Saturday, December 10, 2011

They'll Be Parties for Hosting

Someone in the Palmer household is out of control.
Not in a bad way.
But outrageously out of control nonetheless.
There's evidence all over.
Rather than tell you, let me take you around the house to show you what I'm talking about.
Go ahead & take a guess as to who the culprit of all this is:
card making central

soon to be personal ornaments

beginning of party-hard sweatshirts

beginnings of a wreath
snowball candle holders
Christmas cookies for a party
Meet my Mom, Shell. 
The 8 Christmas craft hit wonder.
Our house is in a splendid uproar of red, white, & green crafts.
Need some neighborhood gifting ideas?
Chances are my Mom has all your crafting needs... & then some.
Every corner of our house is swimming in melted candy canes, but we don't mind.
We're embracing the fact my Mom takes on a project to fill every nook & cranny of the house.

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