is God's work & I am so grateful that I have a family who loves & supports me so much out here.
Alright this is the time where I become a selfish mission rat & talk all about my highlights.
-I think I am pretty loopy right now because I have been up since 4:30. Cap me. Actually don't. Sister Ainge & the rest of our roommates & sisters in our zone left THIS MORNING!!!!! Time is just flying by here. I am so excited for all the sisters. I spent time with them each this week individually & I love them so much. I am going to miss Sister Ainge & Sister Larson & I will probably need to wear black the duration of our MTC experience as an appropriate outward expression of our inner sorrow. I also must admit I do declare I am going to miss Elder (serious) Staheli. But good news! We will all be reunited in Hong Kong in 1.5 months & the way time goes by here that is basically tomorrow. Also the new Cantonese district will get here next week so BOOYA.
-So me speaking Cantonese last week went so well. SYL (speak your language) is so hard but so worth it. I saw a huge leap & bound increase & I spent all sorts of time on my knees in gratitude. This week Mr. ( I mean Elder) Vocabulary Shaffer was split from Sister Larson & I so he taught by himself & Sister Larson & I taught. Family- It was so cool. The spirit spoke to our investigators in pathetically broken Cantonese but they can understand me & it is a miracle. I wish I could spend 3 hours talking about the little miracles that happen here every SINGLE day. I love the MTC. McKay get your stoked goggles on because you are going to love it here. My tender mercy of the day happened at 6 am this morning on the way to the temple. Guess who I saw? Thomas S. Monson. JK I wish. But I DID see Brother Polish himself, Darin Hillyard. What a dream that was. I was beginning to think that all my friends that told me that worked here were making it up.
-Bad news of the week. Sister Larson has Mono. Yes I feel so bad for her. So pray for her & a speedy recovery.
-Funny story I have been meaning to share with you cute cutie cutesters. So there I was. In the cafeteria & this Elder comes up to me & says "Sister Palmer, did you go through the temple on May 12th?" I looked at him & said, "Do you always begin conversations this way?" ha! Well turns out he went through the temple in the same session I did & he was confused because he thought I was getting married. He said, "Well who were you in there with?" I told him "uh.. My dad?" & he was like "THAT WAS YOUR DAD?" Hahahahaha. So funny. Then Elder Staheli thought Mom was my older sister when I showed him the picture of us laughing together. So what I am trying to say is: Good job you 2! Remember how last summer I was obsessed with the Fountain of Youth? Turns out I just need to hang out & drink the same things you are.
-Word on the street (the MTC) is that there is some serious storms projecting in NYC. FILL ME IN!!!!!!
-Sometimes I just can't fall asleep here because I am straight up so excited for the next day. Like I sit in bed & think to myself "sleepy time is such a burden. I wish it was morning already." I really do love learning Cantonese & teaching our investigators. Now don't get me wrong I have lots of bad days but the good ones are just so fun I just snuggle in my bed at night & am filled with such gratitude.
-Good news of the week: I'm leaving the world more & more behind. Don't roll your eyes! I"m serious. I no longer get into devotionals & think to myself "I need to make sure my phone is on vibrate." Sure, it's taken me 4.5 weeks to get to this point but I am slowly saying good bye to the natural man. Are you proud?
-Can I just say thank you to EVERYONE who has written me this week? OH my heck. I am so blessed. While it was such a good week there were hard moments & those letters were such answers to prayers. Anyone who is in the sound of me typing this email & now reading it on the blog. Thank you for your kind words, prayers. What a blessing you all are! For those I haven't heard from (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) yes I am holding a grudge against you! ha. But MOM- thank you sooooooo much for the packages. You're a dream. Yes all the foot remedies & treats awwwwwhhhh! I'm obsessed with you. Let's be BFF'S.
Dad-I am so glad you are working smarter & not harder. I would have been all over this bonus point policy! Good for you! Also, I miss riding in the van with you & listening to silence. Thank you for the wonderful example you are!
Mom- THank you thank you thank you again. You're an inspired woman. Also I was being a total sicko on temple walk yesterday & telling everyone about my love of those little mini hot dogs wrapped in pretzels that you started buying recently. I love those but I love you more! Thank you for all you do for me.
McKay- Now that you are just a dater... SPILL IT. Whats going on. I laughed really hard at your oreo story. You're a downright comedian.
Spencer- Do you still love driving as much as you thought? I'm so glad you saw your one true love Brady! I miss hearing his name 15-18 times a day.
WAde- It's your big time to shine!@!!!! MRs. WEasely arrives THIS WEEK! SEND ME PICTURES STAT. I'm loving your stories about Tyler. hahahahaha. I"m sorry. Know I am praying for your happiness:)
Rachel- YOu little missy are what I was talking about above. WHERE ARE YOU? I don't want to hold even the slightest grudge against my only sister so please write & tell me what you're about. I miss giving you baby kisses. love you forever.
Ok as ususal I'm just getting going here & my time is up. Thank you so much for your prayers. I need them so much, every hour even, & I feel them. I love you more than words can express & I cannot thank you enough.
I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU!!!!! Thank you for everything! Miss you already.
Paahk Jimuih

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