Tuesday, December 13, 2011

We Frolic & Play the Eskimo Way

Amidst finals hour,
I've had time for some fun too.
 Meet Caitlin.
We are one in the same.
She invited me to come frolic to her homeland 1.5 hours north of mine this weekend & I readily accepted.
 We even stopped into Urban @ Gateway & purchased these $15 steals.
Robbed the place, yes we did.
The sock bun is the sort of hairdo that must be shared.
It's a sensation that has the possibility to grip an entire nation

 & Miss Aubrie (Brie) is home from China & back to the mothership.
We dressed up in our ridiculous yet classy holiday attire & showed up not 1 but 2 hours late to a Christmas party.
(I'm a sucker for those...)---->links of previous people surprise examples
Nothing says Merry Christmas & screams love like surprising Jennifer soon-to-be-wed Russell/Richards.
Now, enough fun banter.
Back to piles of flashcards & mind cramming I go.

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