Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Hip Hop Happenings.

Hello there.
It's me, again.
Just thought I would catch up on what's been happening in my little corner of the world.
Let me just highlight in words what is shown in this throw-up picture collage.
-Jacee became a Gilbert. At her reception Kayloni & I kept it classy in our bridesmaid outfits.
-Heather came to visit & we rang in the New 2012 year together (even amidst her upset stomach.)
-I love my spontaneous adventures with Cameron & Becky 
(whether it be Fro Yo or stalking Cameron it's always a delightful time)
-Went Ice skating with Skyler & plotted to steal a Zamboni
-I love my roommate Rachel & adore watching her sleep. Don't you love her owl hat & baby fat cheeks?
-said farewell to (Sister) KaLee Mortensen
-Date with Tyler included seeing Mckenzie in Noteworthy
-Saw Aub for a few late night hours
-Said farewell to Ana at Wingers as her & hub Taylor are moving to live their dream life in Hawaii. Too bad her last memory of me will be my creepy eyes captured in the picture
-(notice fist picture) To be more unified I had a dream that we did family cheers & we were literally the happiest family on earth. So, we're trying it out. Stay tuned...!
-& lastly, take a guess at what the last picture is. I'll give you a clue: It's part of the word "Peace." Let me be frank in saying you probably don't want to know it's origins.


  1. AH I bet I know the origin of the last picture. It may be the best secret I've ever known. Oh how I love our adventures may there be many more!